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'Super commutes': Southern California seeing surge in people whose round trip to work is at least 3 hours

A new report from ApartmentList.com shows the number of so-called "super commuters" have increased 22-percent in recent years across the county.

Bib-up for LBC's Butteriest Bash, the Original Lobster Fest

Tickets are available for the 2019 Original Lobster Festival in Long Beach.

House Remodeling in Just 8 Steps (Yes, It Can Be Done) | realtor.com®

House remodeling is daunting. Even when you have solid home remodel ideas in mind, you still have to embark on the whole process. Good news!

Walmart in Downey evacuated after sudden sound caused by prankster teens sparks panic, police say

A crowded Walmart in Downey was evacuated after a sudden sound set off a panic inside the store.

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Mckee Construction Co. Is Working on 2 New Projects in Longwood

Our newest project is in Longwood Florida at Lakewood Pointe. We are renovating an 850 sq.ft. Law office and a 2650 sq./ft./ Medical office. Our Florida general contractor is sure to make this locati

Santa Monica man clashing with city over handing out food to homeless in Reed Park

A man and his organization that works to feed homeless people in a Santa Monica park is butting heads with the city who wants him to change locations.

Modern-day 'Elephant Man' from Riverside tries to stay positive amid stares, physical pain

Eddy Newton is hoping to undergo additional surgeries to help him as he struggles with neurofibromatosis, also known as Elephant Man's disease.

Top 8 Pro Tips on How to Hire a Contractor | This Old House

TOH general contractor Tom Silva shares pro tips for how to hire a contractor

Child found dead in hot vehicle at New Jersey train station

Child left in hot car at PATCO station in Lindenwald, New Jersey. Watch video from Chopper 6 over the scene on Friday, August 16, 2019.

McKee Construction Co. Is Tackling Builders First Source

Builders First Source located in Sanford is our newest project. We are replacing 3 buildings due to tornado damage. These buildings are two 5000 sq ft. lumber buildings and a 750 sq ft. office buildi

Eyewitness This: Broguiere's Dairy in Montebello reopens after month-long closure

The iconic Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy in Montebello once again opened its doors Friday after closing for several weeks.

Top stories from ABC7 on Instagram

Here are ABC7's top stories on Instagram.

Investigation underway in death of woman found in driveway of Beaumont home

Police were investigating the death of a woman who was found lying in the driveway of a Beaumont home Friday evening.

Officers Save Choking Child

Two Culver City officers reunited with the 5-year-old they saved from choking Aug. 15, 2019.

Pot Dealer Who Escaped From OC Jail is Convicted in Gruesome Torture Kidnapping Trial

Hossein Nayeri sits back in his chair as a verdict is read Aug. 16, 2019 in court.

How to be your own general contractor and build your dream home for a fraction of the price

For some people that's a tiny home, for others it's a cabin in the woods, for others it's a mansion on the beach. Whatever your dream is for a home, I think you should be able to make it happen!

Man Mistaken for Police Sketch of Predator Gets Beaten Up

A man mistaken for a police sketch of a predator said he was beaten by a man outside a bar Aug. 15, 2019.

Thieves use sledgehammers in smash-and-grab at Heist Jewelry in Santa Monica

Three juveniles and an adult used sledgehammers to commit a smash-and-grab robbery at a store called Heist Jewelry in Santa Monica.

President Trump supporters hold rally along Hollywood Walk of Fame

A little over a dozen Trump supporters held a rally on the Walk of Fame Friday with a decorative float that's making its way across the country.

McKee Roofing Can Handle Your Commercial Roofing Needs

McKee Roofing is an affiliate of McKee Construction Company.  Mckee Roofing recently completed a warehouse roof over (for S I Goldman). The 16,380 square foot building is located in Casselberry. Doe

McKee Construction Co. Is Making Headway on The Longwood Plaza Project

  We are currently renovating 2 units in a Longwood plaza. One is a 2650 sq. ft. Doctors office and the other is a 850 sq. ft. Lawyers office.   At this time we are in the framing stage with new el

Thank You For Stopping by The McKee Construction Co. Open House

Our open house was a great success!  Thank you all that came out to enjoy our day of celebration.  The support of the community was overwhelming. We love our new office and hope that you enjoy our

Join Us On March 22, 2019 For Our Open House!

I would like to invite you to an open house for McKee Construction’s new office, located at 717 Monroe Rd. Sanford, FL 32771 on Friday, March 22nd between 12pm-5pm. I have attached a flyer to this

Action Alert: Save Venice Great Streets

  VICTORY! On Wednesday, February 27, the LA City Transportation Committee voted to deny an appeal aiming to reverse the Venice Great Streets project. Since these improvements have been implemented,

Education Corner: Operation Firefly, Metro BEST & Safe Routes to School

Welcome to the Education Notebook, the first in a series of monthly segments from LACBC’s Education Department! I’m Colin Bogart, LACBC’s Education Director, and I’ve got big plans for this co

Bikers’ Nod: Skid Row Bike Lanes!

By Jesi Harris, LACBC Organizing Director Howdy, y’all. I’m Jesi and I’ve seen many of you at the advocacy events and meetings through my role as Organizing Director of LACBC. This is the first

We Have Moved In. Visit The New Mckee Construction Co. Office!

The post We Have Moved In. Visit The New Mckee Construction Co. Office! appeared first on McKee Construction.

Need More Space At Home? How About Converting Your Garage?

