Business Phone Service

When looking for the best busines phone service you must look for great customer service, flexible phone systems (hosted pbx or on location pbx services), as well as the level of technical support and set up.

Hackers Execute Arbitrary Code with Microsoft Office

According to cybersecurity experts at Cisco Talos, Microsoft Office has a high-severity vulnerability that could allow prospective cyber attackers to execute malicious code on the target device remot

Malicious SEO Campaign Affects Thousands of Sites

In a massive malicious SEO campaign, cybercriminals are promoting low-quality Q&A sites by redirecting visitors to fake discussion forums. As a result, almost 15,000 sites have been compromised.

Phishing Kit Targets US Shoppers

Security experts at Akamai have discovered a campaign that uses an elaborate phishing kit. This campaign targets Americans using lures centered around holidays like Labor Day and Halloween. The kit c

Lenovo Patches Critical Security Flaws

Lenovo reports that it has patched two critical security flaws that affected several of its ThinkBook, IdeaPad, and Yoga laptops. Lenovo is also recommending that consumers update their systems immed

DuckDuckGo Releases App Tracking Protection Beta for Android

The feature is comparable to Apple's 'App Tracking Transparency. However, unlike Apple, DuckDuckGo's method does not rely on app developers' compliance with user choice. All known trackers are blocke

How To Develop Accountability In Remote Workers

Accountability can be a tricky thing when it comes to your remote employees.  It's something that even seasoned managers struggle with. If that's the boat you find yourself in, take notes!  In ...

Bypass Android Lock Screen on Pixel and Other Devices

David Schütz, a cybersecurity researcher, inadvertently discovered a means to circumvent the lock screen on his fully updated Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 5 devices, allowing anybody with physical acces

Recent Growth of Fake LinkedIn Accounts

According to a KrebsOnSecurity article, the recent growth of phony LinkedIn accounts is causing an identity crisis for the business networking site and organizations that rely on it to hire and evalu

Implementing SSO in Your Business

When you're a business owner, you always look for ways to streamline processes and improve efficiency. A single sign-on (SSO) system is a great way to simplify authentication. It allows users to ...

SaaS Phishing Attacks Are Increasing

It's getting easier than ever to conduct effective phishing campaigns thanks to the rise in popularity of SaaS platforms. A recently published report released by Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 revealed

3 Things to Consider When Picking a Virtual Phone Answering Service

The continued success of any product or service company requires meeting (and exceeding) the expectations of current and prospective clients. As you reflect on how hard you’ve worked to establish y Receives 2022 TMCnet Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award

Newark, NJ  October 26,2022 — announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named as a 2022 TMCnet Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award winner presented b

Auto Attendant Phone System vs. a Virtual Receptionist

Is your small business spending too much time answering phone calls? Answering the phone can be costly and distract you and your employees from building your business. Small to medium-sized businesse

What Is a Virtual Telephone Receptionist? And Why Do I Need One?

During product launches and peak seasons, your business may need extra help to keep up with the high volumes of callers. A virtual telephone receptionist can help you keep up with high volumes of cal

7 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Service Will Improve Your Business

The prevalence of virtual and hybrid office environments has helped many businesses accept virtual work as an advantage rather than a detriment. In recent years, virtual receptionists have rapidly ga to Participate in TechUnited NJ’s Propelify Event

  OCT 6th 2022 | MAXWELL PLACE PARK, HOBOKEN, NJ is delighted to sponsor TechUnited NJ’s Propelify Innovation Festival. This event brings together innovators from New Jersey and arou

Looking for Help Starting a New Business?  Meet TRUiC.

Many of our customers are in the process of starting a new business. It makes sense because selecting the best communication solution and the right phone number for your business is crucial to succes

Benefits of a VOIP Business Phone Service and Why You Need It

Effective and efficient communication is key to success in any business, from internal contact between staff and leaders to external contact with current and potential customers. How well your compan

5 Money Saving Advantages of a Virtual Business Phone Number

Acquiring A business phone number can be a significant expense for a small business, entrepreneur, or start-up. How can your small business appear professional without investing in an expensive hardw

How a Business IP Phone Service Can Improve Communications with Your Clients

Businesses must have a business phone number to help establish themselves in their industries. Unlike traditional phone numbers, business phone numbers make companies appear more reputable and profes

We've Moved to the Sangoma YouTube Channel!

