Cryotherapy San Diego, CA

Cryotherapy San Diego, CA Cryo Republic Wellness and Recovery Studio in San Diego, California is a contemporary wellness organization that offers a solution for everyone's requirements, from anti-aging to weight loss to muscle pain reduction. Our staff is the go-to resource for Non-Surgical Weight Loss and Amplified Wellness. We service the Vibroacoustic Bed, Instasculpting Body Contouring, Compression Boots, FLOWpresso, and CryoStar.

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Cryotherapy San Diego, CA

Cryotherapy San Diego, CA - Cryo Republic Wellness and Recovery Studio - (858) 240-7729

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10 cool Christmas gifts and ideas in Sevenoaks

Treat yourself or your loved ones with these Christmas gifts and ideas in Sevenoaks Are you ready for the party season and have you started your Christmas shopping with these fabulous gifts from Cryoj

Facet Joint Pain

You may not know what a facet joint is unless you are suffering from related pain. If you live in or near Carrollton, GA, you can count on Dr. Peter

Back Pain After a Long Day

Chiropractic Care to Decrease or Eliminate Pain in The Back Pain in the back is common for many people. However, back pain is never normal. Dr. Peter Lazarnick (Dr. Pete), 501A

Help for Bursitis

Unique and Proven Chiropractic Interventions Chiropractic medicine is now widely accepted as a proven and highly successful treatment for various temporary and chronic diagnoses. Therefore, chiropract

Ergonomics to Avoid Back Pain While Driving

Driving is one of many causes of back pain and muscle tension. Dr. Pete Lazarnick “Dr. Pete” in Carrollton, GA can help make your trips more comfortable with ergonomics and

Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic Care For Shoulder Pain in Carrollton, GA with Dr. Peter Lazarnick can improve your mobility, increase vitality, and decrease your overall pain. At Dr. Pete Chiropractic patients come in w

Risk Factors for Herniated Discs

Your spine is protected by a series of soft tissue discs that are located between each vertebra. The discs also help to hold the vertebrae in alignment. If you put

Options for Treating Whiplash

Whiplash can be caused by many things but most often it results from an auto accident. The sudden snapping of the head and neck forward and back can cause extensive

How Could Sitting Hurt Your Back?

Back pain is a very common complaint. It can be caused by many things, but the question is, how could sitting hurt your back? This and many other questions can

How I kept the GBMaxibasketball team on top

How I supported the GB Maxibasketball team at the  European Championships Here at Cryojuvenate, we are always interested in what our staff get up to outside of their roles as Sports / Rehabilitation

Symptoms of Sciatica

Sciatica is a very common medical issue, and if you are experiencing sciatica pain and symptoms, Dr. Peter Lazarnick (Dr. Pete) in Carrollton, GA can help you get relief. What is

Facet Joint Disease

If you are experiencing back pain and symptoms of facet joint disease, Dr. Peter Lazarnick in Carrollton, GA can help you ease your pain. What is Facet Joint Disease? Facet joint disease is

Stretch and strengthen your way to better mobility

Will you stretch and strengthen on “National Fitness Day”? #Fitness Day #NationalFitnessDay Have you heard about ‘National Fitness Day‘ and what it stands for?  Well for starters it always fa

How to recover from marathon training in your 40s

Marathon training in your 40s Marathon training in your 40s will inevitably boost your general health and fitness. Running is great for improving cardiovascular fitness and bone density, and combined

Should I have lymphatic drainage or sports massage

Lymphatic drainage or sports massage. Lymphatic massage is a gentle type of massage. A Sports massage involves the manipulation of the soft tissue to fix imbalances in the muscles caused by exercise

How to get started in women and girls rugby

The popularity of women and girls rugby Global demand for women and girls’ rugby is on the increase more and more girls and women are interested in being involved in the sport, whether that be playi

What you need to know about Red Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation)

We have introduced Red Light Therapy We, as humans, need exposure to light to ensure our physical and psychological wellbeing. If we don’t get enough light, it can wreak havoc on our bodies and stat

Cryotherapy San Diego, CA

What problems is cryotherapy used to treat in San Diego, California? Our team is your one-stop shop for Non-Surgical Weight Loss and Amplified Wellness. The Vibroacoustic Bed, Instasculpting Body Con

Frozen below -85°C in a whole body cryotherapy chamber

Frozen below -85°C in a whole body cryotherapy chamber As a personal trainer, I understand the importance of muscle repair and recovery in order for clients to perform at their best and feel re-energ

