Inez Bracy - Listen to Your Intuition

Have you ever been enjoying yourself, having fun, laughing out loud and then you feel as if something shifted, something doesn’t feel right? You ignored the feeling because you were having fun but the feeling persisted. Next thing you know you’re in a situation that is not comfortable and you’re looking for a way out.

Listen to Your Intuition –

Listen to your intuition!  A huge part of staying safe while traveling is being aware of you and your surroundings at all times.  Intuition helps you with that. Have you ever been enjoying yourself

Gender Lens Investing Gains Ground - But Can It Conquer Wall Street? - Knowledge at Wharton

Gender lens investing is gaining momentum, but remains a small part of Wall Street. How will it get a bigger share?…Read More


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March is Women History Month–woohoo!

Did you ever wonder how women got assigned March?  Many of the sayings that go along with March might be seen by some to also apply to women.March roars in like a lion goes out like a lamb.The Ides o

Your Body Deserves The Very Best!

 “What would be different in your life if you gave your body the very best of everything?” Imagine experiencing the joy of unrestricted movement as you bounce out of bed, stretch, strut into the

2020 The Year Of NO Travel!

This year 2020 is the year that you planned to use much of your time traveling! And, then, your world rocked and turned upside down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. All of your plans were put on hold

3 Benefits To Ending Your Fear Of Traveling

3 Benefits Of Ending Your Fear Of Traveling If you are anything like me, you’ve dreamt of traveling abroad but have not planned your trip. Immediately after your dream thoughts come up about all the

Is Obligation Ruining Your Life?

You’re not obligated to do anything that doesn’t support you or the people you’re doing it for! Grand rising, good morning, good afternoon, good evening to my friends around the globe. I am abs

How To Stop Blaming Yourself!

Stop blaming yourself, focus on those things and people that support you! Grand rising, good morning, good afternoon, good evening to my friends around the globe. This is Inez your Audacious Living an

How Are Shame and Guilt Stopping You?

When you’re feeling guilty about something, check yourself! Release any attachments that you have to guilt and shame! Grand rising, good morning, good afternoon, good evening to my friends around th

6 Questions To Awaken Your Spirit

Just think for a moment, as the earth renews, your energy shifts from the relaxed energy of winter.  You’ll notice the energy of lightheartedness, uplifting, and a general feeling of well being. 

4 Tips For Having A Blissful Holiday Boomer Woman

Boomer woman it’s not unusual during this busy time of year to notice our feelings bounce back and forth, up and down, and all over the place.

How The Mind Works

How the mind works is amazing!   Just the other night, my friend Helen's mind was running in all directions.  She and I were talking about a situation she had just experienced on a dating site. Be

A Long Weekend in Craiova, Romania

A Long Weekend in Craiova, Romania In the UK, we have two long weekends in May – one at the...

Olhão: A Winter Break in the Algarve

Olhão: A Winter Break in the Algarve My first trip of 2018 was a winter break in the Algarve.  I...

Island-hopping: The Algarve

I might not have been able to pronounce it, but I specifically chose to stay in Olhão (Ol-y-ow), a...

Tavira City and Island: Algarve

Tavira City and Island: Algarve Could I make it three islands in three days? Honestly, I wasn’t sure...

Culatra Island: Algarve

Having had such a good day on Armona island, it was too tempting not to visit another island. Well,...

Armona Island: Algarve

During a recent trip to the Algarve, I decided to do a bit of island-hopping.   Ilha da Armona was...

2017: A Year of Reflection, Refocusing, & Planning

As I write this, we are already in 2018 – OMG, how time flies!  The fact that I have written and...

Xlendi - My Favourite Place in Gozo

Xlendi – My Favourite Place in GozoQuite often, while travelling, I accidentally end up in the most...

Walking Around Gozo Walking around Gozo wasn’t on my list...

Walking Around Gozo Walking around Gozo wasn’t on my list of things to do when I arrived.  I knew the island was small, but I didn’t realise quite how small it was until I did my Forrest Gump

Comino: A Maltese Island

Comino: A Maltese Island #travel Out of sheer curiosity, I felt compelled to visit the virtually...


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