Personal injury attorney, Dallas

I’m personal injury attorney Shane Mullen and my family has been fighting for North Texans since 1983. That’s 40 years of service. Our law firm represents victims who were seriously injured due to the recklessness, carelessness, or negligence of a person or company.

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Personal injury attorney, Dallas

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Personal injury attorney, Dallas We Maximize Compensation | No Fee Until We Win | Free Consultation | (214) 225-3421

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I’m personal injury attorney Shane Mullen and my family has been fighting for North Texans since 1983. That’s 40 years of service. Our law firm represents victims who were seriously injured due to

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I’m personal injury attorney Shane Mullen and my family has been fighting for North Texans since 1983. That’s 40 years of service. Our law firm represents victims who were seriously injured due to

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Personal injury attorney, Dallas

Personal injury attorney, Dallas

Personal injury attorney, Dallas

Personal injury attorney, Dallas

Personal injury attorney, Dallas

Personal injury attorney, Dallas

Appeals Court Blocks California Ban on Mandatory Arbitration for Workers

A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday blocked a California law that prohibited employers from requiring their workers to resolve legal disputes in private arbitration, ruling that it conflicts with a fede

Ohio’s DNA Diagnostics Settles $200K Fine Over Data Breach

Ohio and Pennsylvania have negotiated agreements with DNA Diagnostics Center – a Fairfield, Ohio, company that provides paternity and other DNA testing – over a 2021 data breach that compromised t

Excess Insurer Pays Before Municipal Pool in Boy’s Beach Death, New Jersey High Court Rules

AmeriTrust subsidiary Star Insurance Co. must pay the $9 million balance of a $10 million settlement in the death of a 12-year old boy who died after a trench he dug on a Long Branch, New Jersey beach

NCAA Asks Appeals Court to Block Pay for Student-Athletes

The NCAA asked a federal appeals court on Wednesday to reject a legal effort to make colleges treat Division I athletes like employees and start paying them an hourly wage. Lawyers for the student-ath

RiverStone Int’l Secures Excess-of-Loss Reinsurance to Support Growth at Lloyd’s

RiverStone International, the largest provider of legacy solutions in the Lloyd’s market, announced it has secured an innovative multi-year excess-of-loss corporate member reinsurance cover. The rei

Arizona Interstate Reopens After Deadly Crash, Leak

The main freeway in southern Arizona reopened in both directions evening and officials said people living southeast of downtown Tucson could return home a day after a deadly crash sent acrid plumes in

Kentucky Bill Advances, Would Give Lawmakers More Control of Relief Funds

Kentucky lawmakers took an initial step Wednesday toward giving themselves oversight of relief funds like the ones the governor created to help people recover from tornadoes and flooding. The measure,

Georgia Senate Votes To Regulate Vaping Same as Smoking

Georgia lawmakers are moving to restrict vaping in public spaces. The state Senate voted 51-3 on Wednesday to pass Senate Bill 47, which would regulate vaping in the same way the state already regulat

Markets/Coverages: CFC Launches Policy Encryption for Cyber Cover in Industry First

CFC Underwriting, the specialist managing general agent, announced it is introducing policy encryption for its cyber insurance policies – and is the first provider in the industry to do so. Leveragi

Insurer Can’t Object to Asbestos Makers’ Bankruptcy, Despite Fraud Concerns

A liability insurer has no standing to object to its insured’s bankruptcy plan, even if the carrier feels that the plan unfairly exposes it to potentially fraudulent claims, a federal appeals court

Trapped in the Probation Net

Lahny Silva, The Trap Chronicles, Vol. 2: A Call to Reconsider “Risk” in Federal Supervised Release, 82 Maryland L. Rev. _ (forthcoming 2023), available at SSRN. Eric J. Miller It is a truism th

Magistrate judge recommends ethics probe of Northwestern law prof, who sees ‘crock of nonsense’

A professor at the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law is firing back after a federal magistrate judge said he should be referred to disciplinary…

Tools for legal professionals to work at higher level ‘are on the horizon,’ says software developer CEO

Ari Kaplan recently spoke with Early Stephens, the CEO of Actionstep, a practice management software developer that serves law firms worldwide, about its newly released…

Humanizing the Process: A new approach to interviewing for law firms

For the past 20 years in the legal recruiting business, my firm, the Advocates, has focused on helping our clients land key lateral attorneys and…

Some witnesses testifying before election-interference grand jury may have perjured themselves, report says

A special grand jury investigating interference in the 2020 presidential election in Georgia concluded that some witnesses may have lied under oath during their testimony,…

9th Circuit blocks California’s ban on forced arbitration agreements in workplace disputes

A federal appeals court on Wednesday blocked a California law that makes it a crime to require employees to sign agreements for arbitration of workplace…

Man who spent 28 years in prison is exonerated with help of pro bono lawyers

A 2021 Missouri law that allows prosecutors to ask courts to set aside wrongful convictions has resulted in the exoneration of a man who spent…

