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Fired Boeing CEO is now working with Bay Area tractor startup

The former CEO of Boeing, who was fired in the wake of two deadly plane crashes, is now working with a Silicon Valley tractor startup hoping to be the "Tesla Inc. of the agriculture world," Bloomberg

South Bay Storm Impact: Water Rescues, Damage to School's Haunted House

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13 Best Background Check Sites & Services: Search Criminal Records and Social Media Accounts Online

(Ad) It can take months to get to know someone, but most of us don’t have that kind of time. If you need to truly know someone fast—especially if you’re thinking of offering them a job—then

Garage door repair San Francisco - Bay Area Garage DoorsBay Area Garage Doors

Garage door service Garage door repair San Francisco is one of the most professional and experienced Garage Door companies with services that have the best price in the city of San Francisco, Californ

Crews Clean Fallen Trees, Branches Left Behind After Torrential Storm in SF

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Garage doors Bay Area, CA Company San JoseBay Area Garage Doors | Garage Doors Repair San Jose

We are offering a full service Garage doors Bay Area within San Jose, Redwood City and Santa Cruz. Call us at 408-669-3651for your next garage service

Storm Causes Flooded Roads, Power Outages on the Peninsula

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How Much Rain Fell in the Bay Area? Weather Service Releases 48-Hour Rainfall Totals

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It pays to search for top-quality auto shop

When your car breaks down or acts up, it’s a major inconvenience — and often a major expense. That’s why finding a good repair shop is so important. Unfortunately, nonprofit Bay Area Checkbook

How Did Waterways Go From Near Empty to Flood Stage So Fast? Meteorologist Explains

<p>The swollen San Anselmo creek touches the bottom of businesses on October 24, 2021 in San Anselmo, California.</p>

Wet Storm Dumps Rain, Snow in Sierra; I-80 Partially Open

<p>In this image taken from video from a Caltrans remote video traffic camera, very light traffic is seen in the snow along Interstate 80 at Donner Summit, Calif., Monday, Oct. 25, 2021

San Jose Fire Crews Rescue Man and Dog Along Coyote Creek

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Garage doors repairs, CA company San JoseBay Area Garage Doors

Garage doors repairs serving the Bay Area with any garage door issue - springs, openers and installation - 408-669-3651

Best Garage Doors and Pro-Tips to Select Yours - This Old House

Here are the materials, insulation, installation, and maintenance considerations to help you select the best garage door for your home.

Bay Area Storm: Busy Highways Flooded in East Bay, South Bay, Peninsula

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3 Cheap and Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Garage Door in a Weekend | HGTV

Maximize your curb appeal with our inexpensive and oh-so-easy tips.

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PG&E bills to rise over $160 per year on average to fund wildfire risk reduction

Rates will go up an average of 8% on residential customers to fund improvements after several disastrous fire seasons.

Elizabeth Holmes Prosecutors Say Texts Show Theranos Beset With Problems

An obscenity-laden 2014 message from Balwani to Holmes describing one lab as a “disaster zone” may have been prescient.

Connie Chan elected to be next District 1 Supervisor

Connie Chan has been elected District 1 Supervisor in San Francisco. On Sunday evening, runner-up Marjan Philhour conceded the tight race where the lead ping-ponged back and forth between the two can

Pics from the 2020 Spooky Photo Spot

Happy Halloween! Thanks to everyone who stopped by this year’s Spooky Photo Spot at Angelina’s Cafe & Deli. DOWNLOAD PHOTOS HERE In addition to our usual spooky backdrop for photos, we had a

Ship traffic, November 1

Ship traffic Due to arrive today SHIP FROM PORT CMA CGM Otello Los Angeles OAK Cosco Oceania Long Beach OAK NYK Meteor Vancouver, B.C. OAK Due to depart...

Ship traffic, November 2

Ship traffic Due to arrive today . . SHIP FROM PORT Eminent Ace Long Beach BNC Ever Lunar Los Angeles OAK Maunawili . .

Ship traffic, October 31

Ship traffic Due to arrive today .. SHIP FROM PORT Carme Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico SFO Ever Lovely Los Angeles OAK .

Ship traffic, October 30

Ship traffic Due to arrive today SHIP FROM PORT CMA CGM Chennai Los Angeles OAK Ever Superb Los Angeles OAK President Kennedy Los Angeles OAK Due to depart...

How to Easily Check the Square Footage of Your House

A house that sounds roomy and spacious online may actually have 800 of its square feet contained in a four-foot-tall dirt-floor basement. What’s up with that? In Washington DC, clients are often c

Be safe, stay healthy & supportive during Coronavirus #OneRichmond

Hi everyone, We hope you are all safe, well and weathering these strange times with patience. It’s been awhile since we’ve posted here on the blog and we realize that the news cycle is overwhelmi

Video: A fun look at the eclectic architecture of Richmond District homes

Filmmaker Joey Yee is back with a new installment about the Richmond District, this time focusing on our eclectic housing lineup. Enjoy! The post Video: A fun look at the eclectic architecture of Ric

Purple Rain at The Balboa Theater, March 3

The purple one is back at The Balboa! Come catch a screening of the 1980’s classic rock film, Purple Rain, starring the one and only purple genius, Prince. The show is on Tuesday, March 3 and start

Is It Time To Upgrade Your San Jose Garage Door?

