Pool Builder Omaha, NE

Premier Pools and Spas are the best custom pool builder in Omaha, Nebraska. We have built thousands of high-quality pools for many years. When you’re looking for a pool-building company that will go above and beyond your expectations, it’s hard to beat the team at Pool Builder. We take pride in our craftsmanship, and attention to detail, even down to our friendly customer service. Our local pool builder has helped clients in the surrounding areas of Omaha, Elkhorn, Lincoln, Boys Town, Blair, Yutan, Gretna, Valley, Fremont, Leshara, Columbus, Council Bluffs, Waterloo, Bennington, Plattsmouth, West Point, Cedar Creek, La Platte, and Fort Calhoun Nebraska.

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Pool Builder Omaha, NE

Pool Builder Omaha, NE - Premier Pools and Spas - 402-513-8000

Omaha, NE Pool Builder

The post Swimming Pool Mosaics appeared first on Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders, LLC.

Pool Builder Omaha, NE - Wakelet

Premier Pools and Spas are the best custom pool builder in Omaha, Nebraska. We have built thousands of high-quality pools for over many years. When you’re looking for a pool-building company that

Summerland council facing increased costs to repair current pool after contractors find further decay

Challenges for the District of Summerland's Aquatic & Fitness Centre continue

Swimming Pool Mosaics

Swimming pool mosaics are intricate designs composed of small tiles that are used to enhance the visual appeal of pool surfaces. These mosaics can be crafted from various materials, including ceramic

Best Pool Installation Companies Of 2024

Get expert advice on improvements to your home, including design tips, how much you'd expect to pay for a pro and what to ask when hiring experts.

Pool Safety 101: How to Prevent Accidents and Injuries in and Around Your Pool 

Having a pool in your backyard can be a great source of fun and relaxation for you and your family. But it also comes with some responsibilities and risks. According to the Centers for Disease Contro

Ask Joe: Nevada's permitting loophole becomes an invitation to unlicensed pool builders

"It's happening a lot."A woman who asked that we conceal her identity for her own safety says one of her clients learned the hard way what can happen when you h

Kier pool job cost swells after archaeological find

A major archaeological discovery last year at a Kier construction project has raised the cost of the...

Highly Recommended Pool and Spas Services That Enhance the Backyard Look

Image https www getnews info wp content uploads 2024 05 1715694229 png There are several ways to improve the look of a backyard including installing a pool There are several pool designs that a homeo

How a Backyard Swimming Pool Enhances Your Lifestyle

A backyard swimming pool isn’t just a feature; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a pool offers a myriad of benefits that can transform daily life and elevate your overall wel

How to Actively Remove Leaves from Inside of Your Pool 

If you have a pool in your backyard, you know how annoying it can be to deal with leaves falling into your water. Not only do they make your pool look dirty and uninviting, but they can also clog y

Under new law, pool contractors must have license to operate in South Carolina

Starting next month, a law will require any pool company or contractor in South Carolina to obtain a specific license to build and install pools in the state.

Council to consider settlement agreement with Mitchell contractor over Indoor Aquatic Center repair work

The pool was abruptly shut down in 2022 for repair work that lasted nine months. The city would be receiving over $100K, as part of the settlement agreement.

The Art and Science of Measuring for a Custom Swimming Pool

Building a custom swimming pool is a thrilling endeavor. It’s a ticket to relaxation, fun, and the envy of the neighborhood. Yet, beneath the surface of this exciting project lies a critical compon

Florence contractor exits pool business after legal problems exposed by WCPO 9 I-Team

Dissatisfied customers have been hounding a Northern Kentucky swimming pool contractor since 2021. Now, his attorney says Beso LLC owner Steve Young wants out of the pool business.

The Impact of Houston’s Current Climate on Pool Maintenance

Houston is known for its hot and humid climate, which can pose some challenges for pool owners. The intense heat, humidity, and occasional severe weather events can affect the water quality, che

A Sneak Peek Into The Build of One of The Largest Residential Movable Floors in The World

Recently, the crew from Tieleman Pool Technology went by in the Bahamas to start the first phase of the installation of the movable floor. While writing this, the second shift […]

Dive into Luxury: Designing Your Dream Pool

A pool isn’t just a body of water; it’s an oasis, a retreat, a centerpiece of relaxation and recreation in your home. Designing your dream pool is an exciting endeavor, one that allows you to cre

How to Paint or Stain a Pool Deck

While balancing water chemistry and repairing equipment are crucial parts of maintaining your pool, the TLC shouldn’t stop there. Your pool deck plays a huge role in not only the overall look of yo

