Home Security Systems in Warrenville, IL

Professional and thorough, a home security review from Warrenville Home Protection Pros will shed light on security challenges that are unique to your home and lifestyle. For homes in Warrenville, IL and surrounding areas, we can specify a tailor-made solution to meet your security challenges head-on.

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Senators request renewed assessment of Havana Syndrome cause after 60 Minutes report

A bipartisan group of senators sent a letter to President Biden calling for "renewed assessment by the U.S. government" of Havana Syndrome in the wake of a 60 Minutes investigation.

The vanishing wild | 60 Minutes Archives

Last year, 60 Minutes reported that scientists were sounding an alarm that we were living in the midst of the sixth mass extinction. Biologist Paul Ehrlich told Scott Pelley that humans would need "fi

Feds bust another illegal grow house in Maine

Federal law enforcement officials have brought charges against Xisen Guo, who is accused of creating an illicit marijuana-growing operation off the beaten path in rural Maine.

Trillions of cicadas could emerge this spring

Scientists are expecting billions, and possibly trillions, of cicadas to emerge this spring. It's expected to be the largest number of the noisy bugs seen since the early 1800s. CBS affiliate WDJT's E

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo: The 60 Minutes Interview

Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo is focused on U.S. advanced microchip production — and keeping the chips out of China and Russia.

Investigating the horrors of a Nazi concentration camp built on British soil

A piece of Holocaust history — a Nazi concentration camp built on Alderney, a British island — has been largely forgotten. Researchers are now counting the island’s dead.

Earth Day 2024: 60 Minutes revisits climate change reporting archive

To mark Earth Day, 60 Minutes looks back on our reporting on climate change and the environment over the years.

Kevin Hart: The 60 Minutes Interview

Kevin Hart is the highest-grossing comedian today, while also starring in movies and owning several businesses, including an entertainment company, a venture capital fund and a fast food chain.

How climate change could impact forests

Dr. Tana Wood, an ecologist with the U.S. Forest Service, is running experiments to see what might happen to forests if temperatures rise by seven degrees Fahrenheit, the worst-case scenario by the en

Kevin Hart's daughter on her dad's embarrassing jokes

Heaven Hart told 60 Minutes correspondent Anderson Cooper that she had to speak up about jokes that revealed her private life onstage.

Episode 11 – Embracing Forgiveness: Navigating the Path to Healing and Growth

In this episode, Justin and Mark discuss the complex topic of forgiveness. They explore the challenges and misconceptions surrounding forgiveness, emphasizing the importance of recognizing our own hu

Episode 10 – Shame Unveiled: Navigating Mental Health and Recovery with Compassion and Growth

In this episode of Healing Minds: Stories of Resiliency and Recovery, hosts Justin and Marc delve deep into the often overlooked topic of shame and its profound impact on mental […] The post Episod

Episode 9 – Nourishing Recovery: The Mental Health Diet

This episode explores the connection between nutrition, mental health, and recovery. The hosts discuss the importance of diet in supporting mental well-being and how the food we eat can impact […]

Episode 8 – Mind and Body Harmony: The Role of Physical Well-being in Recovery

In this episode, Justin and Mark discuss the connection between the mind and body in recovery. They emphasize the importance of physical well-being and how it impacts mental health. They […] The po

Episode 7 – Part 2: Journey of Resilience: Finding Purpose in Recovery

In this 2-part episode, Eric Metcalf, Director of Peer Workforce Development at NAMI DuPage, shares his profound journey of finding purpose in recovery amidst challenges like military deployment and

Episode 6 – Part 1: Journey of Resilience: Finding Purpose in Recovery

Part 1: In this 2-part episode, Eric Metcalf, Director of Peer Workforce Development at NAMI DuPage, shares his profound journey of finding purpose in recovery amidst challenges like military deploym

Alarm.com Video - Is it a good choice for you?

      For years security cameras have been thought of as a staple in only businesses and other commercial buildings, when in fact nowadays they are easier and cheaper than ever to set up in a resi

Episode 5 – Recovery, Relationships, and Resilience: Navigating the Path to Healing & Connection

In this episode, Nicholas Berry joins Marc and Justin to discuss relationships and recovery. Nicholas shares his journey of recovery, including his experiences with addiction, trauma, and mental heal

Episode 4 – Shadows Within: Navigating the Journey Through Loss

In this episode, we delve into the raw and honest narrative, shedding light on the challenges faced by both the individual and those who stand beside them. Through the guest […] The post Episode 4

Winter Appeal – 2023

Dear Friend, Do you recall a time when you felt utterly out of place? I vividly remember my kindergarten friend, Anna, who arrived at school wearing a meticulously sewn witch’s […] The post Winte

Episode 3 – Unbreakable Bonds: Maggie’s Journey Through a Son’s Struggle

In this profoundly moving episode, we delve into the extraordinary journey of Maggie, a resilient mother whose unwavering love and support became the anchor for her son during his courageous […] Th

Low-Cost Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

When most of us think about the phrase,” Home Security” we often first think of a Hi-tech security system. Or a system of surveillance cameras. While both of these are great options we aren’t al

Qolsys IQ2 Plus - The Latest In Wireless Home Security

Today we’ll be speaking on the Qolsys IQ2 Panel Plus wireless touchscreen alarm systems from Quality of Life Systems (Qolsys). The IQ2 Panel 2+ is a self-contained wireless alarm system that is fea

Alarm Monitoring Service With A DSC TL280LE And Control 4 Home Automation System

If you have a Control 4 home automation system integrated with your DSC Neo alarm system and wish to have professional alarm monitoring service, be aware that providers with no experience with these

Alula - DIY Friendly Self Monitoring and Remote Control

Today we’re going to be discussing Alula - Another DIY friendly option for remote control and self-monitoring with your alarm system. Alula was formerly known as IPDatatel and recently joined force

DSC PowerSeries Neo - Is It The Best Security System For You?

Security systems can be an interesting topic. One popular point for debate is not only which is better, hardwired or wireless, but also which security brand is the best. The PowerSeries Neo from DSC

Total Connect 2.0 From Honeywell - What You Need To Know

Total Connect 2.0 from Honeywell Security, recently renamed Resideo is a remote services package for Honeywell alarm systems and security cameras. The Total Connect service allows an additional level

How to Be Prepared for Home Invasions

Photo courtesy of TheDigitalWay via Pixabay Home should be where you can relax after a long and tiring day, where you can let everything go and feel comfortable. It’s where you should be able to re

Home Security 101: The Difference Between Cellular and IP Monitoring

Thinking of setting up your own home security system? We bet that you’re having a hard time choosing between using a cellular and IP monitoring system. We can’t blame you. It’s like choosing be

6 Signs To Know It Is Time To Upgrade Your Alarm System

Is home maintenance in your new year checklist? With the rising high rate of home burglary across the country, it is imperative that you keep your home security system updated. You can replace your e

Warrenville Home Protection Pros Expands Home Security Systems Services In Warrenville, IL

Warrenville, Illinois based Warrenville Home Protection Pros is pleased to announce that they are expanding their home security services in the Warrenville area, providing a wider range of security s


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