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When your Seattle home’s plumbing stops working, the resulting messes can be a nightmare. At South West Plumbing in Seattle, we understand what it’s like to deal with the mess and the inconvenience of plumbing problems. Trust us to get your home back in order as quickly as possible whenever you need plumbing maintenance or repair.

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Household Plungers: The Latest Designs, Evolution and History

In 1874, John Hawley Patented the First Rubber Cup Plunger The history of the household plunger dates back to ancient civilizations, where rudimentary tools were used to clear blockages in drainage s

Choosing the Right Commercial Plumbing Service: What to look for?

Commercial spaces are always bustling, whether it is an office space or a sprawling industry complex. To keep things running smoothly and efficiently, it is important that regular maintenance is carr

The Importance of Regular Water Heater Service by Shepherd’s HVAC

Your water heater tirelessly provides hot water for showers, dishwashing, and laundry. However, like any other appliance, it requires regular attention to maintain peak performance. Regular water heat

DYI Plumbing Repairs: Consider Skill, Confidence, and Complexity

1. Skill Level: As the Complexity of the Problem Increases, so Does the Need  Skill level plays a significant role in determining whether DIY plumbing repairs are feasible. For those with a backgrou

Modern Kitchen Garbage Disposal: Easy Fixes, Benefits and History

Knowledge is Everything Regarding Your Kitchen Garbage Disposal We will also look at the benefits of our kitchen garbage disposal as well as some alternatives to them. We’ll offer some ideas of the

Do You Need A Local Plumber For Bathroom Renovations?

Bathroom remodels aren't all fun and games. Sure, your bathroom remodeling project might stoke your creativity, but you still need to work out the logistics. Do you need a local plumber for bathroom

Sewer Laterals: Who’s Responsible for Maintenance and Repairs?

What is the Purpose of a Lateral Sewer Line?  This underground pipeline, often unseen but critically important, plays a fundamental role in maintaining public health and environmental sustainability

Whole House Repiping: Resolving Issues Leads to BIG SAVINGS

Common Signs Your Pipes Are Aging In the world of plumbing, most homeowners often say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” beware because that may not always apply. Waiting for a catastrophic

10 Signs You Need a Plumbing Inspection

The plumbing system is the unsung hero of every home, diligently working behind the scenes to provide us with clean water and efficient waste removal. However, like any other system, it requires regul

Smart Plumbing Products: Making our Lives Easier and Our Homes Smarter

Smart Water Heaters: Making our Homes More Efficient, Comfortable, and Secure Smart plumbing water heaters represent a significant leap forward in home heating technology, offering homeowners unprece

The Energy-Efficient Home: Envisioning Your Home’s Plumbing-Efficient Haven

Exploring Energy Efficient Water Heaters for Your Dream Home Let’s embark on a journey through your home, starting in the garage and then meandering into the heart of the kitchen. Finally, extendin

The Ultimate Homeowners Plumbing Checklist

#1 Check Your Home Piping for Leaks Let’s start at the top of our plumbing checklist: our home piping. The water pipes that deliver water throughout our home will eventually wear out. Copper pipes

How to Flush a Water Heater

Perform Crucial Home Maintenance When it comes to maintaining your home’s essential systems, the water heater often takes a back seat. However, neglecting this crucial appliance can lead to reduced

7 Powerful Solutions When Your House Heater Is Not Working

Feeling the chill? If your house heater is not working can be a nightmare. Explore effective solutions with Shepherd’s HVAC for warmth and comfort. When Your House Heater Is Not Working: Unraveling

The Latest Plumbing Advancements: Save Money, and the Planet

Plumbing Advancements Offer Improved Efficiency and Convenience  Modern plumbing technology includes innovative solutions such as hydro jetting, trenchless sewer lines, tankless water heaters, smart

What You Never Knew About Your Plumbing System and More 

Did You Know You Can Track a Water Leak from an App on Your Smartphone? Technology has made significant strides within the plumbing industry. As we reflect on the challenges surrounding water conserv

5 Quick Hacks for Powerful AC Filter Cleaning

Maintaining a clean AC filter is crucial for a well-functioning HVAC system. Discover the secrets to efficient AC filter cleaning. AC Filter Cleaning When it comes to AC filter cleaning, it’s not ju

Furnace TLC: 5 Crucial Signs Your Home Needs It Now

As winter sets in and the cold winds start to bite, your furnace becomes the unsung hero of your home, working tirelessly to keep you warm and cozy. However, like any hero, your furnace needs attentio

What is Considered as a Plumbing Emergency in Sydney?

Keeping the knowledge of what constitutes a plumbing emergency can be incredibly helpful at the time of need. Blocked drains, broken pipes and frequent leaks are common plumbing problems. But there a

DIY Gas Pipe Installation for Your Garage Heater vs. Calling a Local Plumber

If you have issues with your existing gas piping system or want to add one to your home, hiring a professional plumber is in your best interest. Gas pipe installation must be done correctly; otherwis

4 Powerful Tips for a Winter-Ready Water Heater

As winter advances, ensuring your home remains a cozy oasis becomes a top priority. One essential ally in this battle against the cold is your trusty water heater. The unsung hero tucked away in your

How Much Does Emergency Plumbing Cost?

