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'He was just the perfect son:' Ventura native killed by stray bullet in Brazil

Trey Thomas Joseph Barber, Ventura native, died in Rio de Janeiro Friday, three days after getting shot in the neck.       

Scenes from sidewalk memorial for Carmen Ramirez

Photos: A memorial for Carmen Ramirez was growing in downtown Oxnard Saturday at the intersection where she was fatally struck Friday night.       

'A much stronger moral compass:' County Supervisor Carmen Ramirez struck by truck, killed

Ventura County Supervisor Carmen Ramirez died Friday night after being struck by a vehicle in Oxnard.       

Got Pets? Reasons Your Air Ducts Need More Frequent Cleanings

If you have pets, your ductwork may be harboring allergens that affect your home and health. Learn why routine duct cleaning is essential from the experts at Dust Doctors. 

Top 4 Indoor Air Quality Concerns for Homeowners

Think the air inside your home is clean? Think again. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air

Updated: Driver arrested after fatally hitting pedestrian on Pacific Coast Highway

A pedestrian was fatally struck by a pickup truck Wednesday morning on Pacific Coast Highway north of Ventura. The driver was arrested.       

Ventura lawyer appointed as Ventura County Superior Court judge

A Ventura attorney has been appointed as judge for Ventura County Superior Court. Judges have also elected the court's next presiding judges.       

Remembering Supervisor Carmen Ramirez

Supervisor Carmen Ramirez died Friday night after being struck by a vehicle in Oxnard. See images of her through the years.       

Indoor Humidity: Can It Be Dangerous For Your Health?

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t pay much mind to the relative humidity levels inside your house — but you should. Most people only notice humidity when it becomes excessive or when the

High Heating & Cooling Bills? 5 Tips to Increase HVAC Efficiency

A clean HVAC system is an efficient HVAC system. Dust Doctors details how duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, and A/C cleaning can help improve your system’s performance.



Roundup: Unreported elder abuse nets conviction, man shot in Oxnard, more news

Sentencing for woman who failed to report rape at elder care facility, man shot in south Oxnard, more Ventura County news.       

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3 Weird Things That You Might Find in Your Air Ducts

If your home has a central HVAC system, you likely have ductwork throughout your attic and maybe even in your basement, crawlspace, or garage. You should know that those air ducts can accumulate a sho

Ojai mayor selection, ranked-choice voting set for ballot in November 2022

Ojai voters will have the opportunity to change how their mayor is selected and whether ranked-choice voting should replace district-based voting.       

Water board's vote clears path for Boeing's clean up of toxic site near Simi Valley

Adoption of memo of understanding green lights Boeing's settlement with state to finally clean up contaminated soil at the Santa Susana Field Lab.       

Is Dryer Lint Dangerous? 4 Reasons Routine Dryer Vent Cleaning is Critical

How often do you clean out your dryer vent? Did you even know your dryer vent requires regular cleaning? At Dust Doctors, we know many homeowners aren’t aware that routine dryer vent cleaning is ess

5 Easy Indoor Air Quality Hacks

Whether or not you realize it, the air you breathe inside of your home and workplace is considerably more contaminated than the air outdoors. And if you’re like most Minnesotans who spend the majori

It takes months to plan for local elections. Here's what The Star is doing for Nov. 8

Last month, the editors, reporters and photographers at The Star started preparing in earnest for the fall contest. Here's what's to come.       

Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned? | US EPA

Duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems, including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, h

Do Air Purifiers Destroy Viruses?

The average virus is transmitted through air, thus prompting the need for effective measures to help combat virus presence in the air we breathe. Many air purifiers claim to kill viruses, but is that

How Humidity Can Make Your Allergies Worse

Check out how rainy weather and high outdoor and indoor humidity levels can make your allergy symptoms worse and what you can do to help mitigate the problem.

3 Tips to Help Manage Your Seasonal Allergies

When you live in the Twin Cities, chances are you look forward to spring’s arrival after months of dealing with cold, dreary, winter weather. If you have seasonal allergies, though, those allergies

Why Do Some People Have Seasonal Allergies?

Roughly 25 million people in the United States live with seasonal allergies, and if you’re one of them, you know just how irritating they can be. But why do some people suffer from allergies and oth

How to Hire an Air Duct Cleaning Service

  Indoor air has microorganisms that are too small for the eye but are equally harmful to the human body over time. One of the ways to ensure that these particles do not affect you … Continue rea

Air Purifiers for Cold And Flu Season

    Globally, the cold and flu season is something to be of concern. The season comes yearly, ranging from sniffling and sneezing to chills and fevers. Indeed, a sneeze can send clouds of flu …

How Often Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent

Isn’t it irritating to take your clothes out of the dryer and discover they are not completely dry? If it has been a while since you have cleaned your dryer vent, this could be the … Continue re

Difference between and Air Cleaner and Air Purifier

It might sound like an air cleaner and an air purifier are the same, but the reality is that the two are quite different. The short answer is that air cleaners generally use a passive … Continue r

Mistakes to Avoid when Buying an Air Purifier

Air Purifier Purchasing Mistakes. With the number of allergens, pollutants, and diseases that circulate throughout our environment, it’s not surprising that heating and air customers are requesting

What Type of Air Purifier Do I Need?

