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South West Plumbing is proud to have served the people of Lynnwood, WA, with our plumbing services for over 35 years. When you need the best residential plumbing services Lynnwood or the best commercial plumbing services Lynnwood, call South West Plumbing at 206-932-1777.

Apply for a Permit – City of Lynnwood

Find everything you need to know about applying for a construction permit or business license in the City of Lynnwood.

Bathroom Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Bathroom Trends to Watch Out for in 2023 The bathroom is often a focal point of the home. It’s where you go to relax, pamper yourself, and get ready for your day. This is why it’s not a surprise

Why You Get White Flakes in Your Glass When Ice Melts

You’re not alone if you’ve ever had a glass of ice water and found white flakes in your drink. Many people experience this phenomenon, especially those with hard water. But have you ever wondered

Let’s Talk About Your P-Trap

The P-trap has a pretty unique function as far as plumbing appliances go, and it's really a scientific marvel in what it does!

Keep an Ear Out for These Plumbing Noises

It’s common to hear noises from your plumbing system, such as a running toilet for a few seconds after you flush. However, some plumbing noises can signal an issue with your system.  South West Pl

Common Winter Plumbing Issues

As the winter weather starts to take hold, it’s important to be aware of possible plumbing issuesthat could arise. For example, low temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and burst, leading tocostl

FAQ: Hydro Jetting and How It Works

If you've ever wondered how this technology works, or why a pressurized water pump has what it takes to clear out any clogging material in your drain, then keep reading.

How Much Do Broken Plumbing Fixtures Impact Utility Bills?

Your home is filled with plumbing fixtures, from toilets and faucets to showerheads and water heaters. At Drain Genie Plumbing Services, we think you must know the significant impact plumbing fixtures

How to Tell if You Have a Leak

How To Detect a Leak in Your Home Detecting a leak in your home can be tricky and often requires assistance from a professional.However, there are some steps that you can take to try and identify the

How to Check Plumbing When Buying a New Home

If you’re in the process of buying a new home, congratulations! It’s an exciting time. But, before you sign on the dotted line, there are some essential things you need to check first – includin

Why does calcium build-up occur in your plumbing pipes, and how to deal with it?

Your plumbing system is vital in your home since the pipes carry and transport water inside and outside your house. The water coming from your plumbing pipes is used almost every time, even at night,

Does It Really Matter to Have Your Plumbing Pipes Inspected

Your plumbing system is one of the essential parts of your commercial and residential building. Without it, many things can go wrong, especially with water flow. Inspecting your pipes routinely to ha

Don’t Panic: Our Guide to a Clogged Drain

Well, let's nip this problem in the bud and get things figured out, preferably before your family arrives for the great big holiday dinner.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter

Winter in Orlando typically means lows in the 50’s. While Floridians may find this chilly, northerners find it a beacon of warmth. Still, Florida isn’t immune from snow and freezing temperatures.

Our 2022 Holiday Buyer’s Guide

This blog is going to help guide you through some of these difficult decisions.

Types of Showerheads and How to Maintain Them

Drain Genie Plumbing Services provides a wide range of services including, but not limited to, the installation, repair, and maintenance of different types of showerheads. This article will discuss th

A Neglected Water Heater Vs. a Maintained Water Heater

Let's talk about how you can help your water heater today.

5 Types of Toilet Stains and How to Get Rid of Them

Aside from being unsightly, toilet stains can cause actual problems, whether located on the inside or the outside of the toilet. Moreover, many substances cause them. In any event, it’s crucial to r

What Can We Do for Your Sink?

Sink plumbing in Cleves, OH isn’t limited to clogs or leaks. Learn how we can help you affordably replace an old sink or improve the one you already have.

How to Adjust Water Heater Temperature

Do you feel like you have to turn your water faucet nearly all the way up to get a warm shower? Alternatively, do you have to be careful not to go too far before the water becomes scalding? If you exp

Does Your Bakery Need a Water Softener?

Hard water can greatly impact the quality of your food products, and if treated.

What Causes Water Stains on Walls and Ceilings?

Have you ever experienced the horror of noticing a grey or yellowish water stain on your wall or ceiling? Water stains are unsightly, but more importantly, they may indicate worse issues. How do you k

The Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating in Salt Lake City

The Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating in Salt Lake City Did you know that installing radiant floor heating has a number of benefits? It’s true! Your radiant flooring heating system could help you s

Useful Bathroom Plumbing Tools

We are always able to help with bathroom plumbing in Cleves, OH, no matter the scale or solution!

Are Your Lights Flickering?

Are Your Lights Flickering? If you have flickering lights, and especially if they start flickering suddenly or the flickering changes, it’s important to take note. You could save your home from ser

Do I Need a Generator?

Do I Need A Generator? Of Course, But Here’s Why Having a whole-home generator can give you peace of mind. However, we have discovered that a lot of homeowners don’t even realize that their local

My Furnace Isn’t Working. What Do I Do Now?