Cryojuvenate must read we have been freezing people using Cryotherapy for 5 years

Freezing people using Cryotherapy for 5 years I am Ruth and I freeze people!  … for recovery, wellness, weight loss, and beauty!  I am a little on the crazy side but with a strong desire to succee

Winterproof your skin with a luxury cryotherapy facial

I tried the luxury cryotherapy facial to look after my skin The winter months are tough. Pandemic aside, we’ve also had to do our best to dodge bugs & viruses, our mental health takes an absolut

5 Ways Cryotherapy Can Help Your Fitness Regime

Cryotherapy can be worked into a fitness regime to effectively support an individual’s goals, whether that’s to lose weight, go from being a couch potato to running 5k, compete in a competitive sp

Blue Monday: Cryotherapy and Mental Wellness

Did you know, apart from the countless physical benefits of cryotherapy, studies have found regular sessions could also help to improve mental wellness? The extreme cold causes the brain to release a

Gyms and sports facilities missing a trick when it comes to attracting and retaining customers

Only 21% gyms offer recovery sessions and equipment. Sports massage, physiotherapy, and yoga are the most common provided. As gyms, studios, and sports facilities face serious pressures to retain and

Plantar Fasciitis

Good skeletal alignment begins with your feet. When there’s something wrong at the base of your body, you may try to compensate by throwing everything else out of alignment. This

Auto Injuries and Chiropractic

There are all sorts of injuries that can result from a car crash, but the most common ones are to the musculoskeletal system. Specifically, they tend to affect the neck,

Pulling a Lower Back Muscle

Pulling a back muscle is a very common injury. Although strains and sprains are usually able to heal without significant intervention, they may be very painful, and they may mask

Advice for Raking Safely

The leaves are changing color, and many people will soon be raking them up. At Chiro Care LA in Glendale, we hope each of our patients will soon be moving

Does Whole Body Cryotherapy Open the Spa Door to Men?

A recent survey conducted by Champneys found a quarter of the men questioned would like to see male-specific treatments in spas. Champneys spa group recently conducted a survey of 1000 men and found

4 Ways Whole Body Cryotherapy Can Help During the Colder Months

When the colder, damper, months come are you first in the queue for cold remedies? Do you lose all motivation? Do the winter blues set in? Our latest blog explores 4 ways whole body cryotherapy can po

State of the Art Cryotherapy Training & Rehabilitation Clinic Opens in Cambridge

Light Blue Clinic will offer CryoAction’s -80°C to -160°C, whole body cryotherapy to aid injury, active recovery, and further research A state-of-the-art training and rehabilitation clinic has ope

CryoAction Launches Gamechanging Electrically Cooled Whole Body Cryotherapy Chambers

CryoAction announces the world’s most extensive range of its exciting & revolutionary electric cryochambers with temperatures reaching as low as – 140°C CryoAction has become the world’s fi

What is Piriformis Syndrome?

If you feel pain in your hip or thigh, the problem may actually be a muscle in your lower back. Chiropractic is based on taking a holistic view of the

Lifting for Jobs and Chores

Recently, we discussed the benefits of proper weightlifting for bone density and muscle strength. But there’s another kind of lifting, which is when we move heavy objects for chores and

Spinal Spurs

If you’re middle-aged, you may have been told after a recent doctor’s visit that you’re developing a spinal spur in your back. This is a fairly common phenomenon, but in

Whiplash Symptoms

Whiplash: you know it affects your neck and it’s not good, but beyond that, you might not be aware of what it entails. Also known as cervical acceleration-deceleration syndrome, whiplash

5 reasons to use cryotherapy instead of an ice bath

Ice baths have long been used as a traditional method for the treatment of inflammation, muscle soreness, and over-exertion from sport or workouts. However, many find the experience uncomfortable and

Treatments for Sciatica

Sciatica is a particularly insidious form of back pain. Not only does a person who has it feel sore in their lower back, they also experience shocks of pain down

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is one of the most common workplace injuries in the United States. Often the result of inefficient posture while typing or driving, it causes pain in

CryoAction signs 21 new partners for global distribution network

Luxury whole body cryotherapy chamber supplier agrees deals with a massive 21 firms across 40  countries  CryoAction, a leading supplier and innovator of whole body cryotherapy chambers, has created

5 Ways Cryotherapy Can Help Fitness Related Injuries

After months of life in lockdown, it is unsurprising so many fitness lovers have flooded back to the gym, eager to resume their regular workout routine. Unfortunately, in their excitement to exercise


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