Best Branding Colors

We love colors. Do you know what they mean for your branding design, logo design or website design? Colors impact your customer decisions, meaning the colors you choose for your brand and your products could ultimately affect your earning potential.

25 Healthcare Email Examples and Templates I Love (For Your Inspiration)

Many brands use email marketing for lead nurturing, relationship building, and customer acquisition. Healthcare brands are not an exception. While recent statistics put email ROI at $36 for

15 Post-Purchase Email Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

I recently ordered a swimsuit online to get ready for a beach vacation. Choosing between hundreds of swimsuit styles after months in sweats is overwhelming, so I breathed an audible sigh of

How to Get Verified on TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide

As a content creator and marketer, I often see creators and brands clamoring for verification checkmarks on TikTok — and I understand the excitement. To be verified on TikTok is like getti

How to Use WordPress: Ultimate Guide to Building a WordPress Website

When you‘re just getting started with making a website, I know that the process of learning how to use WordPress can feel overwhelming. We’ve all been there, so you're certainly not alon

7 Email Banner Examples I Love (For Your Inspiration)

Last week, I was drinking coffee when an email from Adidas popped up. At the top, I could see my 9,000+ loyalty points displayed prominently in the banner, along with an offer that immediat

I Asked ChatGPT to Write 5 Types of Counteroffer Emails — Here's What I Got

You've made it through multiple rounds of interviews, the hiring team has selected you as their top candidate, and they’ve made you an offer. But you aren’t quite satisfied with all of t

What is Career Cushioning? Why You Might Want to Try It in 2024

As I started writing this article about career cushioning, I couldn’t help but wonder … am I a career cushion-er?

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Branding may refer to:

5 Marketing Trends That Might Not Survive in 2024 [HubSpot Research + Expert Insights]

Few marketing trends last forever. In reality, they come and go at rapid speed — and marketers must adapt.

How to Create Excel Charts and Graphs

Excel charts and graphs are tried-and-true tools for visualizing data clearly and understandably. But for those who are not native tech gurus, it can be a bit intimidating to poke around in

Diving Deep Into Technical SEO for Ecommerce (My Takeaways)

As of 2023, there are over 26.5 million ecommerce websites around the world. Talk about a competitive industry.

Why Fashion Needs to Find Its Voice

There’s no denying it. Visuals have always been in fashion’s driver seat. It makes complete sense, right? The drama of a runway show perfectly executed, culture and subcul

The Cost of a Bad Employer Brand

Employer branders love to talk about the amazing impacts of investing in your employer brand. From attracting more applicants and higher offer acceptance rates to increasing t

ESG Empowerment: Brands Should Listen to Employees, Not Reactionary Politicians

Despite world temperatures rising and extreme weather instances growing, many governments and politicians are taking the unfortunate step of rowing back on their ESG (environm

As with Human Evolution, Brand Growth Is Found Amidst Dichotomies

I centered my high school thesis on the wonderfully-written dichotomies that fill Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. A foreigner myself, I was fascinated by the fact that a

Brand Strategy Spoilers: Stopping the Clock on Consumer Time Barriers

This is the seventh installment in my Brand Strategy Spoilers series, which unpacks the decision-making factors that explain shopper and consumer behavior. Specifically, the f

Solid Branding Means Niching for a Person, Not a Market

“Zoom in and obsess. Zoom out and observe. We get to choose.” Rick Rubin wrote this in his recent book, The Creative Act. And it sums up (almost) perfectly how I feel abou

Why Are African Brands Not Going Global at Scale?

I traveled out of Nigeria for the first time in 2019, on a short business trip to Dubai–an experience that left me with a huge aftershock. Though a significant number of Afr

Brand Campaigns, Part 5.2: Debunking Apple’s “Greatest Ad of All Time”

“Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.” – Phaedrus This article i

Brand Campaigns, Part 5.1: Thinking Different about Apple’s “Think Different” Campaign

In case you got the wrong idea, I’m not anti-advertising, anti-agency, or anti-brand. I just don’t have the luxury of entertaining company activity that doesn’t contribu

Disconnected Sound in the License-Obsessed Land of High Fashion

In today’s highly competitive market, luxury fashion brands often seek innovative ways to enhance their brand image and captivate their target audience. One popular method i


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