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If you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be getting ready to face nearly insurmountable obstacles. You have the right to seek fair settlement compensation for the losses you have experienced through a personal injury case. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 972-231-5800

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The Barber Law Firm is the Plano and Dallas Personal Injury Attorney Firm you need if you have been in a car accident , motorcycle accident, other type of accidents, been injured on the job or have

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If you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be getting ready to face nearly insurmountable obstacles. You have the right to seek fair settlement compensation

highest rated injury lawyers

highest rated injury lawyers

highest rated injury lawyers

highest rated injury lawyers

highest rated injury lawyers

highest rated injury lawyers

People Moves: Krause Group Names Westervelt Vice President of Sales

Krause Group, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, named Holly Westervelt to the newly created role of vice president of sales, a part of the leadership team for Krause Group’s expanding agency divisi

Oklahoma Supreme Court Dismisses Reparations Lawsuit of Tulsa Race Massacre Survivors

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit by survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, dampening the hope of advocates for racial justice that the city would

Louisiana High Court Reopens Window for Adult Victims of Childhood Sex Abuse to Sue

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Officially reversing a controversial March ruling, Louisiana’s highest court Wednesday gave childhood victims of sexual abuse a renewed opportunity to file damage lawsuits. The

For Shrinking Mississippi River Towns, Frequent Floods Worsen Fortunes

WEST ALTON, Mo. (AP) — Devastating flooding, driven in part by climate change, is taking an especially damaging toll on communities that once thrived along the banks of America’s most storied rive

Judge Blasts Liberty Mutual in Declaring He Will Not Disqualify Because He’s an Insured

­­A federal judge in New Jersey, in a blistering opinion, has refused to disqualify himself from a case involving his insurer, Liberty Mutual, and accused the insurer of seeking his recusal and atta

Apple Accused in Lawsuit of Underpaying Female Workers in California

Apple on Thursday was hit with a proposed class action accusing the tech giant of paying more than 12,000 female employees in California less than men with comparable jobs. The lawsuit filed in state

42 States, J&J Finalize $700M Settlement Over Talc Marketing

Attorneys general in 42 states said they finalized a $700 million settlement with Johnson & Johnson over the marketing of its talcum powder products. The settlement, announced in principle in Janu

Broker Clear Group Buys UK Credit Insurance Specialist Rycroft Associates

The Clear Group, the London-based independent broker, announced it has acquired the book and assets of credit insurance broker Rycroft Associates LLP and its sister company and appointed representativ

Singapore’s Income Insurance, Allianz in Talks on Potential Transaction

Singapore’s Income Insurance Ltd is in discussion with Allianz regarding a transaction relating to its shares in Income Insurance, it said in a statement on Friday. The company added in the statemen

Insured Flood Losses in Germany Could Range From US$2.1B to US$3.2B: Moody’s RMS

Insured losses from floods that hit Central Europe between Thursday, May 30 and Monday, June 3 in Germany will likely fall within the range of €2 billion to €3 billion (US$2.1 billion to US$3.2 bi

De-Othering Pro Se Litigants

Roger Michalski & Andrew Hammond, Mapping the Civil Justice Gap in Federal Court, 57 Wake Forest L. Rev. 463 (2022). Seth Endo Recent debates over reforming civil litigation frequently involve qu

What Corporate Governance for AI?

Roberto Tallarita, AI Is Testing the Limits of Corporate Governance, Harv. Bus. Rev. (Dec. 05, 2023). Matteo Gatti Roberto Tallarita’s recent Harvard Business Review article, “AI Is Testing the L

Constituting Labor as an Institution for Democracy

Ruth Dukes & Wolfgang Streeck, Democracy at Work: Contract, Status and Post-Industrial Justice (2023). Cesar Rosado Marzán “Do me a favor, just get your union guys, your leaders to endorse me.

Revisiting the Law of Charitable Transfers

Eric Kades, The Charitable Continuum, 22 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 285 (2021). Adam Hirsch As Justice Holmes observed, lawmaking consists in drawing lines.1 But how many lines do we need? Regardin

Judge tosses lawyer’s defamation suit against ex-mayor for alleged crude and insulting statements

Then-Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was acting within the scope of her official duties when she allegedly questioned a lawyer’s legal abilities and bragged that she…

Florida Supreme Court rules against prosecutor ousted by governor

The Florida Supreme Court has ruled against the elected prosecutor in the Orlando, Florida, area in a challenge to her suspension from office by the…

An Original Take on the Original Meaning of the Sixteenth Amendment

John R. Brooks & David Gamage, The Original Meaning of the Sixteenth Amendment, __ Wash. Univ. L. Rev. __ (forthcoming), available at SSRN (February 23, 2024). Jon Choi The Sixteenth Amendment is