Dive into Luxury: The Top 5 Sought-After Pool Additions Explained

Transforming your pool into a luxurious oasis involves more than just crystal-clear water. In this blog post, we delve into the top five sought-after pool additions that elevate your swimming expe

Pool Coping Enhances Your Poolside Oasis

Pool coping may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your swimming pool, but it plays a crucial role in both functionality and aesthetics. Whether you’re renovating an exi

7 Compelling Reasons to Invest in a Pool for Your Home 

Are you considering the purchase of a pool for your home? The decision to invest in a pool goes beyond mere recreation; it’s a choice that can significantly enhance your overall quality of life. In

Early Spring: The Ideal Time to Start Your Custom Swimming Pool Installation

As the first signs of spring emerge, many homeowners find themselves daydreaming about warm summer days spent lounging by a sparkling pool. If you’re considering adding a custom swimming pool to yo

The Pool of the Month – April 2024

Dive into luxury with our exquisite freeform swimming pool, a perfect blend of modern design and natural beauty. Here’s a snapshot of the features that make this pool a backyard treasure:  Modern

The Top 10 Pool Cleaners for 2024

We can be honest here: most people love their pool, but few of us love pool maintenance. I liken it to having a great dinner; everybody wants to eat it, but who wants to do the dishes? But here’s

The Impact of Rain on Your Swimming Pool: Mitigation and Correction Strategies

Rain showers can bring much-needed relief to parched landscapes and dusty surroundings, but for swimming pool owners, they can also bring a host of challenges. From water quality issues to structural

Pool Maintenance Schedule for Beginners

Pool maintenance isn’t something you should do every once in a blue moon. From daily water level checks to annual cleanings, you need to do certain things at specific times to keep your pool safe a

Illuminating Your Oasis: Diverse Lighting Options for Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are not just recreational amenities anymore; they’ve evolved into tranquil sanctuaries and extensions of our living spaces. The right lighting can transform your pool area into an en

Exciting Upgrades and Additions for Your Custom Swimming Pool

Swimming pools have long been a staple of luxurious living, offering a refreshing oasis for relaxation and recreation. However, in today’s world, a standard rectangular pool might not suffice for t

Plan Your Easter Pool Party Now

If the weather is excellent during Easter, take the opportunity to have a pool party.   Make sure to wear a new bathing suit and let the kids have fun.  However, if you plan on inviting guests and

The Top 5 Must-Have Pool Cleaning Tools

Regular pool maintenance not only keeps the water clear and inviting, but also extends the lifespan of your pool. However, achieving optimal pool cleanliness requires more than just a skimmer and som

The Ideal Time to Open Your Swimming Pool

As the winter chill fades away and the warmth of spring begins to embrace us, thoughts of leisurely days spent by the pool start to surface. Opening your swimming pool marks the official commencement

What is a Plunge Pool?

If you’re looking to cool down during the summer but don’t have the space for a conventional swimming pool, a plunge pool could be the perfect solution.  Regardless of how small or large your ba

In-Floor Pool Cleaning Systems 101

Having a swimming pool is undoubtedly a luxury, but maintaining it can be quite a task. One of the most efficient ways to keep your pool clean is by using an in-floor pool cleaning system. These syst

The Pool of the Month – March 2024

Our designers do everything to make a client’s backyard dreams come true.  Finding a way to design an oasis in a small area takes dedication and imagination.  Therefore, there is no doubt that th

How to Properly Water Your Gunite Pool’s Shell

Gunite pools have steadily gained popularity among homeowners for their durability and versatility. Constructing a gunite pool involves a crucial step called curing, vital in ensuring the pool’s st

Automatic Pool Covers: Are They Worth It?

Are you considering investing in an automatic pool cover for your pool? Automatic pool covers offer convenience, energy efficiency, safety, and maintenance benefits. In this article, we will explore

Pool Equipment Maintenance Guide

As a pool owner, you know that keeping your pool in pristine condition requires regular maintenance. One of the most crucial aspects of pool maintenance is taking care of your pool equipment. Neglect

The Ultimate Guide to Pool Renovations

Are you ready to turn your backyard into a breathtaking oasis? With a backyard and pool renovation, you can transform your outdoor space into a stunning retreat that will be the envy of the neighborh

When is the Best Time of Year to Drain and Refill a Pool?

