Mitigation of Lead Hazards and Bio-Accessibility f

Dr. Nicholas Basta from Ohio State University to Present Results of Independent Research Study on ECOBOND® Paint at the International Conference for Heavy Metals in the Environment (ICHMET) on the Mitigation of Lead Hazards and Bio-Accessibility from Lead Based Paint.

Dilemma on Wall Street: Short-Term Gain or Climate Benefit?

Portfolio managers have conflicting incentives as the economic and financial risks from climate change become more apparent but remain imprecise.

Butterflies Are in Decline. New Research Points to Insecticides.

Agricultural insecticides were a key factor, according to a study focused on the Midwest, though researchers emphasized the importance of climate change and habitat loss.

Well Beyond the U.S., Heat and Climate Extremes Are Hitting Billions

People all over the world are facing severe heat, floods and fire, aggravated by the use of fossil fuels. The year isn’t halfway done.

Amazon Says It Will Stop Using Plastic Pillows in Shipments

They’ll be replaced in North America with paper packing, eliminating some 15 billion pillows a year. Plastic film is a major pollutant.


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Monkeys in Puerto Rico Got Nicer After Hurricane Maria

Macaques, reeling from a hurricane, learned by necessity to get along, a study found. It’s one of the first to suggest that animals can adapt to environmental upheaval with social changes.

A Chemical-Sniffing Van Shows How Heat Amps Up Pollution

In heat waves, chemicals like formaldehyde and ozone can form more readily in the air, according to researchers driving mobile labs in New York City this week.

Dozens of Groups Push FEMA to Recognize Extreme Heat as a ‘Major Disaster’

The labor and environmental groups are pushing the change so relief funds can be used in more situations.

If Paris Agreement Goals Are Missed, These Polar Bears Could Go Extinct

One group in Hudson Bay might have roughly a decade left because sea ice is becoming too thin to support them as they hunt, according to new research.

White House Takes a Tiny Bite From Giant Pile of Food Waste

The government will look at ways to extend the shelf life of foods and to create more composting and other facilities, as well as urge companies to donate more food.

Bill Gates Is Backing a Nuclear Power Project in Wyoming

Work is starting in Wyoming coal country on a new type of reactor. Its main backer, Bill Gates, says he’s in it for the emissions-free electricity.

Protecting Children From Lead Paint Poisoning in the Spotlight -Two Businesses Closed Down Due to Lead Contamination

In a news report from CBS News in San Francisco, inspectors from Santa Clara County Health Department closed down two firms deemed to have dangerous lead levels at their premises. A gymnastic and an

EPA Issues Stricter Lead Regulations to Protect Children from the Dangers of Lead Paint.

For the 1st time in almost 20 years, the EPA issued more substantial lead clearance levels to protect American children from the dangers of lead. This final rule will lower the clearance levels for

Discussion with Nationally Recognized Expert on the Dangers of Lead, Dr. Nicholas Basta, Presenting the Findings of His Research Study on Lead-Based Paint. The Mitigation of Lead Hazards and Bio-Accessibility from Lead-Based Paint

  ECOBOND® Paint:      Welcome to this conversation about bioaccessibility and extractability of ECOBOND® LeadDefender® treated lead-based paint. We are joined by Dr. Nicholas Basta, profes

Ecobond Lead Paint Treatment Product Comparison

WHY JUST COVER UP THE LEAD ISSUE WHEN YOU CAN TREAT IT! THESE ARE THE FACTS: Covering up the problem still leaves the problem. ECOBOND® LeadDefender® is the ONLY paint product designed to seal &amp

ECOBOND® Paint Announces Their Newest International Distributor of Lead Based Paint Treatment Solutions: Construventas Group in Panama Central America

ECOBOND® Paint is proud to announce their newest distributor, Construventas Group, based in Panama City, Panama. Construventas Group is a company recognized by the most important builders in the c

{WEBINAR} For the World Health Organization (WHO) 2020 International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week ECOBOND® Paint interviewed Nationally Recognized Expert, Dr. Nicholas Basta Presenting the Findings of His Research Study on Lead-Based Paint.

Webinar: The Mitigation of Lead Hazards and Bio-Accessibility from Lead-Based Paint   In support of the World Health Organization 2020 International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, ECOBOND® Paint i

Civil War era "Jubilee Hall" - a.k.a. “Wolf Den Grange Hall”- protected from the dangers of lead by ECOBOND® LeadDefender®& Bitrex®

Executive Summary:  In March 2017 ECOBOND® Paint LLC joined into a strategic alliance with Market Actives, LLC to add Bitrex® to our ECOBOND® formula to reduce accidental ingestion of potentially


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