Plano Gun Cases

Learn about and buy quality plano gun cases used for hunting, shooting range days, transport and storage. Great value alternatives to some of the more expensive premium gun cases on the market without sacrificing any quality

Plano Molding | Hunting | Hunting Gear

Shop Hunting Gear Plus Gun And Archery Cases Directly At Take The Shot And Discover The Highest Quality Hunting Gear You Can't Live Without.

Gun Cases | Pelican

Pelican Gun Cases are waterproof and protective. Find a gun case to fit your pistol or rifle.

Plano Gun Cases Rifle Pistol & Shotgun Hard Cases & Firearm Bags USA

Every shooter will be familiar with the plano molding company who continue to build a strong reputation as the best value and quality gun transport syst..

SEB Mini Front Rests Are On Their Way to the USA…

Army of Minis getting ready to conquer the world (well at least the world of shooting). The Minis are Coming! The Minis are Coming! Good new for fans of the SEB Mini coaxial tripod rest. This superb c

National Rimfire Sporter Match This Weekend at Camp Perry

The CMP National Rimfire Sporter Match is a fun competition with affordable smallbore rifles with either scopes or iron sights. All you need are a .22 LR rifle, sling, and ammo. Each year, the Rimfire

Personal Protection Expo in Houston Coming in September

Do you carry a handgun for self-defense, or maybe keep a firearm in your vehicle “just in case”? Then you may want to attend the upcoming NRA Personal Protection Expo in Fort Worth, Texas. The eve

Amazing 1K Shooting — 1000-Yard Multi-Match Records Broken

The bar is raised yet again — the standards for long-range accuracy keep improving. Two talented Montana shooters have both gone sub-four inches for a 1K 10-Match Aggregate. What that means is that

Charter Arms .44 Special Bull Dog Classic Close-up

Some extremely long-range marksmanship with the little Charter Arms "Classic" Bulldog.--------------------------------------- Please visit the website and check out what the gr

Big Sale at Brownells This Week — Plus Gun Give-Aways

Brownells — Prime Time Blowout, Contest and Sale Brownells has been running a big Prime Time Blowout Sale this week, July 15-19, 2019. For 5 days, Monday through Friday, Brownells will give away a n

PFFT… ‘Ping’ — Top Airgunners at Crossman Field Target Event

Shooters from across the nation and many foreign competitors competed last month at the CAAFTC held at the Rochester Brooks Int’l Skeet and Trap Club. For nearly 10 years, dedicated air gun competit

How to Shoot DOTS — Insanely Small Groups at 200 Yards

This site is for and about accurate shooters. So today we feature the short-range group Benchrest game, where it’s all about shooting tiny groups in the ones and even “zeros”. Seeing the tiny gr

Bring the Popcorn — Great Shooting USA Episode Tomorrow

Set aside some TV time tomorrow folks. On Wednesday, July 17th, there’s a GREAT episode of Shooting USA on the Outdoor Channel. Over the course of Wednesday’s hour-long broadcast there are FOUR no

Great Deal on S&W 9mm Pistol and MTM Handgun Case

Here’s a great deal on a nice 9mm S&W pistol, plus Prime Day super-savings on a versatile 6-handgun carry case. Right now you can get the 9mm M&P M2.0 Compact Pistol for just $339.99 with FR

Marlin 336TDL Texan Deluxe .30-30

Shooting and discussing the Marlin Texan Deluxe!Again, if you are confused about the NRA plug, you've missed some recent videos that explain it. See "NRA Announcement," "Shooting the B

Bargain-Finder 199: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading co

Shooting the Breeze # 38

More "brilliance" from the woods!--------------------------------------- Please visit the website and check out what the great folks who support us have to offer: BUD’s GUN

Meet & Greet Announcement July 20, 1-3

Come on out this Saturday; if meeting a couple of geniuses isn't enough, there's lots and lots of guns and gear to browse! :-)--------------------------------------- Please visit the we

Glock 45 Chapter 2

Having some more fun with the Glock 45!Original video with the Glock 45:, if you are confused about the NRA plug, you've missed some recent videos tha

Case Club 5 Shotgun Case - Overview

The case focuses and caters to police agencies, correctional facilities, firearms training instructors, or enthusiasts. It comfortably holds five shotguns (yes, Remington 870’s included!) up to 43.

