Odor Blocking Paint Improves Odor Management Plan

The Mayo clinic documents that Thirdhand smoke (THC) is residual nicotine and other chemicals left on indoor surfaces by tobacco smoke. People are exposed to these chemicals by touching contaminated surfaces or breathing in the off gassing from these surfaces. Third-hand smoke, whether from tobacco or marijuana, has a significant health impact on inhabitants of houses and apartments. First, there is a considerable level of sorption of a tacky residue that clings to wall surfaces which off-gas into the air. Cigarettes reportedly contain over 4,000 chemicals! People with asthma and allergies are most affected by poor air quality, though those who did not have asthma before smoke exposure are more likely to develop bronchial issues; this is even more critical to consider in children.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) | EH&S

Harvard aims to operate buildings to meet established performance standards for ventilation, temperature, relative humidity, air quality, odor, noise, and lighting. Properly designing, constructing, c

Introduction to Indoor Air Quality | US EPA

Basic Information on Indoor Air Quality Topics, sources and pollutants.

UVC HVAC Treatment Returns 12% Efficiency Improvement

One-year study conducted on Atlanta commercial high rise’s HVAC systems proves UVC lamps reap energy efficiency payback benefits.

Precise Grow Environments From Precise HVAC Tech

Smarter HVAC equipment in indoor agriculture benefits both the technician and the grower, and the most-precise is yet to come.

Saving Energy With Air Handlers

Engineers say that, designed properly, run strategically, and equipped with the right accessories, air-handling units can help save energy in a commercial HVAC system.

Marijuana and Workplace Law in 2023

The marijuana industry is booming across the country. While marijuana use is still viewed negatively by many, this is rapidly changing.

Balancing Marijuana Usage Policies in the Workplace

Since current testing for marijuana can’t indicate whether or not an employee is currently impaired, it’s important HVAC supervisors are trained on how to recognize impairment and drug policies st

Ducted Mini-Split Air Handlers Offer Flexibility

Most of the rest of the world has relied on ductless mini-split systems for their heating and cooling needs for decades, but that has not been the case in the U.S. That may be changing with the advent

Marijuana Market Creates Opportunities for HVAC Contractors

The cannabis market continues to make money. And there’s plenty to go around to HVAC contractors who see the need of them within the space.

Unico Makes High Efficiency EC Motors Standard for All Blower Models

Unico Inc. announced it is making highly efficient EC motors standard for all blower models within its modular air handling units.

The A-B-C-D of HVAC for Indoor Cannabis Growing Facilities

A big part of the growth cycle of the cannabis plant is deeply rooted in the ability of the plant to absorb and rid itself of water vapor, so we now add a D to HVAC for dehumidification.

Unico Announces Alliance With Ecoer

Unico System, in conjunction with Ecoer, announced a corporate alliance at the recent AHR Expo that will offer an inverter heat pump optimized to pair with Unico’s small duct air handlers.

Grow Rooms Leave No Room for Hazy HVAC

Cannabis grow facilities offer HVAC requirements and pitfalls unlike just about any other application.

Challenging the Custom AHU Status Quo

Designing, selling, and producing AHUs is a long process. Is there anything we can do to accelerate the process?

Chillers Provide Ideal Conditions For Cannabis

For grow facility applications, chilled water systems make a lot of sense, as they can provide an optimal growing environment.

Project Files: Episode 41 — High Mountain Cannabis Fabric Ductwork

Cannabis operations can take years to perfect their HVAC. But for Brandon Schmitzer of High Mountain LLC in Vassar, Michigan, the HVAC side was a cinch.

Manufacturers Offer Advice on Reducing Noise From Air Handlers

Air handlers are the heart of an HVAC system, moving the conditioned air through a building. Like a heart, they can generate a lot of noise while operating. Manufacturers, however, are taking steps to

Proper HVAC Setup Lowers Energy Costs for Marijuana Producers

The legal cannabis market continues to represent the dot-com era. Plenty of opportunity remains.

HVAC Manufacturers Develop Creative Solutions for Air Movement, Indoor Air Quality

Diverse examples show the importance of air movement and the creative ways in which contractors and manufacturers have dealt with it successfully.

Air Handler Placement, Maintenance Boost IAQ, Efficiency, Cost Savings

While not often addressed, the air handler in an HVAC system has a significant role to play.

Enginia North America, a brand of Herr Technologies LLC: Air Handler Safety Handle

This patented hinge/handle system allows an air handler door to be opened in either direction or removed completely.

Unico Inc.: Separate Module AHU

Delivering 1 to 1.5 tons of nominal cooling, this formerly single packaged unit is now a separate module.


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