BYOD to CYA: Bring Your Own Device Policies

If you don't already have a Bring Your Own Device Policy for your business then you need this information. Employees working from home (remote workers) can cause data breaches, hacker network access, and worse if you don't implement a policy to protect your company network.

How to integrate Google Drive into Slack

Jack Wallen shows you how to add Google Drive support directly into your Slack workspace for easy file uploads.

OpenSea Warns Users Of Phishing Attacks From Data Breach

Are you a fan of NFTs?  If so, you've probably heard of OpenSea, which is the largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens. If you have an account there, be aware that recently the ...

Secret Twitter Accounts Are Not What You Think

Do you have a Twitter account?  Have you been patting yourself on the back while assuming that your identity was a secret, allowing you to ply the waters of Twitter in anonymity? ...

Malware Is Targeting Small Office And Home Office Routers

Researchers at Lumen's Black Lotus Labs recently spotted evidence of a highly sophisticated and tightly targeted campaign aimed at SOHO (small office/home office) routers across both Europe and North


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Bring your own device - Wikipedia

Bring your own device (BYOD /ˌbiː waɪ oʊ ˈdiː/[1])—also called bring your own technology (BYOT), bring your own phone (BYOP), and bring your own personal computer (BYOPC)—refers to being al

Twilio Data Breach Happened Via Employee Smishing

Twilio is the Cloud Communications Company. They are the latest to fall victim to a data breach. The company recently disclosed that some of its customer data was accessed by unknown attackers ...

How to set a reminder in Slack with the help of Slackbot

Here's how to stay on top of your tasks in Slack with reminders.

Microsoft Office And Google Docs Sync For Offline Use

Recently, Google announced a small but significant change to Google Docs.  Now, if you have enabled offline access for files you have stored on your Google Drive, the system will auto-sync any ...

The 10 best webcams of 2022

What is the best webcam? ZDNet's top choice goes to the Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro. Comparing prices, camera quality, ease of use, and special features, we've compiled a list of the best webcams for b

New Version Releases For iOS Devices

Apple has recently announced a new string of updates for their OS family including iOS, iPadOS 15.6, macOS 12.5, watchOS 8.7 and tvOS 15.6. Bear in mind that the next version of ...

How to integrate Google Calendar with Slack

Jack Wallen shows you how easy it is to add Google Calendar integration into a Slack Workspace.

How To Easily Create An Efficient Workspace

The more efficient you are, the more effective you are.  That's true whether you're working from the office or from home. Fortunately, most office environments lend themselves to being efficient, so

How to add a to-do list to Slack

If you've longed to have a simple to-do list in Slack, Jack Wallen has just the app for you.

Hackers Are Stealing Facebook Accounts With Malicious Messenger Bots

Researchers at Trustwave have shed light on a recently discovered phishing campaign revolving around Facebook Messenger bots. If you don't spend much time on social media, chatbots are programs desig

Fake Copyright Infringement Emails Used To Spread Malware

Hackers found a new way to slip malware past your defenses.  Researchers around the world have spotted a curious new campaign designed to scare victims by sending them emails warning of copyright ..

Video conferencing from the Titanic wreck?

Thanks to this researcher, there's literally no place to hide from Zoom calls.

Microsoft to roll out native Teams app optimized for Apple silicon in the coming months

Microsoft's new universal-binary version of Teams for Mac will run natively on whichever underlying architecture powers users' devices.

Conflict Resolution In The Workplace

Conflict in the workplace is sadly inevitable.  Put a group of people in a room together for eight hours or longer every day, week after week. No matter how well they get ...

How to add an email signature in Outlook

Here's how to set up the perfect sign-off for your Outlook emails.

Insta360 Link review: This new 4K webcam means business

Insta360's first webcam combines the best of its existing camera tech with AI smarts to deliver a high-end, practical tool for business professionals, educators, and content creators.

The best back-to-school tech for students in 2022

What is the best back-to-school tech? ZDNet chose the HP OfficeJet Pro printer. With distance and hybrid learning the new norm, students need to make sure they have the right equipment to be able to s


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