Improving Diversity Disclosures

Atinuke O. Adediran, Disclosing Corporate Diversity, 109 Virginia L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2023), available at SSRN. Omari Simmons Atinuke Adediran’s insightful article, Disclosing Corporate Diversi

As Biden obtains confirmation of 100th federal judge, focus turns to red state vacancies

President Joe Biden obtained confirmation of his 100th judge on Tuesday with Senate approval of Gina Méndez-Miró to the federal district court in Puerto Rico.…

Want to be a Supreme Court clerk? It helps to graduate from these law schools and colleges

More than two-thirds of law clerks for U.S. Supreme Court justices come from just five law schools, according to a study covering the period between…

Lawyer moved into Wynn Las Vegas, spent over $10M in ‘massive fraud,’ suit alleges

A lender based in the British Virgin Islands has accused a California lawyer of spending and gambling away more than $10 million that was supposed…

Waivers Are Some Crazy Stuff

Keith Hylton, Waivers (2022), available at SSRN. David Hoffman There is nothing more worth celebrating than articles you learn from even when you think they are wrong from soup to nuts.  Keith Hylto

Outsourcing Agency Rulemaking

Bridget C.E. Dooling & Rachel Augustine Potter, Regulatory Body Shops, __ Admin. L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2023), draft available at SSRN. Christopher Walker When it comes to understanding the poli

Critiquing the Critiques of Police Labor Arbitrations

Michael Z. Green, Black and Blue Police Arbitration Reforms, 84 Ohio St. L.J. 1 (forthcoming), available at SSRN. Joseph Slater Police unions are a contentious topic. Labor academics have debated whe

Copyright Class Actions as Catalysts for Legislative Reform

Xiyin Tang, The Class Action as Licensing and Reform Device, 122 Colum. L. Rev. 1627 (2022). Jasminka Kalajdzic The digital revolution has compelled us to review, and at times rethink, important part

It’s Time to Talk about Will Revocation Rules

David Horton, Revoking Wills, 97 Notre Dame L. Rev 563 (2022). Michael Yu In the field of inheritance law, will execution and revocation formalities loom large because, traditionally, courts have dem

Just Kidding? The Problem of Unenforceable Waivers of Liability

Edward Cheng, Ehud Guttel & Yuval Procaccia, Unenforceable Waivers, 76 Vand. L. Rev. __ (forthcoming, 2023), available at SSRN. Anthony Sebok In their forthcoming article, Unenforceable Waivers,

Surveilling Truckers and the Future of the Workplace

Karen Levy, Data Driven: Truckers, Technology, and the New Workplace Surveillance (2022). Ari Waldman Karen Levy’s book Data Driven, an incisive and accessible sociolegal study of workplace surveil

Flipping Classrooms in an In-Person World

Heather Field, How the Pandemic Flipped My Perspective on Flipping the Tax Law Classroom, 19 Pitt. Tax Rev. 267 (2022). Leigh Osofsky In this illuminating article, Heather Field describes her adoptio

A good run: Overlawyered, 1999-2020

I published the first Overlawyered post on July 1, 1999, and I expect this post on May 31, 2020 will be the last. As someone in the entertainment world once put it, “Leave before they want you to l

Searching the Overlawyered archives

Overlawyered always prided itself on having usable archives, and I would often hear from writers, attorneys, and others who had been alerted to cases or issues by our old posts or had found them usef

Best of Overlawyered

More than once a “best of Overlawyered” book was envisioned, but the project never panned out. We did, however, occasionally assemble January roundups of the best posts of the previous year, or s

Detective: fraudsters broke limbs of supposed crash victims

Also from the draft-post archives, this time 2003: was it just too grotesque? Detective Ken Bigg “said that in an attempt to ward off suspicion from insurance companies, the [Chicago-area] crew wou

Argue & Phibbs, solicitors

Once a long-established law firm in Ireland with a name famed around the world, Argue & Phibbs has since been incorporated into the Sligo law firm of McTernan MacGowan. See also Sligo Town; plaqu

Overlawyered’s cast of characters

While I’ve been here all along as the main writer for Overlawyered, most of that time solo, others have played key roles too, especially attorney Ted Frank, now a leading class action reformer, who

May 28 roundup

Squatter sues homeowners from prison, gets default judgment [Eric Ross, KOAA; Colorado Springs. Colo.] “Judge Thomas Hardiman on the history of judicial independence” [Cato Audio of last year’s

Overlawyered’s 404 Not Found page

Speaking of design, newer readers might not have seen Overlawyered’s 404 Page Not Found page, which used to win awards. On occasion someone would even take it seriously, resulting in confusion or c

Liability roundup

Artificial intelligence dodges a legal dart: “An Algorithm for Predicting Recidivism Isn’t a Product for Products Liability Purposes” [Eugene Volokh, Jim Beck] Powdered caffeine is hazardous st

What to read next?

Several people have asked what blogs or other media might be worth turning to after Overlawyered ceases posting this weekend. You can probably guess what some of my own favorites are from the frequen


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