Red Flags in FDA’s Risk-benefit Analysis - Kids

Ten Red Flags in FDA’s Risk-benefit Analysis For Injecting 5 Thru 11 Year Olds

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NIH Director's Blog

Silas Busch at the University of Chicago captured this slightly eerie scene, noting it reminded him of people shuffling through the dark of night. What you’re really seeing are some of the largest n

Lecturing and Questioning: Mainstays of Classroom Practice

The lecture is 800 years old (Lecture). Medieval professors dictated text to their students. And teachers questioning students is equally as old. Yet these staple instructional practices while criti

The Historic Struggle to Marry Content and Pedagogy: The Case of the Sciences

Entangled, impossible to separate, that is what content and pedagogy have been and are in U.S. schooling. But not to reformers. For decades, researchers, teacher educators, practitioners, and parents

Flossing Teeth and The Quest for Certainty (Adam Mastroianni)

This post by Adam Mastroianni about dental hygiene caught my eye and got me thinking about my life, career, and the daily importance of being impartial in the quest for truth. I am 89 years old. I hav

Differences between Policy Talk, What Happens in Classrooms, and Student Outcomes: One Scorecard Documents Covid Learning Losses (Tom Kane and Sean Reardon)

Following the pandemic, state and local educators (there are 13,000 school districts in the U.S. ) pledged that drops in students’ test scores attributed to remote instruction will turnaround once s

Detecting Fake Videos (Sam Wineburg and Michael Caulfield)

Elementary and secondary schoolteachers often use videos from cell phones and other sources for daily lessons. With the proliferation of chatbots and other devices using artifical intelligence, figuri

Signs in Teachers’ Classrooms and at Schools (Part 2)

If you have ever taught, your classroom is like a second home and you decorate it to express yourself, make it livable for students for an hour or all day, and inject a bit of humor. I surely did when

How My Thinking about School Reform Has Changed over the Decades

Over a decade ago, Richard Elmore (1947-2021) asked me to write a piece about how my ideas of school reform have changed over the years. Daily experience in schools as a teacher, administrator, and re

Program Success or Failure? Not a Judgement for the Faint of Heart

Here is a story about a program I taught in and directed 60 years ago.  What I experienced raised puzzling questions about what constitutes program success and failure that I thought I could answer w

Teachers as Micro-Politicians: Class DoJo

Teachers practice micro-politics in their classrooms daily. Yet most observers of teaching fail to see this obvious fact. or, in seeing teachers act politically, choose to give it another name. Strang

“Did You Like School? I Didn’t” (David Labaree)

David Labaree describes his blog: “I’m a retired professor at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education.  I see this blog as an opportunity for me to continue my work as a teacher with


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