Original Winchester 1886 Big Game Hunt

"Big Game Hunting" with one of my very favorite classic rifles!Original video with this rifle: 2 Video with this rifle: https://www.youtub

Krag Carbine Chapter 2

Enjoying this classic bolt for a Chapter 2 with you all!Original video with this rifle: Please visit the

Ruger Security 9 Compact

Shooting and discussing the Ruger Security 9 Compact. You saw the couple of malfunctions. I have another one that I acquired after the video, and it has done okay so far. I'll keep you posted.By the

Case Club Xbox One / PlayStation 4 Gaming Station - Instructions & Tips

Here's a few tips on getting your Case Club Gaming Station up and running, which also includes how to navigate the monitor menu. Case Club's Xbox One X/S Gaming Station with Built-in Monitor Gen 2:ht

Shooting the Breeze # 37

More woods yakking - some final words on the NRA stuff and other things, as well.--------------------------------------- Please visit the website and check out what the great folks who s

Colt Diamondback

Shooting and discussing the classic Colt Diamondback.Thanks to Simpson Limited for the loan of this firearm.--------------------------------------- Please visit the website and check out

Case Club Xbox One X / S Portable Gaming Station, Gen 2 - Overview

Includes case, built in monitor, internal speakers, HDMI cable, monitor power cord, custom foam, and hook and loop straps. Patent Pending.Easy to use; just connect the HDMI and power cord to your Xbo

Case Club PlayStation 4 Portable Gaming Station, Gen 2 - Overview

The Case Club Waterproof PlayStation 4 Portable Gaming Station will protect your valuable equipment, withstanding incredible abuse in extremely harsh environments. Designed for style as well as durab

Case Club FN M249S Case - Overview

The Case Club FN M249S Rifle Case is the best M249S / M249S PARA case on the market, bar none. The precut foam will fit the FN M249S or PARA version of the rifle, 2 box magazines, 3 thirty round maga

Case Club 27" iMac Pro Case - Overview

Case Club's 27" iMac Pro Case is molded of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin, featuring a gasketed, water and dust tight, submersible design (MIL-C-4150J) that is resistant to co

Case Club Springfield M1A Case - Overview

The Case Club Springfield M1A Rifle Case is the most versatile and toughest M1A Case that there is. For those looking to upgrade from their factory M1A bag to a hard case, there is no better option.

Talking Gun Protection on Wing and Clay Radio

Talking Gun Protection and More with Industry Icon Steve Lamboy on Marty's Fischer's Wing and Clay RadioListen to the full episode on VoiceAmerica -

Case Club 3 Pistol & Accessory Case - Overview

The 3 Pistol & Accessory Case by Case Club holds 3 handguns and 6 additional magazines of various sizes. It is ideal for firearms training classes, police departments, gun enthusiasts, and anyone

Case Club 3 Pistol Case - Overview

The 3 Pistol Case by Case Club holds up to 3 handguns and 12 additional magazines of various sizes. Made for those who need to transport & store their collection of handguns safely, this universa

Sporting Classics TV Sneak Peak #negrinicases #travelfirstclass

Airing July 2019 the all new Sporting Classics TV on the Outdoor Channel hosted by outdoor TV veteran Chris Dorsey. #travelfirstclass #negrini #negrinicases #madeinitaly

Case Club 8 Revolver & Accessory Case - Overview

The 5 Revolver & Accessory Case by Case Club holds 5 Revolvers. It is ideal for firearms training classes, police departments, gun enthusiasts, and anyone looking to transports their firearms. Fo

Plano PLAB37111 Weekend Series 3700 Size Tackle Case

Dimensions: 18.9"L x 10.24"W x 9.25"H. Includes 2 3700 size stowaways. Has capacity for 4 stowaways Traditional profile with easy access to main compartment Exterior features three zippered pockets a

Negrini Case keep you on Target

The worlds ultra-light, ultra-strong, luxury travel cases for all shotguns, rifles, and handguns. The best case for air travel! Discover the Negrini Case difference! Used by Olympians for over 38 yea

Plano Elite Series Crankbait Stowaway Small 3600 – Clear

Plano Elite Series Crankbait Stowaway Small 3600 – Clear Plano Elite Series Small Crankbait Stowaway Eliteâ” Series Crankbait Stowaway Small 3600 – Clear Features: Secures up to 20 small cra

Plano Guide Bag

Uses Plano's trademark Waterproof Utili tackle Stowaway secures to the top via bungee and raised molded top side utili tackle raised rubber feet keep tackle system out of the wet external tool holder

Brad Kidd Jr - Negrini Pro-Staff

Brad Kidd talks Negrini Cases and the NEW Sporting Compact

Pelican 1400 Case

Pelican 1400 Case OverviewBuy Here: Lock: Replacement: Fo

Pelican 1510 Case

Pelican™ 1510 Case OverviewBuy Here: Foam:

Pelican 1510 Case vs Pelican 1535 Air Case

Pelican 1510 vs 1535 In this video we look as some of the difference between the Pelican 1510 Case and the Pelican 1535 Air Case. Buy 1510 Case:

Pelican 1600 Case

Pelican™ 1600 CaseBuy Here: Foam:

Negrini 1677 Two Shotgun UNICASE

There is nothing like the Negrini 1677LR-UNI/5044 UNICASE Double Shotgun Case. Travel to your next hunting/shooting destination with your SXS, O/U and/or Semi-auto and Pump shotguns. The double shotg

Negrini Uplander Shotgun Travel Case - 16405 Series

Negrini's 16405 Series shotgun case is the most compact and lightweight of its kind. 100% made in Italy with the best quality materials. Airline approved for travel the 16405 Uplander is secured with

