Heavenly Heat Sauna Medical Infrared Therapy

Heavenly Heat Sauna Ranked as Medical Infrared Alternative Healing and Health Heat Therapy

More Evidence Raw Milk is Bad

More evidence that raw milk has no health benefit, but does carry higher health risks.

Foods That Combat Anxiety

What are the best foods to combat anxiety? The post Foods That Combat Anxiety appeared first on Under Armour.

Our Saunas – Heavenly Heat Saunas

Most FIR saunas are built with thin paneling and gobs of strong adhesives.

Cutting Back on Processed Foods

What’s so bad about processed foods? The post Cutting Back on Processed Foods appeared first on Under Armour.


What’s your motivation for getting a good sweat session in each day? Maybe it’s the overall health benefits of daily workouts. Or keeping your health in check to keep up with your growing family.

The Coming Age of Telehealth

Telehealth is finally here. We should keep it.

Is COVID-19 transmitted by airborne aerosols?

A recurring debate about COVID-19 bubbled up late last week, when a group of scientists announced an as-yet unpublished open letter to the World Health Organization arguing that COVID-19 transmission

FTC settles false advertising suit against low-level light therapy marketer with $22 million judgment

Per a settlement with the FTC, the marketers of Willow Curve, a low-level light therapy device costing hundreds of dollars, will have to stop making deceptive claims that the device treats chronic, se

Cooking With Pantry Staples

Chef Dan Churchill turns pantry staples into a delicious dish. The post Cooking With Pantry Staples appeared first on Under Armour.

Sauna Health Benefits: Are saunas healthy or harmful? - Harvard Health

Are saunas safe? Studies show they do not pose risks for most people, but those with more severe heart disease should stay cool.

Dry Drowning

What is dry drowning, and should we worry?

Heavenly Heat Saunas - Review and Special Price Code

A Heavenly Heat Sauna is Made in the USA using Medical Grade Heaters, Clean Wood and no Glues or Toxic materials. Are They Worth the Cost?

At-Home Full Body

Take 12 minutes to target your whole body — no equipment required. Log this workout in the MyFitnessPal app with a single tap. Interested in more workouts like these? MyFitnessPal teamed up with SW

The Questionable Ethics of Medical Grade Nonsense: Chinese Herbal Medicine and Kawasaki Disease

A toddler in China with Kawasaki disease was treated with herbs and potions rather than science, and is extremely lucky to have survived without serious complications.

Probiotics, revisited

New guidelines do not recommend probiotics for most gastrointestinal conditions.

New Drugs for Sickle Cell Disease: Small Benefit, Large Price

The FDA has approved two new drugs to treat sickle cell disease. They don’t do much, and they are prohibitively expensive.

Misinformation and disinformation about facemasks and COVID-19

As evidence accumulates that facemasks work to decrease the risk of spreading COVID-19, new myths have arisen claiming that, not only do facemasks not work, but that they are actively harmful. These m

Lotus Birth To Blame for Death of Australian Newborn

Lotus Birth, an "ethically inadmissible" practice where a newborn is left attached to the placenta for several days, is risky, benefit free, and is likely to blame for the death of an Australian infan

Frozen vs. Canned Foods

What’s healthier: canned or frozen foods? The post Frozen vs. Canned Foods appeared first on Under Armour.

Turmeric Lemon Loaf

Chef Dan Churchill bakes an immune-supporting loaf, featuring turmeric, lemon and banana. The post Turmeric Lemon Loaf appeared first on Under Armour.

How to Stop Stress Eating

Performance nutritionist Dr. Marc Bubbs explains why we stress eat and gives three tips to help get past those cravings. The post How to Stop Stress Eating appeared first on Under Armour.

Veggie-Packed Egg Cups

Chef Dan Churchill prepares a vitamin-D rich breakfast that calls for eggs and whatever else is in your pantry. The post Veggie-Packed Egg Cups appeared first on Under Armour.

Feel Prideful During Pride Month

Everyone wants to feel included; everyone wants to feel normal. Sometimes fitting in is the easiest route but man, I wasn’t made to fit in. Hello! My name is Sam Gegen and I am a very PROUD and PRI

15 Minute EMOM

Get moving with this 15 minute EMOM from Under Armour trainer Saman Munir. The post 15 Minute EMOM appeared first on Under Armour.

Runner’s 20 Minute EMOM

Engage your lower body in this 20 minute EMOM workout led by pro runner Vincent Crisp. The post Runner’s 20 Minute EMOM appeared first on Under Armour.

Lyme Disease, the Great Imitator

A Few Basics About Lyme Disease Lyme Disease is the most common vector-borne multi-systemic disease in the USA and Europe, caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. This is only one of many speci

Tips and Tricks to Boosting Your Mental Health

Daily life with the COVID-19 pandemic has increased stressors—stressors most Americans have no experience dealing with. In fact, in a review of 3,166 papers examining the psychological impact of qu

Spring Detox Tips for Your Body and Home

Stuck at home because of the recent stay-at-home orders issued in communities across the nation due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Look at the bright side. This is a great time to take stock of your healt

How to Strengthen Your Immune System in the Face of the COVID-19 Virus

It’s hard to miss the headlines about the novel coronavirus called COVID-19. But do you know how the virus originated, who’s at risk, and most importantly, what you can do to prevent getting sick

Five Ways Gardening Boosts Your Mental Health

It’s no secret that your state of mind has a huge impact on your health. Mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, affect people of all age groups and demographics. Our mental state als

Sunlighten Sauna Review – Part 2: Overall Experience

Sunlighten customer, Kyle Lasota, recently posted his Sunlighten sauna review on Youtube.  He shares what he likes, what he doesn’t and what you should consider when you purchase.  In this video,

Sunlighten Sauna Review – Part 1: Sauna Assembly

When it comes to craftsmanship, Sunlighten is the Rolex of the sauna industry. Hand-selected wood, seamless construction, and flush design elements bring a level of detail that is unmatched in the in

The Top Sources of EMFs in the Home

Electromagnetic Devices in Your House Perhaps you have heard of Electromagnetic Fields, called EMFs. But what the most common sources of EMFs you will encounter on a regular basis? Natural Forms of

What is the Best Wood to Use for a Sauna?

Which Wood is Most Often Used in a Sauna? Cedar, hemlock, basswood and poplar are the most often used woods for saunas. Eucalyptus and sometimes pine can be used. Cedar has a rich aroma and is most

Infrared Sauna Heater Placement – Are They Needed in the Front?

Do Saunas Need Front Heaters? One of the critical elements in choosing an infrared sauna is the locations of the heaters.  The emissivity and power of the heating elements is critical, but their lo

Halotherapy – Salt Therapy in Infrared Saunas

What is Salt Halotherapy? "Halotherapy, a Greek word meaning salt, is a form of alternative medicine practiced for centuries, which uses diffused airborne salt to cleanse respiratory conditions.

Did Jacuzzi Buy Clearlight? The Infrared Sauna Partnership Explained

Jacuzzi Clearlight Licensing Agreement Details Jacuzzi did not purchase Clearlight saunas. Jacuzzi wanted to expand its product offerings to include infrared saunas and in May 2017, Jacuzzi agreed t


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