BYOD to CYA: Bring Your Own Device Policies

If you don't already have a Bring Your Own Device Policy for your business then you need this information. Employees working from home (remote workers) can cause data breaches, hacker network access, and worse if you don't implement a policy to protect your company network.


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Big Changes Coming To Microsoft Outlook In Coming Years

Microsoft has been moving toward a unified "single version" of Outlook that would offer a seamless user experience across all platforms and devices. Unfortunately, thus far, that objective has remain

WhatsApp vs. Signal vs. Telegram vs. Facebook: What data do they have about you?

Some apps collect and hold a lot of data about you, some the bare minimum.

Weak Passwords Are Making Easy Work For This New Malware

There's a new worm making the rounds on Windows and Linux-based servers that you should be aware of. This nasty bit of code has been spreading rapidly, using simple brute-force methods to ...

Bring Your Own Device Policy | qnectU

Employees working from home? This is the one document you should have in place immediately. Download your BYOD Policy to CYA! Working from home poses...

Logitech launches Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, RoomMate systems for conference rooms

According to Logitech, the new Logitech Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini and RoomMate work with Microsoft Teams and Zoom as well as other systems from GoToMeeting and RingCentral.

Hacker Attacks On Healthcare Industry Are On The Rise

In the early days of the pandemic, several major groups of hackers pledged that their activities would not be aimed at institutions that were engaged in vaccine research. There was at least ...

Switching from WhatsApp to Signal (or something else)? Here's what you need to know

If you're switching, you're best making a clean break.

Bring your own device - Wikipedia

Bring your own device (BYOD, /ˌbiː waɪ əʊ ˈdiː/)[1]—also called bring your own technology (BYOT), bring your own phone (BYOP), and bring your own personal computer (BYOPC)—refers to being

Security Incident Exposes Some T-Mobile Customer Data

In 2020, there have been a number of high-profile data breaches, and as we move closer to the end of the year, we have yet another to report. This time, cellular carrier ...

New PayPal Phishing Attempts Are After Your Account Info

Hackers and scammers have hit the ground running in 2021, launching an extensive new phishing campaign that targets the legions of PayPal users around the world. The campaign is being run on ...

Brand New Ransomware Found On The Internet

Hackers around the world didn't waste any time. New Year's celebrations have barely ended, and already, we have our first reports of a new malware strain to help ring in 2021. Dubbed ...

Adobe Flash Has Reached End of Life Status

Is your company's website built around Adobe's aging Flash Player? If so, be aware that you are officially on your own. Flash reached its EOL (End of Life) as of January 1st ...

Be Careful Your Home Security Cameras Can Be Hacked

Various hackers around the world have found a new hobby. Recently, there has been a rise in "Swatting Attacks", which have seen hackers take advantage of the notoriously weak or nonexistent security

The complete Zoom guide: From basic help to advanced tricks

Video conferencing has never been so critical to our work and personal lives. Here's everything you need to make your meetings more productive.

Kawasaki Is The Latest Company To Endure Data Breach

Japanese juggernaut Kawasaki Heavy Industries is the latest company to fall victim to a security breach. The company, which employs more than 35,000 people and has offices all over the globe recently

Appliance Maker Whirlpool Suffers Ransomware Attack

In 2020, hackers around the world have increasingly gravitated to ransomware as their preferred method of attack. This year, there have been dozens of high-profile, successful attacks on companies ar

CES 2021: Dell launches monitors, Latitude, OptiPlex, Precision devices aimed at work's new normal

Dell is kicking off a big theme at CES 2021: Better ways to collaborate and work in the new normal.

Slack outage lands on first working day of 2021

Slack is facing messaging and connectivity issues right out of the gate, as enterprises try to find that new normal for work.

Read this before your next employee hits the 'record' button on an online meeting

We're using video, audio, and chats for all types of conversations. But for this new work habit to be successful over the long term, IT, business, security, and information management pros must get on

The year ahead in DevOps and agile: Time to instill a sense of urgency

For DevOps and agile to move forward in the year ahead, it's important that the business understands what's in it for them.

Remote work: 10 ways to upgrade your working from home setup

Working from home for months has probably exposed a few gaps in your tech portfolio. Here are some pointers on how to fix them.

Microsoft's Skype gets 'Together Mode' viewing option that's already in Teams

Microsoft is continuing to bring new features to Skype, with some of the newest additions having debuted in Teams first.

Is your website ADA-compliant? How IT can improve accessibility

In this guest post, author Jennifer Azara discusses why it’s so important to make your company’s website accessible for everyone. Of course you wouldn’t have an office building without ramps to

Medical device threats: New frontier of cybersecurity risk

If you work in the healthcare IT sector, you’ll want to pay attention to a rising problem in the industry that could impact your business. Because we live in a technology-based world, you know data

The factor that’s most likely to minimize your loss in a data breach

In this guest post, author Jennifer Azara discusses the key tool your company needs to cut down losses during a data breach. The best defense is a good offense– when it comes to IT security threats

Law & order: Keys to avoiding legal trouble, improving compliance in your IT department

A lawsuit is one of the worst challenges a company can face, but taking the time to evaluate legal risks at your company – and within your IT department – can keep your organization safe. Lawsuit

Current state of data breaches, hacking: Cybersecurity concerns

Major data breaches are in the news all the time and you know how important cybersecurity is to your organization. Protecting customer and employee info is a priority for every company, but new resea

Trouble with recruitment? Try these strategies to attract new hires

You’ve heard all about the employment boom, but those numbers don’t tell the whole story. Hiring and recruitment are more difficult than ever, and that doesn’t seem to be changing soon. But the

How to prepare your IT department for a natural disaster

No matter where your business is located, you must prepare for natural disasters. As hurricane season continues, making sure your organization, and IT in particular, has solid emergency plans in plac

Don’t get ghosted! Tactics to retain employees & hire new ones

You may have heard about the recent dating phenomenon of “ghosting,” but it turns out ghosting can affect more than just your personal life. More organizations are getting ghosted by job applican

Beyond EHRs: The future of health IT

New technologies are always popping up in the healthcare industry to improve care and streamline processes.  Health IT is a growing field that you’ll want to pay attention to, beyond the basics li

Got new hires? Make sure they stick around past the first year with these 3 keys

Hiring is an essential part of most IT managers’ jobs, but it can get discouraging if your new hires keep leaving. Employee turnover is particularly high among younger workers, so taking the time t


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