Keys to Motivating Employees

Leaders have to create environements to have their employees motivated. Here are some tips on motivating employees

Developing Resilience and Maintaining Mental Well-being in the Remote Work Era

In recent years, the remote work revolution has transformed the way we work, allowing individuals to work from the comfort of their homes or any location of their choice. While remote work offers fle

How HR Can Help Build a Safe and Healthy Workplace Culture

Establishing a safe and healthy workplace is crucial for any organisation. As a human resources (HR) manager, you play a vital role in fostering a safety culture within your company. By implementing

10 Elements of Employee Engagement

When employees communicate well, are excited to go to work, collaborate with each other and have healthy team dynamics, chances are that they are highly engaged. Employee engagement affects these and

What Are Employee Pulse Scores?

Employee pulse surveys are an important tool in collecting employee feedback, getting insight into corporate culture, employee engagement and so much more. Employee pulse scores are the cumulative re

What Is Leadership Theory: An Essential Guide

Learn about the most common leadership theories and how to foster leadership in the workplace. With our help, you may become a more effective leader and foster a pleasant work atmosphere. Understandi

Building An Ethical Organisation: Boost Morale & Consumer Trust

Not too long ago, most companies cared only about the bottom line – sales, revenue, profit margins – and not so much about ethics. But now, as the business landscape evolves, being an ethical org

Motivating your employees and yourself: how different is the manager from the staff? - PubMed

Managers often tend to behave as though they are responsive to different motivating forces than their employees. However, employees at all levels are much alike in terms of what they wish to obtain fr

How to Motivate Employees: 5 Data-Backed Tips for Managers

Disengaged employees are bad for morale—and the bottom line. Here are 5 tips that will help managers communicate more effectively to motivate employees.

Employee Engagement Survey Best Practices

Employee engagement is a critical aspect in the success of any organisation. It plays an important role in encouraging a positive work environment, increasing productivity, and reducing turnover. One

The Downfall of Human Connection: Why High Volume Recruiting is Broken

The rise of technology has turned high volume recruiting into a numbers game. This often comes at the expense of human connection. It’s time to fix this. As an employer, there’s no worse feeling

All You Need to Know About Full-Cycle Recruiting

Recruiting talented candidates can boost the productivity of a business and contribute to growth. Even with a vast pool of candidates, recruiting isn’t as easy as picking up a random candidate to f

Career path framework for managers: The 5 most important considerations

If you’re internally promoting your managers and creating a career path framework for managers, keep these 5 considerations in mind. “Do we have a career path framework for managers?” asks one

Big! 🎉 Announcing our new leadership training product

Today, a dream of ours comes true: We’re launching our online leadership training product for first-time managers. A dream realized Today, we’re launching a product we’ve been envisioning for t

What to focus on when managing a growing team (Part 1)

Focus means not just saying “yes,” but saying “no” too. Say “yes” to these 3 things and “no” to these 3 things when managing a growing team. Coupling the words “managing a growing t

21 questions to ask when taking over a new team

As a new leader, get your bearings with these critical questions to ask when taking over a new team. A new leader recently asked me, “What are the important questions to ask when taking over a new

Announcing: KYT has a new look! 🎉

Ready for an even more convenient + user-friendly experience? We thought so. 😃 We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a brand-spanking-new design of Know Your Team, tailored to make it

We’re hiring a Customer Support Specialist

Dear customer support specialist who cares about doing meaningful work, If your dream is to help people have a positive experience with a solution that truly makes a difference and to do it with a sm

Now live 🥳 Our Performance Review Alternative

If you’ve never been a fan of performance reviews, our tool + guide are for you.  Reviews are for books, movies, and restaurants.  Reviews are not for people.  The concept of “performance revi

5 most meaningful questions to ask in a performance review as a leader

Meaningful feedback can come when we focus on these five questions to ask in a performance review. With performance review season upon us, a frequent question I receive is: “What questions to ask i

How to give better employee performance reviews? Don’t.

Our take on how to give better employee performance reviews – and what to consider instead. “How to give better employee performance reviews?” This is a question I’ve consistently received ov

Hybrid working environment: 4 practices to create a positive culture

Rather than succumb to a fragmented culture, here are 4 key practices to set the foundation for a positive, cohesive hybrid working environment. Welcome to a new world: The hybrid working environment


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