Pelican Long Gun Case Comparison - 1700, 1720 and 1750 Cases

Pelican Gun Case Comparison - 1700, 1720 and 1750 Cases1700 Case Video: 1700 Case Here: Case Vid

Negrini 1687CRV CURV Case

Ultra-light just got even lighter! The all-new Negrini CURV Case. The next evolution in gun case technology is here! This Sporting length case fits all over-under and side-by-side shotguns with barr

Plano Molding Extra Deep Tool Box, Graphite Gray with Iron Yellow

21" Gray/Black Plastic Power Tool Box With Lift Out Tray This product is highly durable This product is manufactured in China. The post Plano Molding Extra Deep Tool Box, Graphite Gray with Iron Yell

Pelican 1750 Case

Pelican™ 1750 CaseBuy Here: Foam:

Pelican 1720 Case

Pelican 1720 CaseBuy Here: Lock: Foam: https://w

Pelican 1700 Case with Foam - OD Green

Pelican™ 1700 CaseBuy Here: Lock: Foam: https:

Pelican Case Interior Options - With Foam, Padded Dividers, TrekPak

In this video we show you the three different interior options for Pelican Cases.Option 1: Pick N' Pluck Foam (Most Popular)Option 2: Padded Divider SetOption 3: TrekPakEach option has their benefits

How to Find the Right Pelican Case Size

In this video we show you how to figure out which size case you need for your gear. All you need is your gear, measuring tape, and pad/pen. 1st step: Layout your gear on a flat surface. 2nd step:

Plano Gun Guard AW Tactical Case

Lockable, weatherproof hard-sided gun case carries an AR-15 style rifle up to 36 inches long Dual stage, spring loaded lockable latches with padlock tabs; high strength pinned hinges Continuous Dri-L

Plano 4-Drawer Tackle Box

Made of highest quality material Manufacturer: Plano Plano 4 drawer Plano tackle box 758 The post Plano 4-Drawer Tackle Box appeared first on Plano Storage Cases.

Plano Spire Crossbow Case, Black

A super sharp and attractive crossbow case, the plano spire 113200 offers superior protection for your bow because it fits perfectly! The hard case outer shell protects from outside impacts while the

TCS Shotgun Cleaning Products

Dave Dentico of APF Inc demos the best shotgun cleaning system in the industry. Nothing cleans your firearms like the TCS Cleaning system. The proof is on the patch! Available at

Plano 823-003 Contractor Grade Po Series 22-Inch Tool Box, Graphite Gray with Black Handles and Latches

22" x 12.5" x 13.5" This product is highly durable This product is manufactured in China. The post Plano 823-003 Contractor Grade Po Series 22-Inch Tool Box, Graphite Gray with Black Handles and Latc

Plano Molding Stow-n-Go Organizer

Portable tool box with pull out organizers DuraView front door Ideal for storing nuts, bolts, and screws The post Plano Molding Stow-n-Go Organizer appeared first on Plano Storage Cases.

Plano 50 Round Rifle Ammo Case

Handy for the reloading room and the range takes 50 Rounds Stores and Organizes your ammo The post Plano 50 Round Rifle Ammo Case appeared first on Plano Storage Cases.

Negrini How to Series: Setting Steel Combination Locks

A quick video how to set Negrini steel combination locks on your new gun cases.

TCS Manufacturing Cleaning System

The proof is in the patch. CLP products just don't work that well. This 3 part system will clean your firearms and accessories like new. ODOR-FREE Non-TOXIC solvents that your significant other with


The 2014 Alberta Trappers Association Rendezvous in Drayton Valley Alberta

Trapping Inc You Tube Trailer

Trapping Inc is a new TV series that follows Rich and Sandi Mellon as they live and work on their trapline in Northern canada. The series will be very hands on how to showing all the gear and techniq

Premium Gun Cases for Rifle Pistol and Crossbow Travel

Gun cases from provide your rifle, pistol, or crossbow with ideal protection from the elements during transport, storage, or travel.Locking cases provide an additional

Puma SGB Trophy Care Knife Set Review Outdoor Quest TV

Rich takes a look at the new Trophy Care knife set from the world leader in quality knives - Puma.

Boyt H Series Hard sided Gun Cases Outdoor Quest TV Testimonial

Rich Mellon of Outdoor Quest TV takes a hard look at the protection offered by the new Boyt H-Serries Gun Cases.

Alberta Trappers Association 2013 Rendezvous Grimshaw Alberta

The 2013 Alberta Trappers Association rendezvous. Join Rich and Sandi of Outdoor Quest TV and see what all the doings were at this years ATA Rendezvous. The trade show, the Ultimate Trapper competiti

Outdoor Quest Ballistic Reticle

Ballistic reticles for hunting.

Outdoor Quest TV Mono Metal Bullets

Selecting the proper bullet

Outdoor Quest TV Know Your Bear Spray

Know how effective your bear spray is.

Shooting with Andy Hahn

The most inspirational hunter that you will ever meet!

Argo XTI

Outdoor Quest TV takes a look at the all-new Argo XTI


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