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Abacus Plumbing company is a repipe specialist in Houston, TX offering whole house repipe and repiping with the best plumbing reviews in Houston.

Repiping Services | Repipe Specialist Houston TX 713-766-3833

Houston repipe and repiping specialist in Houston TX 713-766-3605. Experts in repair and replacement of galvenized, c...

Natural Gas vs. Carbon Monoxide: Understanding the Difference

What are the differences between natural gas and carbon monoxide leaks? Find out here! Today, many of us rely on natural gas to heat our homes […] The post Natural Gas vs. Carbon Monoxide: Understa

Dealing with Drainage: Preventing Floods During Heavy Rains

Learn How to Avoid Flooding in Your Yard and Backups in Your Sewer System If you live in an area that regularly experiences heavy rainfall or […] The post Dealing with Drainage: Preventing Floods D

How Drought Affects Well Water Systems and What You Can Do

If your home uses well water, paying attention to the weather and water level conditions is of the utmost importance. Without proper planning, you and your […] The post How Drought Affects Well Wat

Six Tips to Save Money on Your Water Bill

The cost of living is rising, and everyone is trying to find smart ways to save money on their monthly bills. There are plenty of ways […] The post Six Tips to Save Money on Your Water Bill appeare

Types of Plumbing Systems in Houston Homes

Houston’s rich architectural tapestry, charming historic neighborhoods, and burgeoning new developments present a unique array of plumbing systems. Each system, with its specific characteristics an

How To Prevent Sewer Line Blockages

Dealing with a blocked sewer line is every homeowner’s nightmare. It can cause significant inconvenience, lead to costly repairs, and even result in health hazards if […] The post How To Prevent

What Are the Signs That I Need Copper Repiping?

Essential Signs Indicating It's Time for Copper Repiping Let's talk about the pipes in your house. You might not think about them much, but they're important for keeping everything running smoothly.

How to Measure Your Home’s Gallons Per Minute and Why It Matters

How to Measure Your Home’s Gallons Per Minute and Why It Matters Are you a homeowner looking to optimize your water usage? Understanding and measuring the […] The post How to Measure Your Home’

What is A Water Hammer And How To Prevent It

Have you ever heard a loud banging noise from your pipes after turning off a tap? That’s water hammer, a common plumbing problem that can be […] The post What is A Water Hammer And How To Prevent

Impact of Droughts on Plumbing Systems in Houston

Understanding the Challenges of Drought on Houston’s Plumbing In Houston, known for its hot and humid climate, droughts bring unique challenges to plumbing systems in residential […] The post Imp

Harnessing Greywater: Eco-Friendly Water Solutions

Addressing Houston’s Water Challenges with Greywater Systems Houston, Texas, known for its dynamic climate and susceptibility to drought conditions, is seeing a growing interest in sustainable […

How Do I Decide Between Partial Repiping & a Full Repipe?

Choosing Between Partial & Full Repiping For Your Home’s Needs For Long-Term Value Choosing between partial repiping and full repipe can be tough regarding your home's plumbing. We understand t

Common Sink Repair Issues To Watch Out For After Repiping My Home

Identifying Signs That Your Sink Could Be Having Post-Repipe Repair Problems When it comes to repiping your home, the last thing you want is to encounter unexpected sink repair issues later. A well-e

Which Pipe Is Right For Your Repiping Project?

How To Choose The Perfect Pipe For Your Project Choosing the suitable pipe material is a significant aspect of repiping because it can impact the performance and longevity of your plumbing system. By

Epoxy Pipe Lining vs. Repiping: Which Is Right For Your Home?

The Best Way To Repair Or Replace Your Old Pipes The options can sometimes be overwhelming when dealing with aging or damaged pipes in our homes. Should you opt for epoxy pipe lining or consider repi

The Benefits Of Choosing PEX Pipes For Your Home Repiping Project

PEX Pipes: A Durable, Flexible & Cost-Effective Solution   Repiping is often a significant undertaking when it comes to home improvement projects. Whether you're dealing with aging plumbing syst

What Causes Low Water Pressure In Your Home?

The Most Common Reasons For Low Water Pressure & How To Fix Them Low water pressure is a common problem that affects many homeowners across America. If you notice low water pressure in your home,

How To Find Hidden Water Leaks In Your Home?

Signs You Have a Water Leak In Your CA Home Water leaks can cause significant damage to your home and valuables if not addressed promptly. However, not all leaks are evident; in fact, some can be rat

What’s Involved In Repiping Your Home & What To Expect?

The Process Of Repiping A House Repiping a house is crucial when your piping system shows signs of severe damage. But just like any other service, you want a process that solves problems before they

Why Does Your Toilet Have Low Water Pressure?

What To Do If You Notice Your Toilet Water Pressure Is Low Clogged pipes or damaged faucets are the first cause of low water pressure, but they are not the only ones. If you don’t resolve these pro


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