My Furnace Isn’t Working. What Do I Do Now? It’s winter in Salt Lake City, and you notice your furnace isn’t making your home warm and cozy anymore. Panic sets in, and you start questioning wha

3 Questions To Ask To Ensure Furnace Safety

3 Questions To Ask To Ensure Furnace Safety Year-round, you want to ensure your family’s comfort and safety. During the cold season, furnaces are running when you need them most, but faulty furnace

How to Choose the Best Plumber

Homeowners spend a lot of money each year on plumbing projects and repairs. The best thing you can do to protect your plumbing is to use a reputable, licensed, skilled plumber and address issues thoro

The importance of Pipe Chlorination and Dechlorination

As a plumber in Henderson Nevada, we understand the importance of water. Water is an essential resource for life on this planet. You use it for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. It is also a significa

Why you Need a Properly Functioning Water Filter in Your Plumbing System

As a plumber in Henderson, we understand that water is an absolute necessity in life. It makes up about 60% of a human's body. Without water, we can't do most simple tasks and essential human functio

3 Plumbing Tips for the At-Home Chef

Let's talk about some at-home tips for those who like to cook!

Guide to Installing a New Dishwasher

If you enjoy home updates, learning new things, and getting your hands dirty, DIY projects are likely for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert DIYer for every task. For instance, install

Does Hydro Jetting Really Work?

Scientifically speaking, hydro jetting systems are one of the most effective ways of removing clogging material from a drain system.

We’re giving away a FREE tankless water heater!!

We love making you guys happy and, more than that: Making your lives a bit easier! Therefore, South West Plumbing is giving away a FREE tankless water heater from Rinnai. The giveaway takes place on

A Day in the Life of the Hydro Jetting Team

We tagged along one of our hydro jetting teams, Nate and Leon, on a day in their lives on the job, and WOW, did we learn a LOT.  Hydro jetting is an effective tool that uses tools to push highly pre

Common HVAC Issues That Might Require A System Replacement

Common HVAC Issues That Might Require A System Replacement HVAC system issues happen; when they do, a furnace repair in Salt Lake City will typically bring resolution. However, if your HVAC system is

How Replacing Your HVAC System Now Can Save You Money Later

How Replacing Your HVAC System Now Can Save You Money Later It’s not a foreign concept that spending money can save you money down the road. When it comes to HVAC systems, this statement remains tr

Where Should You Run Your Plumbing Pipes?

It is common practice to conceal the plumbing pipes and fixtures, such as faucets, showers, and toilets, either behind walls or beneath floors. Access panel makes it easy to access the pipelines behi

How To Prepare You Heater During hte Fall Shoulder Season

Prepare Your Heating System During the Fall Shoulder Season If you’re like us, you want to make sure your heater is ready to go for winter. After all, you never know when temps will drop or when th

What to Do To Your AC At The End Of Summer

What to Do To Your AC At The End Of Summer Before you shut down your Salt Lake City AC at the end of the summer, there are a few things you should do. Our cooling experts in Salt Lake City recommend

What’s in Your Truck with Plumber Evan

In this week’s episode of What’s in Your Truck we meet plumber Evan. He’s one of the more organized plumbers we have on the house; although all our plumbers and technician have their own system

South West Plumbing Has Moved Offices!

Hi everyone! In case you missed it, South West Plumbing has moved to our new 40,000-square-foot facility across from Ikea in Renton, WA. We are still proudly serving King, Snohomish, and Pierce Count

What’s in Your Truck with Drain Technician Chris

We started a new series! You would not believe the things you can find in South West Plumbing Trucks: From plumbing gear to jetters to TV’s for those breaks between clients. Starting the series off

Ask a Plumber: Kitchen Faucet Spraying Water

We’ve all been there: you hear the “drip-drip” sound from the kitchen, thinking you must’ve not turned the faucet entirely off, we try and tweak it a bit, and we go about our day. That is unt

Ask a Plumber: Why is my Hose Faucet Freezing?

Kirk is back with another “Ask a Plumber” episode! And this time around, it’s all about the hose faucets. One of the more common questions we get from our customers is exactly related to that:

How a Local Plumber Would Diagnose and Fix Common Plumbing Problems

One of the essential systems in any home is the plumbing system. When it is working correctly, we do not even think about it. But when something goes wrong, it can be a real headache. We will discuss

Helpful Tips from a Plumber to Prevent Pipes from Rusting

Plumbing systems are an integral component in every commercial and residential building. They are responsible for water distribution to address daily necessities and waste management to prevent conta

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Plumbing Leak Detections in Henderson, NV & Why You Might Need One

Plumbing leak detections are a common request that our plumbers get in Henderson, NV. However, homeowners are not always familiar with why they actually need a leak detection or what one entails. It

Tips On Securing Your Plumbing Valves Using Valve Cabinet Flange

When deliberating about plumbing valves and fixtures or piping systems, one of the essential considerations revolves around safely concealing the piping connection and mail supply valve. Protecting t

Plumbing Vents 101 – What You Need to Know

Building and maintaining a home or business require several components to function correctly. Electrical, HVAC systems, and the property's foundation are essential elements in a home - but perhaps pl

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