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Your Mindset BONUS! Develop the habit of paying attention to your self-talk. Set your intention so that you replace thoughts that don't support you with supportive thoughts. Teach yourself what to think. Grab your Monitoring Your Self-Talk MP3 Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay up to date with my videos and "Like" us on Facebook

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The 2030 Problem: Caring for Aging Baby Boomers

Mindset BONUS - YouTube

Your Mindset BONUS! Develop the habit of paying attention to your self-talk. Set your intention so that you replace thoughts that don't support you with supp...

10 Places To Stay With The Most Iconic Views In The World

These 10 vacation rentals from TripAdvisor offer some of the best views of the world’s most notable landmarks—right from your window. Iconic Vacation Views Right From Your Window Day dream

20 Best Romantic Vacations In America For A Couples’ Getaway

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20 Best Fall Vacations In America for Seeing the Colors

There’s something about a new season that feels like a fresh beginning. Or is it just an excuse to book another getaway? We’re folding up our beach towels and unpacking our walking boots,

8 Dreamiest Romantic Rentals For Your Next Baecation

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20 Best All-American Family Vacation Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Family life. It can be wonderful and exhausting in equal measure. That’s why The Great Family Vacation is so important—a time to make memories and celebrate your loved ones away from the p

15 Best Family Holiday Destinations In The UK

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17 Best Beach Vacations In The USA For Total Relaxation

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Visiting Iceland: Bucket-List Travel Tips For The Budget-Conscious

Visiting Iceland so you can cross off another bucket-list experience? Read these Iceland travel tips for a budget-friendly getaway, including where to stay, top things to do, and how to get around wit

14 Late-Summer Vacations That Are Absolute Steals If You Book In September

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15 Affordable Labor Day Weekend Getaways Under $50/Night

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7 Days to Blissful Living 6

Take control of your thoughts and live the blissful life you desire and deserve.

7 Days To Blissful Living 5

Waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and not really knowing why? Perhaps it is because you've allowed your bliss to disappear. When was the last time you felt really blissful?

7 Days To Blissful Living 3

You live every day; you only die once! Live each moment in bliss because you choose it.

7 Days to Blissful Living2

Recapture the bliss of your youth! Now is the time to remember the joy you felt the first time you rode your bike, climbed a tree, learned a dance, sang a song, and everyone clapped. You were so exci

7 Days To Blissful Living

Have you ever noticed how blissful babies are? They are born blissful and use their time smiling, gurgling and laughing. Isn't it time you reclaim your birthright? Join the 7 Days To Blissful Livin

It’s not what you get, it’s what you do with it…

My advice for my fellow Boomers who feel quite stuck – written for the Retirement and Good Living blog: unde

follow your own path

It doesn't matter your age or what you've done previously. Now is the time to release the path that does not support you. Today is the time to follow your own path. In this article, I talk about li

Inez Bracy Concentrate On Those Things You Enjoy

Increase your success rate by concentrating on the things you enjoy. You will notice that you get more completed. As you increase your success you will learn to delegate the things you don't enjoy.

Inez Bracy - Be Willing To See Your Truth

What is true for you? Know who you are, know you're living your purpose and set boundaries. Seeing and being your truth supports you in living authentically and purposefully. Come on over to http:


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