More than ever before, homeowners are looking for bigger homes and larger living spaces. Home extensions and room additions are The post Need More Space At Home? How About Converting Your Garage? app

January 2019 Policy Corner

Policy Corner: ATP Funding and Farewell to an Equity champ! The Policy Team is back with our first round of monthly updates for 2019! Here’s some updates on a few things we’re working on: Stat

Meet LACBC’s New Executive Director, Eli Akira Kaufman

Hi, I’m Eli! As a long time bike-commuter and emerging bike-dad, I’m excited to serve as the next Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. I’m ready to dig in with the tea

Update: LANCC Improves Street Safety Motion

We are happy to report that the LA Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC) has completely re-written its anti-road diet motion to one that encourages the engagement of Neighborhood Councils around pote

McKee Construction Co. Will be Moving in This Month!

January 2019 is an exciting time for McKee Construction Company.  Our new office/warehouse space will be ready for occupancy this month. We are excited to share all the hard work that has gone into

The New McKee Office Headquarters in Sanford is Almost Complete!

The new Mckee Construction office headquarters in Sanford FL is almost complete.  The move to the new office is projected to be at or near the end of December. Design of our new office building was

Tell LANCC You Want Safer Streets

As we wrote last week, LACBC and street safety advocates are activating to inform and engage the LA Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC) on the importance of people-focused street infrastructure pro

6 Websites That Will Give You Grand Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The internet started as a small network meant to connect a few offices and improve sharing of information. With so The post 6 Websites That Will Give You Grand Kitchen Remodeling Ideas appeared first

Off The Chain with Janet: One of the Best Six Months of my Life

I’m excited to share the news that beginning in January 2019, LACBC will have a new permanent Executive Director! After an extensive nationwide search, our team reached complete consensus, and nomin

Action Alert: LANCC Meeting

LACBC was just informed that tomorrow (Saturday) at 10 AM, the LA Neighborhood Council Coalition will vote on whether or not to cease all road safety reconfigurations in the City of LA.  Although the

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a House Renovation

Renovating a house requires skill and, if we are speaking frankly, professional input from qualified contractors. Do it wrong, and The post 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a House Renovation

The Dr. Mills Barn Project is Underway!

Our newest undertaking is the Dr. Mills Barn project located in Crystal River, FL.  This new construction is a McKee design-build project by our estimator Alex Rafferty. The Dr. Mills Barn project i

October Sunday Funday: The Haunted Pedal Recap

  As the day light grows shorter, so too does the time remaining before the haunted spirit of Halloween. On Sunday, October 7, hordes of cyclists took to the streets for our Sunday Funday: Haunted Pe

6 Common Leaks Areas around the House

Water leaks around the house could lead to algae, mold, and moss growth. If left unattended, the results could be The post 6 Common Leaks Areas around the House appeared first on GCLA.

Want An Extra Income? Build An Extra Room In Your House And Earn Rent

As a home owner, did it ever occur to you that you could make some extra money from your own The post Want An Extra Income? Build An Extra Room In Your House And Earn Rent appeared first on GCLA.

No Idea How To Outfit Your Office or Shop? Your Remodeling Contractor Can Help!

You have just moved offices and are excited about your new space. Or you have probably just moved into a The post No Idea How To Outfit Your Office or Shop? Your Remodeling Contractor Can Help! appea

Need A New Office Space? Here Are 6 Factors You Must Consider

Looking for new office space can be an uphill task, especially if you are faced with many similar and equally The post Need A New Office Space? Here Are 6 Factors You Must Consider appeared first on

Remodeling A Restaurant? Here Are The Key Areas To Watch Out For

Restaurants offer people a break from their usual routine. Most people visit restaurants to have a meal, to meet new The post Remodeling A Restaurant? Here Are The Key Areas To Watch Out For appeared

Room Addition Vs Buying A Bigger House – Which is better?

As a homeowner, one of the hurdles you may have to cross is the decision between knocking down a few The post Room Addition Vs Buying A Bigger House – Which is better? appeared first on GCLA.

5 Signs That You Need An Extra Room Added To Your Existing Home

Recall the day you bought your present home. For months you saved as much as you could, and made sacrifices The post 5 Signs That You Need An Extra Room Added To Your Existing Home appeared first on

The Innovation Imperative

More than any other characteristic, twenty-first century markets are iconized by technological and industrial revolution. According to industry experts, however, the construction industry – specifi

The Impact of Technological Developments in Construction

Technological advances have permeated the construction industry at a much slower rate compared to other industries. However, growing developments in 2016 and 2017 have improved aspects such as safet

Four Growing Trends To Watch in 2017

With 2017 well on its way, construction professionals are identifying new and growing industry trends that will shape the remaining year and set the stage for 2018. Despite an overall underwhelming g

Three Common Myths about Construction

Myth #1: I Can Do My Own General Contracting Navigating the commercial construction industry requires years of involvement and significant technical understanding. Does this mean that general contra

Two Techniques to Improve Teamwork

In the commercial construction industry, teamwork is a non-negotiable component for successful construction projects. Usually, any general contractor can complete a project – they may even complete

Teamwork in Construction

When a new construction project begins, it is usually an exciting time for the teams involved -- ideas take shape, goals and milestones are established, and everyone is eager to get started. In order

Preparing for Inclement Weather

While the height of construction season is around the corner, there are still the remaining months of Winter and the upcoming rainstorms and tornadoes of Spring. Mother nature gives us beautiful, sun

Starting a Construction Project: Permit Considerations

When beginning a commercial construction project, it is uncommon to be able to break ground and get started immediately. The vast majority of commercial projects require you, or your general contract

“Thank Goodness I’m not my own General Contractor!”

Becoming an efficient and reputable general contractor takes years of hard, and often thankless, work. A GC team invests years, even decades, learning the intricacies of each trade and mastering the

Communication: Setting Up Projects for Success

We understand why so many individuals seeking construction services place a premium on estimated cost, reputation, and time-frames for project delivery. What we don’t understand is why so many clie


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