Homeowners upgrade lots of items and fixtures in their homes every now and then. Some of the common upgrades in homes include TVs, fridges, cookers, bath tubs, cars, etc. However, when was the last t

Supervisor Sandra Fewer announces she will not seek re-election

On Wednesday, District 1 Supervisor Sandra Fewer publicly announced that she will not run for re-election in the 2020 Fall election. Fewer won her Supervisor seat in November 2016, earning just under

Different Reasons That Could Be Ailing Your Faulty Garage Door Opener

When a garage door fails to work as it should, often the fault lies on the garage door itself. It could be broken springs, snapped cables, bent tracks, broken drums, or other reasons. However, in som

Building on 3rd Ave acquired by City program to ensure long-term, affordable housing for tenants

Tenants in an apartment building at 369 3rd Avenue are breathing a little easier this holiday season. It was announced on Thursday that their 12-unit building is the latest acquisition in the city’

“Timbeeeer!!” Another eucalyptus takes a dive in the Park Presidio greenbelt

Given how much it has been raining this week, it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the eucalyptus trees in the Park Presidio greenbelt surrendered to the elements and toppled over on Thursday aro

Look up! A 150 ft. ferris wheel will be installed in Golden Gate Park to celebrate the park’s 150th anniversary

SF Rec & Park shared the news today that beginning in April 2020, there will be a new landmark in the Music Concourse of Golden Gate Park – a 150 foot tall ferris wheel. The ferris wheel is bei

4 Easy Steps To Replacing Your Garage Door

There may come a time when you decide that it is time to replace your garage door. Now without a doubt, the garage door is the largest door in your home, and it is one of the external points of entry

Why Operating A Manual Garage Door Could Be Bad For You

At one point in the past, all garage doors all across America were manually-operated. There was no automation back then. Everyone had to bend down and use their might to lift their doors and then clo

Why Repairing Your Garage Door By Yourself Could Cost You A Lot Of Money When It Comes To Insurance

Small actions, even the simplest ones, can have huge consequences in the long run. For example, a damaged garage door could tempt you to throw your tool belt on and try some DIY tinkering. However, n

The Wonderful Perks Of Car Detection Systems That Operate Your Garage Door Opener Remotely

Thanks to advances in technology, today you no longer need to operate a handheld garage door remote opener as has been the norm for many years. You can instead install a garage door opener equipped w

All The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Operating A Faulty Garage Door

It’s okay for your garage door to experience some faults from time to time. Common garage door faults include door not closing or opening completely, remote opener not working, door getting off its

5 Reasons Why A Garage Door Is An Important Part Of Every Home

To many, a garage door is just a tool that offers basic functionality. And although this is primarily the garage doors. Why is a garage door important in today’s homes? Safety  Other than parking

Why Won’t My Garage Door Opener Work?

Garage door openers, like any mechanical item, can stop working due to issues arising from wear and tear. Worry not, the causes are quite simple to manage. We have prepared for you a comprehensive gu

Tips For Maintenance & Security of Your Garage Door

Most burglars gain access to homes through garage doors. It is therefore imperative to ensure that the garage doors are well maintained so that the security of the home is maintained. Garage doors ar

Overhead GARAGE DOOR Openers X FILES In Dallas or So It Seems

With KDFI My 27 In Dallas Showing Xfiles, I became inspired for this blog post about the mysterious of garage door transmitters. Imagine your garage opener remote suddenly not working, at the same ti

How To HomeLink Your Garage Door Opener

HomeLink training instructions For Your Garage Door Opener: First Locate HomeLink in your vehicle identified by the house icon. Step one, for first time training, press and hold the outer two HomeLin

Control Your Garage Door From Your Smartphone

How To Control Your Dallas Garage Door Via A Smartphone At this highly technological age, most can already be controlled from the smartphone. You can almost do anything with this handy device, includ

How Carriage Work In Your Garage Door Opener

Learning The Use Of A Carriage In Your Dallas Garage Door Opener Depending on the age and condition of your garage door, you may experience a problem with the trolley carriage. If the trolley carriag

Trolley Carriage Garage Door Problem? We Can Fix It!

Figuring Out Your Dallas Garage Door Problems A garage door that doesn’t work can be a major problem if your car is stuck in the garage or if you are locked out of your home. As you stand in front

Oil Tempered Vs. Zinc Galvanized Torsion Spring

Comparing Oil Tempered And Zinc Galvanized Torsion Springs In Your Dallas Garage Door To most homeowners, a torsion spring is just a torsion spring. But what many homeowners don’t know is that ther

How To Reset The Limit Switches Of Your Garage Door Opener

Resetting Your Dallas Garage Door Restrict Switches The “limit switches” (up & down) on your garage door opener‘s motor regulate when it starts and stops running. Given all the dangers and

Testing Your Dallas Garage Door Reversal

How To Check Your Garage Door Reversal Function Many of the installed automatic garage doors are designed with a faulty reverse function. Do the testing and inform you whether the reverse function s

How To Maintain Your Dallas Commercial Garage Door

The Importance Of Commercial Garage Door Maintenance In a commercial setting, this stress is magnified. All of the parking, loading, unloading, and more that happens in our homes happens much more fr


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