Eliminating Smoke Odor Improves Indoor Air Quality

The EPA reports that Americans spend an estimated 90% of their time indoors and as such, indoor air quality has huge effects on their well-being. There are many different indoor environmental pollutants, including smoke from cigarettes, marijuana, and smoking pipes. As of 2016, 15.5% of Americans smoke cigarettes; most smoke these cigarettes indoors and there is a massive need for minimizing indoor pollution.

Pregnancy could curb desire to smoke before it is suspected or recognized

Pregnant smokers reduced their smoking by an average of one cigarette per day before becoming aware they were pregnant, reports a new study of more than 400 pregnant people. Then, in the month after l

Current Cigarette Smoking Among Adults — United States, 2016 | MMWR

The U.S. Surgeon General has concluded that the burden of death and disease from tobacco use in the United States is overwhelmingly caused by cigarettes and other combusted tobacco products.

Balancing Marijuana Usage Policies in the Workplace

Since current testing for marijuana can’t indicate whether or not an employee is currently impaired, it’s important HVAC supervisors are trained on how to recognize impairment and drug policies st

People who use therapeutic cannabis are more likely to use nicotine, too

People who use therapeutic cannabis are more likely to also use nicotine products than the general population, according to a new study.

Which teens are more likely to vape? Research shows surprising patterns across race and sexuality groups

A new study aims to examine differences in current e-cigarette use prevalence among U.S. youth at the intersections of sexual orientation with race and ethnicity.

Secret behind 'nic-sickness' could help break tobacco addiction

Nicotine activates the dopamine reward network in the brain, but at high doses it also activates a parallel aversive dopamine network. This discovery and identification of the nicotine receptor respon

Marijuana and Workplace Law in 2023

The marijuana industry is booming across the country. While marijuana use is still viewed negatively by many, this is rapidly changing.

Smoking increases chances of mid-life memory loss, confusion

Middle-aged smokers are far more likely to report having memory loss and confusion than nonsmokers, and the likelihood of cognitive decline is lower for those who have quit, even recently, a new study

More Danes quit smoking during COVID, study finds

Danish smokers bought less tobacco and more of them quit smoking than usual during the COVID pandemic, according to new research. The result comes as a surprise given that mental health and exercise h

E-cigarette use to reduce cigarette smoking may not increase nicotine dependence, study suggests

Electronic cigarettes have attracted media and consumer attention for claims of their addictive nature, variety of flavors, and increased use among teens, sparking regulatory oversight and policies. A



Coffee and cigarettes: Research sheds new light on nicotine and morning brew

Coffee affects the brain's nicotine receptors, which might explain the coffee-cigarette morning combo familiar to smokers.

Study that investigated whether three smoking cessation drugs could reduce alcohol intake yields unexpected finding

A clinical trial to test whether three proven smoking cessation treatments could also reduce alcohol intake found no differences between the medications, but the rates of behavior change for alcohol c

Marijuana Market Creates Opportunities for HVAC Contractors

The cannabis market continues to make money. And there’s plenty to go around to HVAC contractors who see the need of them within the space.

Fewer people tried to quit smoking during COVID-19 pandemic, study shows

A new study shows serious smoking cessation activity declined among adults in the United States immediately after the onset of COVID-19 and persisted for over a year. Declines in attempts to quit smok

The A-B-C-D of HVAC for Indoor Cannabis Growing Facilities

A big part of the growth cycle of the cannabis plant is deeply rooted in the ability of the plant to absorb and rid itself of water vapor, so we now add a D to HVAC for dehumidification.

Grow Rooms Leave No Room for Hazy HVAC

Cannabis grow facilities offer HVAC requirements and pitfalls unlike just about any other application.

Chillers Provide Ideal Conditions For Cannabis

For grow facility applications, chilled water systems make a lot of sense, as they can provide an optimal growing environment.

Project Files: Episode 41 — High Mountain Cannabis Fabric Ductwork

Cannabis operations can take years to perfect their HVAC. But for Brandon Schmitzer of High Mountain LLC in Vassar, Michigan, the HVAC side was a cinch.

Proper HVAC Setup Lowers Energy Costs for Marijuana Producers

The legal cannabis market continues to represent the dot-com era. Plenty of opportunity remains.

HVAC Manufacturers Develop Creative Solutions for Air Movement, Indoor Air Quality

Diverse examples show the importance of air movement and the creative ways in which contractors and manufacturers have dealt with it successfully.

Dehumidification Plays a Crucial Role in Cannabis Crop Production

Grow rooms are a prominent example of the potential and the challenges of indoor agriculture.

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers - Kristy's Tip

By age 33, Kristy had been a heavy smoker for 20 years. She had a smoker's cough and shortness of breath and knew she had to quit. Kristy tried using electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) as a way to q

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers - Rebecca: The New Me

What makes a smoker quit? The reasons are different for everyone. In this video from CDC's Tips From Former Smokers campaign, Rebecca reveals that the birth of her grandson motivated her to quit. She

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers - Kristy: It Wasn't Better for Me

Kristy wanted to quit smoking. She tried e-cigarettes to help her quit, but never stopped smoking completely. She eventually quit using e-cigarettes, but kept smoking. In this video from CDC's Tips Fr

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers - Brian's Tip

Brian, age 60, started smoking cigarettes at age 8. After high school, he joined the Air Force because he wanted a military career. At 35, still smoking and stationed in England, Brian had a heart att

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers - Brian: There's Hope

This video from CDC's Tips From Former Smokers campaign shows how Brian's smoking ruined his health and devastated his family. He finally quit smoking for good and was able to get on a heart transplan

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers - Kristy: Fear of What Comes Next

Kristy is a 36-year-old truck driver from Tennessee. She smoked cigarettes to help pass time on the road. In this video from CDC's Tips From Former Smokers campaign, Kristy explains what happened when

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers - Becky: It Goes With Me

Becky smoked and now has end-stage COPD. In this video from CDC's Tips From Former Smokers campaign, Becky talks about how her life has changed now that she needs continuous oxygen. Although she's ver

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers - Rebecca: Vicious Cycle

Rebecca struggled with depression. In this video from CDC's Tips From Former Smokers campaign, Rebecca explains how she used to smoke to cope with her depression, but ended up feeling more depressed.

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers - Rebecca's Tip

Rebecca started smoking at age 16. At age 33, she was diagnosed with depression. As a smoker for many years, Rebecca turned to cigarettes to help her cope. When she started losing her teeth, she knew

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers - Becky's Tip

Becky started smoking cigarettes in high school because she thought it would help her fit in. A heavy smoker for years, at age 45 Becky was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)-


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