Fixing Problems That Pop Up When a plumbing emergency strikes, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of fixing the issue. However, understanding the factors that contribute to emergency p

8 Excellent Ways to Maintain Your Hot Water Storage Tank for Lasting Comfort

Unlocking the Secrets to a Long-Lasting Hot Water Storage Tank Welcome to a comprehensive guide on how to maintain your hot water storage tank for optimal performance. In our daily lives, hot water is

7 Essential Steps to Power Up Your Broken Boiler: Inspection Checklist

Navigating the Chill without a Hitch Imagine waking up on a frosty morning, eagerly anticipating the warmth of your home, only to find out that your boiler has decided to take an unscheduled break. Th

How to Change a Smoke Detector Battery

Keep Your Family Safe Changing a smoke detector battery is a simple yet crucial step that can make a significant difference in your family’s safety. Let’s dive in and learn how to change a smoke d

Maximizing Comfort and Efficiency: Year-End AC Maintenance Guide

As the year draws to a close, it’s crucial to turn our attention to our trusty air conditioning systems. With the changing seasons, ensuring that your AC is in top-notch condition becomes paramount

Commercial Plumbing Checklist for Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Keeping your business operating smoothly is essential and unlike many aspects that might get overlooked, plumbing is one of them. Just like regular oil change of your car, it is important to ensure r

13 Important AC Winter Preparation Tips

Winter has arrived, and during this season, homeowners often focus on heating systems, forgetting that their trusty air conditioning units also need attention. Proper AC winter preparation is crucial

Expert Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Plumbing Contractor in Your Area

For any homeowner, having a reliable local plumber you can count on is essential. The right plumber will give you complete peace of mind whether you're dealing with a faulty water heater or need a to

Why is My Sewer Bill So High?

Have you ever opened your monthly utility bill, only to be greeted by a jaw-dropping figure for your sewer charges? If you’ve found yourself wondering why your sewer bill seems to be climbing higher

Why Do Toilets Clog?

Most of us have been there at one time or another – you flush the toilet and instead of everything going down, it starts to come up. Whether you’re rushing to get ready in the morning or hosting g

What are the Different types of Pipes in your Commercial Building : A Guide

Commercial plumbing mechanisms are vastly different and more complex than the residential structure. Some of these pipes are similar, while more sturdy and durable variants such as HDPE and PEX are f

How to Reset a Garbage Disposal

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often take our kitchen appliances for granted until they suddenly decide to go on strike. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of a non-functioning g

How to Unclog a Grease Clogged Drain

Dealing with a stubbornly clogged drain is a common headache for homeowners, and when that clog is caused by a buildup of grease, it can be particularly frustrating. Grease, over time, solidifies with

6 Signs Your Pipe is more Prone to Burst

Pipes are often overlooked for maintenance despite being one of the most important systems sustaining your property’s entire drainage system. This is not helpful as it can further escalate into maj

10 Useful Tips for a Longer-Lasting Garbage Disposal

You might use your garbage disposal on a daily basis without giving it another thought. However, following our essential garbage disposal maintenance tips can protect your investment. Consider our to

When to Call an Electrician

Electricity is an incredible force that powers our modern world, making our lives more convenient and comfortable in countless ways. From lighting up our homes to running our appliances, we rely on el

How to Fix a Clogged Shower Drain

There are few things more frustrating than standing ankle-deep in soapy water during what should be a refreshing shower. A clogged shower drain can turn a daily routine into a plumbing nightmare. But

The 6 Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

If you are running a restaurant or managing an office space, you are damn well aware how important it is that your plumbing system should be functional. Commercial plumbing systems tend to be overuse

9 Differences Between Commercial and Residential Plumbing

Although most plumbing systems operate the same way, residential and commercial plumbing systems have a few differences. At MN Plumbing & Home Services, we personalize every plumbing service beca

Professional Hot Water Repairs: When Do You Need it?

Winters in Sydney can be chilling, especially when temperatures can go as low as 8C - that is cold! On such days, Hot water is convenient and a necessity for daily comfort and convenience. You have t

8 Plumbing Upgrades for your Bathroom Remodel

Whether you plan on selling your home or you want to invest in bathroom upgrades for your own enjoyment, there are many options to choose from. This post will list eight plumbing upgrades that are al

5 Questions to ask Before Choosing The Right Commercial Plumber

Owning a business, it is inevitable that it will require the majority of your focus and attention. However, there will be times when a plumbing emergency happens with things breaking, pipes getting c

Who To Call for Gas Line Installation

Many businesses claim to provide gas line installation but aren’t qualified. Most states require a licensed contractor to run gas lines safely. The last thing you need is to end up with major probl

9 Roof Repair and Maintenance Tips: Advice from the Pros

Roof maintenance is essential for keeping your home in top shape, neglecting your roof can lead to reduced structural integrity, costly repairs, and diminish your property’s value over time. and wh

When do I need a Plumber, Remodeling Kitchen Edition

Do you have plans to redo your kitchen? Not every kitchen renovation requires a professional plumber, especially if you're just repainting your cabinets. If you're planning to update your kitchen plu

6 Types of Outdoor Spigots and Faucets

One of the main differences between indoor faucets and an outdoor faucets is that outdoor faucets don't have temperature controls. However, there are several different types of outdoor spigots and fa

Outdoor Grill Gas Line Installation 101

Are you thinking about installing a gas grill in your backyard? A grill is a big investment heading into the warmer months, and you’ll want to know what you’re doing before installing it. Specifi


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