Steps to Eliminate Smoke Odors

It's no secret that people smoke and that over time these odors get embedded in the soft materials in their homes. Unfortunately, those smells also get into the paint on their walls. Odor removal can be a challenge, especially if the build-up was accumulated over the years. The major contributors to these off-putting smells are cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and even marijuana. Opening windows is not enough to remove the pervasive (dangerous) and the overwhelming stench of smoke.

Current Cigarette Smoking Among Adults — United States, 2016 | MMWR

The U.S. Surgeon General has concluded that the burden of death and disease from tobacco use in the United States is overwhelmingly caused by cigarettes and other combusted tobacco products.

Haunting photo of Earth and moon snapped by China's experimental lunar satellites

China's experimental moon satellites Tiandu-1 and 2 are testing lunar communications and navigation tech. Recently, they shared this image of the lunar surface with a ghostly Earth in the background.

Scientists discover 1st-of-its-kind cell part born from a swallowed microbe

Researchers think a microbe that was engulfed by an algal cell 100 million years ago has since evolved into an integral part of the cell's machinery.

'We were in disbelief': Antarctica is behaving in a way we've never seen before. Can it recover?

Antarctic sea ice has been disappearing over the last several summers. Now, climate scientists are wondering whether it will ever come back.

Hundreds of emperor penguin chicks spotted plunging off a 50-foot cliff in 1st-of-its-kind footage

The fledglings are typically reared on floating platforms of sea ice, but an unprecedented decline in the ice extent has driven young onto cliffs.

'Unprecedented,' 'Gobsmacked', 'Unbelievable': Changes in Antarctica's sea ice could have dramatic impacts, says climate scientist Edward Doddridge

In 1898, the crew of the first scientific expedition to Antarctica became trapped inside sea ice around the southernmost continent. Much of that once thick ice is dwindling, says polar researcher Edwa

Detecting cancer in minutes possible with just a drop of dried blood and new test, study hints

Early tests suggest that a new tool that requires only a single drop of blood could detect three of the deadliest forms of cancer.

Save more than 50% on this Wi-Fi-enabled air purifier at Walmart

Save big on a Dr J Professional air purifier for your home at Walmart, now under $100.

'I nearly fell out of my chair': 1,800-year-old mini portrait of Alexander the Great found in a field in Denmark

The miniature bronze portrait depicts Alexander the Great with his wavy hair and crown of ram horns.

James Webb telescope's 'shocking' discovery may hint at hidden exomoon around 'failed star'

JWST's surprise discovery of methane emissions and likely aurorae over a distant brown dwarf could indicate this "failed star" is orbited by an active moon.

Google builds an AI model that can predict future weather catastrophes

A new system uses generative AI to predict weather faster and more cheaply than ever — while detecting difficult-to-spot extreme weather events — beating the world's major weather agencies.

Impact of cigarette price and tobacco control policies on youth smoking experimentation in Albania

Elvina Merkaj<br />Mar 26, 2024; 0:tc-2023-058196v2-tc-2023-058196<br />Original research

Levels of nicotine and tobacco-specific nitrosamines in oral nicotine pouches

Nadja Mallock<br />Mar 1, 2024; 33:193-199<br />Original research

Cannabis use linked to increase in heart attack and stroke risk

More frequent use of cannabis was associated with higher odds of adverse cardiovascular outcomes, finds new study.

Perceptions of and responses of young adults who use e-cigarettes to flavour bans in China: a qualitative study

Xue Weng<br />Jan 24, 2024; 0:tc-2023-058312v1-tc-2023-058312<br />Original research

Smoking causes brain shrinkage, study finds

Smoking shrinks the brain and effectively causes premature brain aging, according to a new study. Quitting smoking prevents further loss of brain tissue but doesn't restore the brain to its original s

Cellulose acetate cigarette filter is hazardous to human health

Thomas E Novotny<br />Oct 11, 2023; 0:tc-2023-057925v2-tc-2023-057925<br />Special communications

E-cigarette brands and social media influencers on Instagram: a social network analysis

