Selecting a Firing Range Contractor

Hiring a contractor can be daunting, many do not know where to start. However, when hiring a contractor for either construction or lead maintenance on firing ranges, it is even more important to hire a qualified professional.

What is Federal Law Enforcement? | Requirements for Federal Law Enforcement Jobs

More than 40 percent of all federal criminal provisions have been enacted since 1970. This means that dozens of offenses what were once considered state crimes now fall under federal jurisdiction. It


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The National Interest Action data element on the FPDS application has been disabled as of January 27, 2024

The National Interest Action (NIA) data element has been decommissioned and will not be collected on new Contract Action Reports (CAR) on or after January, 27, 2024. The NIA data elements will continu

GSA SmartPay Reports

FAR 4.606(a)(2) requires the GSA Center for Charge Card Management (CCCM) to provide the Government purchase card data, at a minimum annually, and GSA will incorporate that data into FPDS for reports.

QuickTakes 2/15/2024

Sharing Safety Concerns / Compartir las preocupaciones de seguridad We Want to Hear From You / Queremos escuchar su opinion Take Part in Our Workers Memorial Expo

QuickTakes 2/1/2024

Prevent Falls / Prevenir las caídas License Revoked / Licencia revocada Advisory Committee Injury and Illness Tracking Sharing Data with Employees

QuickTakes 12/15/2023

Injury and Illness Tracking Changes / Cambios en el seguimiento de lesiones y enfermedades Protecting Tower Workers / Protección de los trabajadores de las torres Safet

QuickTakes 12/4/2023

Targeted Enforcement Updates / Actualización de la aplicacición de la ley selectiva Preventing Head Injuries / Prevención de traumatismos craneales Holiday Safety and

QuickTakes 11/17/2023

Injury and Illness Report / Informe sobre lesiones y enfermedades Severe Injury Reports / Informes sobre lesiones graves Advisory Committees Check Out These Re

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Hiring for the Holidays? / ¿Está contratando para las fiestas? Putting Workers First / Los trabajadores primero OSHA En Español Getting to Know Us

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Honoring Fallen Workers / Homenaje a los trabajadores caídos Immigrant Worker Safety / Seguridad de los trabajadores inmigrantes Inspection Representatives Ea

QuickTakes 10/02/2023

Congressional Testimony / Testimonio ante el Congreso Silica Safety Initiative / Iniciativa para la seguridad de la sílice Focus on Safety Saves Lives America

QuickTakes 9/19/2023

Non-Profits Awarded Training Grants / Subvenciones para capacitación concedidas a organizaciones sin fines de lucro We Need Your Help / Necesitamos su ayuda Holding Vio

New FPDS Atom Feed Version 1.5.3

A new FPDS Atom Feed version of 1.5.3 is to be implemented with FPDS V1.5 Service Pack 15 (10/29/2022) and will impact the following feeds. Public (Civilian) Atom Feed DoD Authenticated Atom Feed T

Transition from Unique Entity (DUNS) to Unique Entity ID (SAM)

  Begin using the Unique Entity ID (SAM) from on April 4, 2022 Change is coming. Starting Monday, April 4, 2022, the new Unique Entity ID from will be the official governmentwide ide

ezSearch Portal

ezSearch contains procurement data as well as additional NASA data (for example, financial assistance actions).

QuickTakes 1/16/2024

Injury and Illness Tracking / Seguimiento de lesiones y enfermedades Settlement Agreements / Acuerdos de conciliación Expanding Emergency Responder Protections


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