Cleaning Products Activating Third Hand Smoke

Ever hear of Thirdhand Smoke? This phenomenon has been growing in concern and popularity in recent years, however, Thirdhand Smoke has been causing sickness for decades. Smoke and related chemicals are absorbed into the paint of the walls of your house. This may be from your smoking or from previous occupants that lived in your home before you! You may think that just painting over the existing paint will take care of the issue…..wrong! Using a regular paint to cover your walls is not enough to seal and block the fumes from escaping back into your home from this Thirdhand Smoke danger.



Cellulose acetate cigarette filter is hazardous to human health

Thomas E Novotny<br />Oct 11, 2023; 0:tc-2023-057925v2-tc-2023-057925<br />Special communications

Still 'Cool: tobacco industry responds to state-wide menthol ban with synthetic coolants

Michelle K Page<br />Jul 27, 2023; 0:tc-2023-058149v1-tc-2023-058149<br />Short report

Nationwide 250 hp Boiler Achieves 5 ppm NOx Performance

Equipped with an Oilon LN30 ultra-low NOx burner and Nationwide’s Eagle PLC-based Control System, the 250 hp package boiler achieved average emissions performance of 5 ppm NOx and 0 ppm CO (correcte

What You Can Do About Your Cleaning Products Activating Third Hand Smoke on Your Walls | Smoke Odor Removal From Your House. - ECOBOND® OdorDefender® | Smoke Odor Eliminator | Fire Smoke Odor Restoration Removal Products

Ever hear of Thirdhand Smoke? This phenomenon has been growing in concern and popularity in recent years, however, Thirdhand Smoke has been causing

Figure - PMC

Thirdhand smoke consists of residual tobacco smoke pollutants that 1) remain on surfaces and in dust after tobacco has been smoked, 2) are re-emitted back into the gas phase, or 3) react with oxidants

Reducing e-cigarette use among youth and young adults: evidence of the truth campaigns impact

Elizabeth C Hair<br />Aug 8, 2023; 0:tc-2023-057992v1-tc-2023-057992<br />Original research

E-cigarette brands and social media influencers on Instagram: a social network analysis

Julia Vassey<br />Aug 1, 2023; 32:e184-e191<br />Original research

Defining and Calculating Voltage Imbalance

Saving one compressor will cover the cost of a voltage monitor and then some.

Harlan is New Business Development Manager at WAGO

Amy Harlan, who has an extensive background in electronics and device connectivity, is the new business development manager for device connection technology at the global electronics technology firm.

How do people who smoke perceive a tobacco retail outlet reduction policy in Aotearoa New Zealand? A qualitative analysis

Anna Graham-DeMello<br />Mar 6, 2023; 0:tc-2022-057834v2-tc-2022-057834<br />Original research

New recreational nicotine lozenges, tablets, gummies and gum proliferate on the US market

Mateusz Borowiecki<br />Dec 20, 2022; 0:tc-2022-057673v2-tc-2022-057673<br />Industry watch

The 3-4-5 Rule for Walk-In Coolers And Freezers

During the installation of a new walk-in cooler or freezer, it is imperative the box remain square and level during the assembly of its panels.

How to Measure Net Oil Pressure

Before servicing any refrigeration or air conditioning systems that contain an oil pump, technicians should make sure they understand the difference between net oil pressure and oil pump discharge pre

How Much Do You Know About HVAC Service?

Whether you’re the owner of an HVAC contracting company or a student at a tech school, take this quiz to find out how much you know about servicing equipment.

Propane Can Offer HVAC Customers A Reliable Option for Backup Power

The growing electricity demands being placed on the country’s century-old grid are resulting in an increased number of unexpected power outages across the U.S.

Understanding the Formula to Calculate BTUH

The "magic number" 1.08 is convenience factor. It is a bunch of math combined into one factor as a shortcut, although sometimes more precise calculation is better.

Why Changing Refrigerants May Mean Your Existing Pump Needs Replacing

When changing the refrigerant within your pumping application, it is worth discussing the application with a process specialist.


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