Routine maintenance is an essential part of keeping your pool clean, safe, and enjoyable. While regular testing and balancing is key to maintaining pool water health, there are instances when no amou

Maintaining a Pool With Broken or Damaged Equipment

Maintaining a clean and clear pool is essential for every pool owner. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances like freezing temperatures, power outages, or equipment failure can leave you with da

Winter Storm Pool Prep and Recovery

Winter is a season of beauty, with snow-covered landscapes and cozy nights by the fire. However, for pool owners, it can also bring challenges and potential damage to their beloved pools. As temperat

Which Spa Heater is Best?

Pool season might be over, but hot tub season is just beginning. Few things are as soothing as slipping into a warm, bubbling spa after a long day. But one of the frustrations of having a standalone

Must Have Winterizing Pool Chemicals

It’s the time of year when everyone is scrambling to get pool closing supplies. New and experienced pool owners know the importance of getting the right pool winter cover, solid or mesh. But there

Winterizing an Inground Pool

In today’s video guide, we show you how to close an inground pool for the winter. For areas that experience cooler winter temps and are not suitable for swimming, winterizing your pool is essentia

Your Essential Guide to Choosing a Scottsdale Arizona Pool Service Contractor

Scottsdale, Arizona Pool Service Contractor The post Your Essential Guide to Choosing a Scottsdale Arizona Pool Service Contractor appeared first on SwimRight | Scottsdale Pool Service and Repair.

Can the Pureline Prime VS Replace My Pentair Pool Pump?

The Pureline Prime VS Pump PL2705 is the easiest way to upgrade your old single or dual-speed pool pump to an ultra-efficient variable speed. The Prime VS is not only a drop-in replacement for the

Can the Pureline Prime VS Replace My Sta-Rite Pool Pump?

The Pureline Prime VS Pump PL2705 is the easiest way to upgrade your old single or dual-speed pool pump to an ultra-efficient variable speed. The Prime VS is not only a drop-in replacement for the

Top 3 Robotic Pool Cleaners of 2024

Updated: April, 1 2024 Unless you have a very special connection with your leaf eater, few pool owners enjoy the task of cleaning their pool. The two most common automatic pool cleaners are suction-

LED Pool Light Bulb Replacement Guide

Replacing the light bulb in your swimming pool light is pretty standard. What isn’t standard, though, are the bulbs. Unlike traditional home lighting, pool light bulbs vary with the brand and ligh

Can the Pureline Prime VS Replace My Waterway Pool Pump?

The Pureline Prime VS Pump PL2705 is the easiest way to upgrade your old single or dual-speed pool pump to an ultra-efficient variable speed. The Prime VS is not only a drop-in replacement for the

Can the Pureline Prime VS Replace My Jandy Stealth Pool Pump?

The Pureline Prime VS Pump PL2705 is the easiest way to upgrade your old single or dual-speed pool pump to an ultra-efficient variable speed. The Prime VS is not only a drop-in replacement for the

What To Look For In A Pool Service Company

What to look for in a Scottsdale Pool Service company The post What To Look For In A Pool Service Company appeared first on SwimRight | Scottsdale Pool Service and Repair.

What’s behind the walls of your swimming pool?

What is lurking behind the walls of your swimming pool? Nothing too scary, but there is an intricate set of piping and plumbing. The swimming pool contractors at SwimRight Pool Service & Repair u

Quick pool cleaning tips for AZ pool owners

Pool maintenance is part and parcel of owning a swimming pool. Pools require ongoing and constant maintenance. We don’t want to talk you out of owning a pool, but if you’re going to DIY maintenan

Is your swimming pool mobility-impaired-friendly?

Swimming pools are fun for everyone. That is even more true if the pool is able to be used by everyone in the family. Is your swimming pool mobility-impaired-friendly? This could mean someone who has

How To Maintain Proper Pool Chemistry

If your pool is clean you should be able to smell the chlorine, right? Does that mean it’s doing its job? No. If you can smell chlorine that is a sign that the water chemistry is out of balance. Ma

Reasons To Add A Pool Gazebo

Swimming pool owners in Scottsdale, Arizona from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair know that spending time around a swimming pool in the triple-digit weather in Arizona can be uncomfortable. They g

How to clean mold off the pool cover

We always tell our pool and hot tub customers to be diligent in the use of a pool cover. There are so many benefits from trapping the heated water, slowing the rate of evaporation, and keeping dirt a

Pool cleaning basics for DIY pool owners

There is so much to know when you’re having a swimming pool constructed. The swimming pool and service professionals from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair also know that Arizona pool owners need

Is it time to resurface your Arizona pool?

How do you know whether it’s time to resurface your Arizona pool? The swimming pool service contractors in Scottsdale, AZ from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair can help you decide whether the ti


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