Julia Vassey<br />Aug 1, 2023; 32:e184-e191<br />Original research

Still 'Cool: tobacco industry responds to state-wide menthol ban with synthetic coolants

Michelle K Page<br />Jul 27, 2023; 0:tc-2023-058149v1-tc-2023-058149<br />Short report

COVID-19 pandemic has long-lasting effects on adolescent mental health and substance use

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a long-lasting impact on adolescent mental health and substance use, according to a new population-based study based on survey responses from a sample of over 64,000 13-

Smoking increases chances of mid-life memory loss, confusion

Middle-aged smokers are far more likely to report having memory loss and confusion than nonsmokers, and the likelihood of cognitive decline is lower for those who have quit, even recently, a new study

Pregnancy could curb desire to smoke before it is suspected or recognized

Pregnant smokers reduced their smoking by an average of one cigarette per day before becoming aware they were pregnant, reports a new study of more than 400 pregnant people. Then, in the month after l

Which teens are more likely to vape? Research shows surprising patterns across race and sexuality groups

A new study aims to examine differences in current e-cigarette use prevalence among U.S. youth at the intersections of sexual orientation with race and ethnicity.

More Danes quit smoking during COVID, study finds

Danish smokers bought less tobacco and more of them quit smoking than usual during the COVID pandemic, according to new research. The result comes as a surprise given that mental health and exercise h

People who use therapeutic cannabis are more likely to use nicotine, too

People who use therapeutic cannabis are more likely to also use nicotine products than the general population, according to a new study.

Coffee and cigarettes: Research sheds new light on nicotine and morning brew

Coffee affects the brain's nicotine receptors, which might explain the coffee-cigarette morning combo familiar to smokers.

E-cigarette use to reduce cigarette smoking may not increase nicotine dependence, study suggests

Electronic cigarettes have attracted media and consumer attention for claims of their addictive nature, variety of flavors, and increased use among teens, sparking regulatory oversight and policies. A

Prepare Your Health: Personal Health Preparedness for People with Bleeding Disorders

  March is Bleeding Disorders Month. Learn more about bleeding disorders, their symptoms, treatments, and how to prepare for emergencies on the Division of Blood Disorders website. Personal health pr

Digging Out: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Health to Shovel Snow

Shoveling snow is strenuous exercise. Just the thought of moving hundreds of pounds of snow and slush is enough to make your legs prickle, to make your arms and shoulders burn, and to make your back t

Health Departments Work Off the Field to Keep Fans Safe, Healthy on Game Day

It's almost game day. Over the course of this week, an estimated 1 million people will visit Atlanta for the Super Bowl LIII experience or to attend the game on Sunday, Feb. 3. A week from now, after

Service Beyond Oneself: MRC Volunteers Share Their 'Why'

The Martin Luther King (MLK) Day of Service is an opportunity to help "strengthen communities, bridge barriers, [and] create solutions to social problems" through volunteering. While there are many wa

5 Practical Skills for the Holiday 'Host(ess) with the Mostest'

It's not easy playing the part of host or hostess with the "mostest" at the holidays. A lot of time, effort, and planning goes into making merry with family and friends. In all the excitement of getti

Operation Shortbread Is Not Your 'Cookie Cutter' MCM Exercise

December 4 is National Cookie Day, which-from a public health perspective-is what makes the scratch-made story of Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services' Operation Shortbread a fitti

The Neighborly Thing To Do: States Helping States During Disasters

Since 9/11, the CDC's Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) cooperative agreement program has been a critical source of funding, guidance, and technical assistance for state and local public hea

Partnerships Help Save Lives When Disaster Strikes

Public health emergencies occur every day across the United States. Tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, floods, infectious disease outbreaks, terrorist attacks, and other emergencies have all occurred w

3 Reasons Why Handwashing Should Matter to You

Most of us are familiar with the parental-like voice in the back of our minds that helps guide our decision-making-asking us questions like, "Have you called your grandmother lately?" For many that vo

Protecting Our Future: Emergency Preparedness and Children's Mental Health

Among the many lessons learned during the 2017 Hurricane season, we recognized that addressing children's mental and behavioral health needs is a major concern in hurricane-affected areas. CDC's At Ri


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