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In Alpha Instincts Dog Training, our board and training program is a 3+ week long intensive program that will give your dog the skills needed to become the best version of themselves.

Huntsville Dog Trainers

Huntsville Dog Trainers - Alpha Instincts Dog Training - 256-203-3970

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Huntsville Dog Trainers

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Lab vs Weimaraner: Similarities and Differences

Every dog is an individual, even amongst breeds and littermates. This article shares my opinions and experiences with owning and living with a Lab vs Weimaraner.  I currently have a purebred Weimara

Is Grain-Free Dog Food Bad for Dogs?

My Lab and my weimaraner eat a dog food that is considered “grain free.” I believe a grain-free diet for dogs makes sense, but I still worry a bit. I remember the headlines from 2018 about grain-

Feeding Raw Game Meat to Dogs

In this article I’ll go over some of the pros and cons of feeding raw game meat to dogs as part of the dog’s overall raw diet. A raw diet means just like it sounds, feeding a dog a diet of raw me

How To Find Vets That Support Raw Feeding

Are you wondering how to find vets that support raw feeding? It can be tricky finding the right vet especially if you’re looking for one knowledgeable about raw feeding. Back when I lived in rural

Dog Training Limestone County, Alabama

What Are the Advantages of Professional Dog Training? At Alpha Instincts Dog Training in Limestone County, Alabama, we fully believe in the multiple advantages that expert dog training can provide. O

Dog Training Limestone County Alabama - Alpha Instincts Dog Training

Dog Training Limestone County AlabamaWhat Are the Advantages of Hiring a Professional Dog Trainer?Alpha Instincts Dog Training in Limestone County, Alabama, is a firm believer in the multiple advanta

Dog Training Madison County Alabama - Alpha Instincts Dog Training

Dog Training Madison County AlabamaWhy Should I Consider Professional Dog Training for My Pet in Madison County? Your dog is your greatest friend, but with the appropriate dog training, he or she can

How Do You Feed Raw Dog Food?

How do you feed raw dog food?  As a passionate raw feeder, that’s a question I’m often asked and happy to answer! It’s an important one too because there are several different ways of feeding

Secreting Organ Meat For Dogs Recipe

If you’re confused about how to use secreting organ meat for dogs in raw feeding, this blog post is for you.  Besides sharing a secreting organ meat for dogs recipe you can use in your homemade ra

Can I Feed My Dog Raw And Kibble?

Are you thinking about feeding your dog raw and kibble?  Whatever your reason may be for looking into this combination feeding approach, the general answer is yes, you can feed your dog raw and kibb

Reasons Not to Feed Your Dog a Raw Diet

There is a lot of misinformation and fear mongering out there on reasons not to feed your dog a raw diet. I thought I would write about some of these to show you that feeding a raw diet is not perfec

Should You Remove a Dog’s Dew Claws?

Whether or not you should remove a dog’s dew claws depends on who you ask.  I personally believe it’s best to leave a dog’s paws natural, but most dogs seem to do just fine with or without the

How to Stop My Dog From Chasing Squirrels

It’s normal for dogs to chase squirrels and other small animals! In this article, I’ll share some ideas for how to stop a dog from chasing squirrels in your yard, on walks or on trails. Why do do

Alpha Instincts Dog Training Huntsville AL

Do you have to go through dog puppy training with your pet?Dogs typically begin training at 8 weeks, but puppies frequently begin at 6 weeks. It is advised that you begin training your puppy's obedie

Huntsville Dog Trainer

Do you and your pet need to go through dog puppy training?Puppies often start training at 6 weeks old, whereas most dogs start at 8 weeks. It is suggested that you start your puppy's obedience traini

Huntsville Dog Trainer

Do you and your pet need to go through dog puppy training?Puppies often start training at 6 weeks old, whereas most dogs start at 8 weeks. It is suggested that you start your puppy's obedience traini

Dog Training Near Me Huntsville AL

Is dog puppy training right for you and your pet?Puppies begin training about 6 weeks of age, while most dogs begin training around 8 weeks. It is advised to begin your puppy's obedience training at

Paradigm Is Shifting

KB: The graphic and quote below are from a highly informed Facebook group moderated by Stuart Sims that explores the work of neuro-researcher Jaak Panksepp.         “I think we must consider tha

Gary Wilkes and why dogs roll in you-know-what

  As mentioned earlier Gary Wilkes is a thoughtful writer on dogs and is willing to make definitive statements. Since some of these statements touch on my theory, I like to expound on these topics si

Eye Beams as Source of Force

  Willem has brought the following to our attention and I quote him below: “The research  result (yet to be duplicated, I assume) described in this article is  simple – that people experience t

The Mind as a Wave

“A crowd that flows like water” “The behavior of large numbers of insects, animals, and other flocks is often based on rules about individual interactions. Bain and Bartolo applied a fluid-like

Hide and Seek and Hold At Bay

To avoid these kinds of incidents my experience leads me to recommend lots of off/lead hide and seek games as the foundation for the Police Dog training. The dog learns to work freely and being in the

The Power of Throughput

INPUT       ———>               THROUGHPUT          ———>      OUTPUT (Stimuli)                      (Senses/Perception/Processing)            (Behav

In Absentia

I like to debate and pit my theory against other theories. Alas however these exchanges usually degrade into ad hominem attacks or worse, “my training is better than your training” contests as opp

More Substantiation of the NDT Hunting Thesis

(Thanks to Sang for bringing this book to my attention.) Little by little the paradigm on dogs is shifting. The current consensus is becoming that the hunt is what drew wolf and early man together and

Grief in an Orca Mother?   It’s a touching story and we can all resonate with the mother Orca and the loss of her calf. But is this grief, and if not, is grief more meaningful

Question All Assumptions

  From the New York Times Science Section: “The setting was romantic enough. Sunny spring day. A cherry tree blossoming a vivid pink. One party, the suitor, was dark, fetching and amorous. But the


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