Gun Range Lead Operations and Waste Management

MT2 Firing Range Services provided information to help firing range owners and managers who face the problem of understanding the complex compliance requirements to adhere to OSHA regulations and US EPA/State environmental requirements for lead management.

California Anti Gun Bill Committee Hearings This Week

This week, a number of anti-gun bills are receiving committee hearings.

Maine: Anti-Gun Bill Scheduled for Public Hearing

On Wednesday, April 21, the Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety will hold a public hearing on Legislative Document 759, which is unnecessary, overly broad, and impairs the ability of law-a

Why agencies should take advantage of Guardian's National Applicant Information Center

With the right software, your agency will know if an applicant has removed disqualifying information prior to submitting their personal history questionnaire

Louisiana: Senate Committee Passes Constitutional Carry Legislation

Today, Senate Judiciary C Committee passed Constitutional Carry legislation, Senate Bill 118, by a 3 to 2 vote.  

Police: Texas man wanted in deaths of 3 is arrested after manhunt

Police said the suspect was arrested without incident about 7:30 a.m. in an Austin suburb

Authorities say no one was driving Tesla before deadly crash

Investigators are confident that no one was in the driver's seat before a crash that killed two, police said

Fla. governor signs 'anti-riot' legislation into law

The governor said the bill will also target calls to "defund the police," which he said was an "insane theory"

The drone of your dreams is flying your way

Check out these advanced features, capabilities and use cases to help support the value of a drone program for your agency

Medical examiner: Capitol officer died of natural causes

The D.C. medical examiner's office has ruled that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick suffered a stroke and died from natural causes


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Cities brace for verdict in Derek Chauvin trial

With closing arguments set to begin Monday, police departments in cities nationwide are preparing for possible unrest

Nevada: Gun Ban Could Be Up For a Vote as Deadline Approaches

Tomorrow is the deadline for legislation to pass out of the chamber of origin. AB 286, legislation that massively expands “gun-free zones” in Nevada and ends the centuries-old practice of home-bu

Minneapolis takes step toward unarmed traffic enforcement

The city council voted to develop recommendations for a traffic division that would be separate from police

MT2 Firing Range Services to Teach Webinar for the NRA Titled: "Critical Shooting Range Operational and Waste Management Requirements." | Markets Insider

ARVADA, Colo., Nov. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The NRA Clubs & Associations Department provides services and assistance to a network of over 1...

Arkansas: Hearing for Self-Defense Clarification Legislation Delayed Until Tomorrow

The House Judiciary Committee was scheduled to consider self-defense expansion legislation, Senate Bill 573, last week. 

How technology can save LE agencies time and money when testing applicants for hire

Don't compromise on standards in difficult recruiting times; here's how one company is helping agencies better identify whether an applicant is a good fit

Man accused of throwing Molotov cocktail at NYPD cops prepped devices to ‘hurt the police’

Lionel Virgile hurled bleach in a plastic cup at an officer who came up to his car, then fled the scene and later threw a lit incendiary device at another squad car

Biden’s Anti-gun Lies are Too Much Even for Legacy Press Fact Checkers

With President Joe Biden securely in office and the 2024 presidential election 43 months away, the mainstream press has determined it an acceptable time to expose the frequent fibber’s most flagrant

Hunter Biden Memoir Among Mounting Evidence of Federal Gun Law Violations

As President Joe Biden and his Department of Justice concoct new firearm restrictions for ordinary law-abiding Americans, 

Oregon: Mandatory Firearm Storage Legislation Scheduled for a Floor Vote Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Oregon House is expected to vote on anti-gun Mandatory Storage Legislation, House Bill 2510. 

Louisiana: Constitutional Carry Legislation Scheduled for Committee Hearing Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Senate Judiciary C Committee will consider Constitutional Carry Legislation, Senate Bill 118. 

Congressman Despises Guns, Loves Gun Tax Dollars

Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) sure loves some of that sin-tax money. That’s the kind of money when a Member of Congress wants to ban things but can’t. So they go to their second favorite activ

President Biden Thinks Religion is a Gun Control Wishing Well

As an Irish Catholic, I’ve said my fair share of “Our Father” and “Hail Mary” prayers. I’ll confess, though, I never prayed the rosary that the Almighty would grant me a wish to sue an in

Spotlight on Top Colorado Gun Ranges | Sponsored by MT2 Firing Range Services

Firing Range Services | Gun Range Cleaning Services | Shooting Range Cleaning Services| Firing Range Lead Maintenance | Shooting Range Lead Mining | - #1 and Nationwide Professional Environme

Encouraging New Data, But Staying Vigilant to Prevent Tragedy of Suicide

There is light at the end of the tunnel and some new data is worthy of solemn celebration. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) released new figures showing the number of Americans