Digium is now a part of the Sangoma Technologies family! Please follow Sangoma for the latest product and training videos. Subscribe today at

3 Things You Need to Know About the Sangoma Digium Deal | PBX & Open Source Communications

Jim Machi, VP of Marketing for Sangoma Technologies, discusses the 3 things you need to know about the Sangoma Digium deal.This includes questions related to open source communications, Asterisk, Fre

Munger Technical Services | Digium Partner Spotlight

Rob Munger, the owner of Munger Technical Services, enjoys being a Digium partner because of Digium's innovative products, its "world-class" talent, and the "solid, vetted" leads

Emerald Data Networks, Inc. | Digium Partner Spotlight

Technology consultancy Emerald Data Networks helps organizations choose technology that is right for their businesses. Emerald Data Networks has been a Digium partner for nearly ten years because &qu

Unboxing the A30 A-Series IP Phone from Digium!

Worldwide Asterisk Community Director David Duffett unboxes an A30 A-Series IP Phone!Learn more about A-Series IP Phones: A-Series IP Phones:

BEMA Information Technologies LLC | Digium Partner Spotlight

Primarily working with churches and non-profits, BEMA Information Technologies found that Digium's phones, appliances, and Switchvox phone system best meet their needs. According to Director of Techn

Digium Gateways for Switchvox | Traditional Telephony Meets Modern UC

Digium Gateways for Switchvox The quickest way to connect Switchvox to analog or digital networks Complete configuration in minutes with InterconnectDigium Gateways automatically discover Switchvox

Switchvox Overview | Business Phone System | Streem Link Communications

Switchvox is Digium’s award-winning Unified Communications business phone system that has been changing the way small and medium businesses communicate for years.

Utilizing Partner Resources | Digium Live!

This week on Digium Live, Matthew Hilton talk about with Digium Account Executive Jessica Campas!They discuss• How a Partner can get the most out of their relationship with Digium• Doing custom d

Digium Switchvox Webinar | ScanSource

If you are looking for a smarter, more affordable alternative for your business phone system, the time is right to see the Digium Switchvox system and IP Phones in a live demo webinar.Contact your Sc

With a Mobile App, Growing Businesses Answer Every Call

For growing businesses, an unanswered phone is lost sales revenue. But with a mobile app, they can answer every call.

Four Ways Giving Machines a Voice Boosts Customer Experience

When businesses give machines a voice, they deliver a more personalized customer experience and solve problems more efficiently.

Collaboration Tools Build Productive Campuses

With unified communications, universities provide seamless access to collaboration tools that keep students, faculty and administrators in touch and productive.

As Call Commerce Rises, Are Growing Businesses Mobile Ready?

When they’re ready to buy, consumers want to connect by telephone. To make sure every call is answered, more growing businesses are adopting mobile applications.

How, and Why, Governments Must Act on Customer Experience

Digital citizens challenge the public sector to deliver a better customer experience.

6 Ways Sports Venues Can Elevate Fans’ Customer Experience

Communications technology is the linchpin of customer experience. Why? Because it connects with fans at every step of their journey with the venue and team.

Cloud Communications: The Future of Manufacturing

By deploying cloud communications across complex supply chain nodes, manufacturers increase efficiency, drive up profits and lower costs.

Why More CFOs Are Shifting IT Investment from Capex to Opex

There’s a growing argument, however, that operating expenses (opex) have distinct advantages over capital expenditures (capex) that have made it a favored investment approach by finance department

Why Mobility Comes First in Customer Experience

Businesses that put mobility first when designing customer experiences outmaneuver their competition.

API Integration Helps K-12 Schools Get More from Existing Tools

Let’s take a closer look at how integration helps schools exceed parent expectations for more effective and personalized communications.


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