Law firm and lawyer in ‘quiet quit’ dispute drop their litigation

Dueling lawsuits between the law firm Napoli Shkolnik and a fired partner accused of "quiet quitting" have been dropped following private mediation. Details of the…

Migrants who cross the border illegally won’t be allowed a lawyer if they don’t get one pronto

Migrants who enter the United States illegally generally have just four hours to find a lawyer if they want legal assistance in a quest to…

Judge’s revelation is new twist in saga of man driving in video during suspended-license hearing

A man accused of driving during a Zoom court hearing for a suspended-license charge, creating a viral moment, is back behind bars again. The latest…

In concurrence confession, appeals judge says ChatGPT research ‘less nutty’ than feared

Judge Kevin Newsom of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at Atlanta tried using ChatGPT to research the ordinary meaning of “landscaping,” and he’s…

Public Humiliation Meets Private Law

Hila Keren, Beyond Discrimination: Market Humiliation and Private Law, 95 Univ. Colo. L. Rev. 87 (2024). Hila Keren, Market Humiliation, 56 Loy. L.A. L. Rev. 565 (2023). Anita Bernstein So many w

7th Circuit has no patience for Bernhard Modern—a typeface, not a person

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at Chicago is no fan of Bernhard Modern, a typeface used by a Chicago lawyer to the dismay…

This criminal defense lawyer’s big complaint about Netflix’s ‘Abducted in Plain Sight’ is the parents

I remember one of my associate attorneys telling me about Netflix’s true-crime documentary Abducted in Plain Sight, but the premise—a child inexplicably abducted…

ABA ‘strongly opposes’ Biden’s executive order restricting asylum; ACLU readies lawsuit

Updated: The American Civil Liberties Union and the ABA are among the groups opposing President Joe Biden’s executive order curbing asylum eligibility for migrants who…

Lawyer gives up license after pleading guilty to misdemeanor assaults, including one involving associate

A Washington lawyer has agreed to give up his law license, rather than fight allegations stemming from his guilty plea to misdemeanor assaults on a…

Getting Real About Protecting Privacy

Ignacio Cofone, The Privacy Fallacy: Harm and Power in the Information Economy (2024). Scott Skinner-Thompson The power of surveillance capitalists to know us, nudge us, and exploit us continues to e

Is it a Resource or is it Property? How About Both?

Sarah J. Fox, Soil Governance and Private Property, 2024 Utah L. Rev. 1 (2024). Shelley Ross Saxer In her important new article, Soil Governance and Private Property, Professor Sarah Fox’s creative

Bias in the Cathedral

Yotam Kaplan, The Other View of The Cathedral, 82 Md. L. Rev. 479 (2023). Marco Jimenez If there is one article that nearly every legal scholar is familiar with, that article would have to be Guid

A good run: Overlawyered, 1999-2020

I published the first Overlawyered post on July 1, 1999, and I expect this post on May 31, 2020 will be the last. As someone in the entertainment world once put it, “Leave before they want you to l

Searching the Overlawyered archives

Overlawyered always prided itself on having usable archives, and I would often hear from writers, attorneys, and others who had been alerted to cases or issues by our old posts or had found them usef

Best of Overlawyered

More than once a “best of Overlawyered” book was envisioned, but the project never panned out. We did, however, occasionally assemble January roundups of the best posts of the previous year, or s

Detective: fraudsters broke limbs of supposed crash victims

Also from the draft-post archives, this time 2003: was it just too grotesque? Detective Ken Bigg “said that in an attempt to ward off suspicion from insurance companies, the [Chicago-area] crew wou

Argue & Phibbs, solicitors

Once a long-established law firm in Ireland with a name famed around the world, Argue & Phibbs has since been incorporated into the Sligo law firm of McTernan MacGowan. See also Sligo Town; plaqu

Overlawyered’s cast of characters

While I’ve been here all along as the main writer for Overlawyered, most of that time solo, others have played key roles too, especially attorney Ted Frank, now a leading class action reformer, who

May 28 roundup

Squatter sues homeowners from prison, gets default judgment [Eric Ross, KOAA; Colorado Springs. Colo.] “Judge Thomas Hardiman on the history of judicial independence” [Cato Audio of last year’s

Overlawyered’s 404 Not Found page

Speaking of design, newer readers might not have seen Overlawyered’s 404 Page Not Found page, which used to win awards. On occasion someone would even take it seriously, resulting in confusion or c

Liability roundup

Artificial intelligence dodges a legal dart: “An Algorithm for Predicting Recidivism Isn’t a Product for Products Liability Purposes” [Eugene Volokh, Jim Beck] Powdered caffeine is hazardous st

What to read next?

Several people have asked what blogs or other media might be worth turning to after Overlawyered ceases posting this weekend. You can probably guess what some of my own favorites are from the frequen


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