Here’s Why David Chipman is a Terrible Choice for ATF Director

It’s hard to think of a worse possible nominee than David Chipman to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). President Joe Biden could have nominated Robert Francis “Be

Davidson’s Becomes First Distributor Patron Member of the NSSF

NSSF is pleased to share this press release from Davidson’s PRESCOTT, Ariz. – Davidson’s, Inc., one of the nation’s top firearm distributors, is proud to announce that it has been approved by

New study finds Army special operations troops have lower blood lead levels after firing range fixes were instituted

Firing Range Services | Gun Range Cleaning Services | Shooting Range Cleaning Services| Firing Range Lead Maintenance | Shooting Range Lead Mining | - #1 and Nationwide Professional Environme

Firearm Industry Keeping Safety Top Priority as Families Begin Reuniting

Firearm sales continue to be hot, even after a year of pandemic closures, civil unrest, elections and now the specter of gun control executive actions and legislation. The firearm industry, and those

What Hillary Gets Wrong in Her Gun Control Push – Again

Hillary Clinton just can’t help herself. Never mind that her tone-deaf demand for gun control caused gun owners to come out in record numbers to deny her an all-but-assured White House victory in 2

Local News Coverage of Bald Eagles Misses Successes by Shaming Hunters

The Department of the Interior announced that America’s bald eagles have come soaring back. Outdoorsmen and women have been celebrating this for decades, but local news reporting is missing the pic

NSSF Awards Five-Star Rating to CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park

Newtown, Conn. — NSSF,® the firearm industry trade association, is pleased to announce that it has awarded a Five-Star rating to CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park. This is the first outdoor range to

The Only Thing Stopping Gun Control is You

Democrats have just one obstacle when it comes to achieving their vaunted gun control utopia. It’s you – the completely irrational, rights-demanding, unreasonable and uncompromising American. You

Interview from the Firing Range Virtual Summit: Jeff Hewitt-SVP, Lockton Affinity Discuss Insurance Questions & Risk Mgmt. FFL’s Need to Know and Have In Place During Challenging Times

Firing Range Services | Gun Range Cleaning Services | Shooting Range Cleaning Services| Firing Range Lead Maintenance | Shooting Range Lead Mining | - #1 and Nationwide Professional Environme

If Your Gun Range Offers Services as a Firearms Dealer-You Must Understand How to Prepare for an ATF Inspection.

Firing Range Services | Gun Range Cleaning Services | Shooting Range Cleaning Services| Firing Range Lead Maintenance | Shooting Range Lead Mining | - #1 and Nationwide Professional Environme

How Competitive Shooting Sports Became Popular

Firing Range Services | Gun Range Cleaning Services | Shooting Range Cleaning Services| Firing Range Lead Maintenance | Shooting Range Lead Mining | - #1 and Nationwide Professional Environme

Why You Should Have a Partner for Firearms Training

Like much in life, clearing rooms with a partner has challenges and benefits.

First Look: Axeon Optics MPL1 Pistol Light

Axeon Optics, a brand known for innovative shooting and outdoor optic products, has launched the new MPL1 pistol light with ergonomic rear switches featuring three light modes.

Can a .38 S&W Revolver Fire .38 Spl. Loads?

It’s always best to err on the side of caution, especially where firearms are concerned. If your revolver chambers and is marked for milder .38 S&W ammunition, that’s what you should shoot.

First Look: New Galco Holsters for the Ruger Max-9

Galco is introducing a wide range of holsters for the Ruger Max-9 pistol, giving you several different ways to carry this new defensive pistol with you on a day in, day out basis.

Review: 1791 Gunleather Open Top OWB Multi-Fit Holster

1791 Gunleather's Open Top OWB Multi-Fit is a classic case of taking a new and innovative approach to solving an old problem.

Can the Colt Python Pass the 2,000-Round Challenge? Part I

In this two-part series, Caleb Giddings takes Colt's new Python through the 2,000-round challenge to see how well it stacks up.

First Look: Mid-Evil Industries ARG Pistol Grip

Now Mid-Evil Industries is introducing a new product, the 360 degree ARG Pistol Grip.

Review: Meprolight Foresight Reflex Optic

Technology meets durability in this reflex optic, which could be the next step in the future of optics.

Quarterly Gun Sales Record Set

Of the 4,645,609 names processed through FBI’s National Instant Criminal Check System (NICS) in March, roughly 2.2 million were related to the purchase or transfer of a firearm, according to Small A

Why Having a Lawyer is a Key to Personal Defense

Talking to a lawyer before you ever experience a deadly force situation is a good idea. Sheriff Jim Wilson explains why.


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