  The quality of the air inside your home is as important as the temperature. While your HVAC system is responsible for heating and indoor cooling air to stay comfortable when you are inside, it …

What to Look for in an Air Purifier

What to look for in an Air Purifier. After you’ve read through our blog post on what to look for in an air purification system for your home, you’ll learn: How air purifiers work and … Continu

The Best Air Purifier for your Home

Air Purifier. The COVID-19 pandemic, among other factors, has made everyone in Phoenix and the surrounding Arizona region more acutely conscious of the air that they breathe. Concepts like airborne p

Reasons to have an Indoor Air Purifier in your Home or Office

  Your HVAC system is your home’s way of breathing—it inhales and exhales the air back out, so it’s practical to take steps to improve your home or office’s indoor air quality. According to

The Creosote Sweeping Log: What it is and How it Works

For anyone who uses an open fire or wood-burning stove consistently, there will inevitably be a build-up in their chimney as a result of the compounds that are released into the air as part of the bu

How Do I Know if My Chimney Needs Cleaning?

We all live busy lives and have one hundred and one different things to worry about, so it is easy to pay little or no attention to your chimney. Reliable and faithful, most chimneys will keep workin

Fire Safety – Clean Your Dryer Vents

The humble dryer is one of the most popular and useful gadgets in the home, and yet without proper maintenance, it can be a threat to your safety. The biggest issue is that our clothes produce lint,

Common Duct Cleaning Scams

How to Avoid Being Taken To The Cleaners by the Cleaners  Air duct cleaning is not an easy job. When done right, it is not as cheap as some unreliable companies would have you believe. That is why t

How To Know If Your Ducts Need To Be Cleaned

Do you notice dust coming out of the air ducts in your home every time you turn on the HVAC system? Have you seen any dust or pet hair trapped in the vents or dirt on the grill for the air register?

5 Types Of Molds That Are Commonly Found in Your Air Ducts

One of the most significant and frequent problems homeowners face when it comes to home maintenance is mold issues. Mold is hazardous for anyone living in the home. Mold can be complicated to spot at

Leading Portland HVAC Cleaner Warns About The Importance Of Indoor Air Quality As Hay Fever Season Approaches

Portland, OR – Willard Power Vac, a leading provider of HVAC cleaning services, is today highlighting the importance of ensuring good indoor air quality, as the pollen counts start to rise. Accord

When Was the Last Time You Had Air Quality Testing?

Have you had air quality testing done in your home or business lately? If you’re like many people, the answer is likely no. But did you know that poor air quality can increase your risk of breathin

Chimney Cleaning: Preparing for Colder Weather

Between December 2016 and January 2017, Portland, Oregon, had arguably one of the harshest winters of the year among cities in the US. During this period, the city experienced five winter storms over

Summer Is Coming to End: How to Prepare Your HVAC for Fall

A good HVAC system is something you won’t miss until it’s gone. But many people don’t care for their HVAC systems properly. That makes them costly and even a health hazard. With summer on the w

10 Things at Trader Joe’s I Can’t Live Without

OK so maybe that title is a bit exaggerated.  Of course I could live without these things, just like I could also technically live without Foxen Pinot Noir but where’s the fun in that?  So let’s

My 12 Favorite Things About Ventura

1:  The Air.  It’s unlike anywhere else.  I miss it when I leave and love to breathe it in when I return.  I love living without air conditioning, something I never thought was possible after g

Ventura Real Estate

In my professional life I own a real estate brokerage that focuses on marketing high-rise condos in 40 cities around the country.  Since we obviously don’t have any high-rises in Ventura I wasn’t

So long Fresh & Easy, and thanks for all the fish…

What a bummer.  It seems like just yesterday that I was writing about Fresh and Easy opening their first store down the hill here in Ventura County (it was actually 5 years ago… good lord….).  

Have you discovered Marina Park?

UPDATE 8/2016:  So much for the zip line… apparently someone got hurt so the city took it down.  I don’t know the details… if you do please comment and let us know. One of the things that amaz

You Don’t Need a Costco Card to buy Alcohol

I just learned this… because of liquor laws Costco cannot require you to have a membership in order to buy wine, beer and alcohol.  All you have to do is tell the person that checks your card that

Sushi Marina – Under New Management

You may have noticed the “Under New Management” banner at Sushi Marina on California in Downtown Ventura.  Although if you haven’t it’s hard to blame you, because there is so much going on wi

Getting to the London Aloft Excel Hotel from Heathrow

I just got back from a trip to London where I stayed five nights at the newer Aloft hotel that’s connected to the London ExCel Center.  I’ll describe the hotel later in the post, but first I want

97.5, why hast thou forsaken us for Air 1?

The only time I ever switched to terrestrial radio was to either listen to NPR or KRUZ 97.5 .   I loved 97.5 because they weren’t one of those top-40 stations that just play the same songs all the

Ventura Home Team’s First Donation!

I’m so excited about this!  Earlier this year I started Ventura Home Team, a new real estate company that aims to be the area’s first non-profit real estate brokerage.  After one of our clients


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