Easy Garage Door Repair Houston, TX

Every style of garage and roller door is professionally serviced by Easy Garage Builder in Houston, Texas. This comprises hardware supplies, including Garage Door Springs and Garage Door Motors, installations, emergency garage builders, servicing and maintenance, and replacements. With years of experience in garage and roller door repairs, we take pleasure in providing you with timely, high-quality services that are within your budget. In the event of a lock-out situation, we're even pleased to visit you after hours! Our local Garage builder has helped clients in the surrounding areas of Houston, Sugar Land, Jersey Village, Fresno, Alvin, Pearland, South Houston, Pasadena, Humble, Sheldon, Missouri City, Louetta, Mount Houston, Jacinto City, Katy, Spring, Crosby, Sienna, and Cypress, TX

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Easy Garage Door Repair Houston, TX

Easy Garage Door Repair Houston, TX - 832-570-3845

Houston, TX Easy Garage Door Repair

Visit us online: texasdoorservices@gmail.comhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaDKhqOZ9roOur Address: Easy Garage Door Services12122 Fairmeadow DrHouston, TX 77071832-570-3845https://www.google.com/maps

Easy Garage Door Repair Houston, TX - Wakelet

Houston, Texas, Simple Garage Builder We provide expert service for all garage and roller door types. This comprises hardware supplies, including Garage Door Springs and Garage Door Motors, installati

Easy Garage Door Repair Houston, TX

How long does it take to construct a garage?The size and complexity of the project, the materials utilized, and the accessibility of labor and resources are just a few of the variables that might aff

Easy Garage Door Repair Houston, TX

Easy Garage Door Repair Houston, TXHow much time does it take to construct a garage?The size and complexity of the project, the materials chosen, and the accessibility of labor and resources are just

Easy Garage Door Repair Houston, TX

Easy Garage Door Repair Houston, TXHow much time does it take to construct a garage?The size and complexity of the project, the materials chosen, and the accessibility of labor and resources are just

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TAVARES, Florida—An allegation of poor living conditions to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) led to the arrest of a Tavares woman last week, according to an arrest affidavit. … Tavar

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Firefighters cut garage to rescue 70 Pomeranian dogs and cats from burning house

Fire crews responding to a blaze in Contra Costa County, California, US, had to saw off part of the garage door to enter and found 70 Pomeranians dogs and cats in need of saving

Garage Door Repair Houston, TX - Easy Garage Door Services

Garage Door Repair Houston, TXEasy Garage Door Services is the premier provider of garage door repair services Houston, TX. We understand that a malfunctioning garage door can be a major inconvenienc

Garage Door Repair Houston, TX

What is the price of replacing garage door components?The price to replace a garage door part can vary based on the particular part that has to be changed and the garage door's brand or manufacturer.

6 Fun & Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects

Does your house need a facelift? Your only choice isn’t re-siding and full-on renovating. You can update and upgrade the look of your house in a few simple ways that don’t require a contractor or

Damaged Garage Doors

Like the rest of your house, a garage door requires occasional maintenance or repair. Because of its positioning by the driveway, the garage door can be subjected to bumps by a car or bike, or get tap

Help! Why Won't My Garage Door Close?

A garage is a nice addition to your home. It protects your cars, and it makes it easy for you and your family to unload groceries and other items safely. However, having a garage doesn’t come withou

How to Keep Your Garage Cool during the Summer Months

Summers get hot. And more and more, they stay that way well into September, then start the process all over again in April. As summers become longer and hotter, keeping your home energy efficient and

Riding Mower Wreaks Havoc on Chester Garage Door

Here’s a scene all too common to our team at A1 Door – a new homeowner in Chester, VA, with an unfamiliar piece of lawn equipment, accidentally activates the equipment in the garage and in second

Woman gets Kidnapped by Tilt Up Garage Door

We can all agree that when an overhead garage door keeps closing while someone is in its path, it can be a high stakes situation in terms of safety. But sometimes it’s all fun and games, because no

How to Choose a New Garage Door for Your Home

Your garage door plays a key role in how the outside of your home looks. If you have a dated garage door, it can significantly take away from the overall curb appeal of your home. Getting a new garage

Garage Door Won't Close? Here's Why

A garage door that does not close properly is not just a safety hazard; it also compromises the security of your home. If your garage door doesn't close fully, there are several small issues that may

Dodds Top 10 Garage Doors of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we would like to take the opportunity to highlight some of our favourite garage door installations from the past year.

What to do With a Broken Garage Door Spring

You heard the tell-tale sound coming from the garage and know your garage door spring is broken. With a broken spring, your garage door won't open properly. Replacing the garage door spring can be a c

A Faulty Garage Door is a Risk You Don't Need

A garage door is a convenience many cannot see themselves without. The convenience of entering your home through your garage is a perk many look for in a new home, and it is often one of the first upg

Repair or Replace that Old Garage Door Spring?

If you’re in the Sacramento area and you are dealing with a garage door spring issue, SACS GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is here to help you resolve the problem. Garage door springs can often be repaired or r

Ever Wondered What a Garage Door Replacement Looks Like?

In this video, experienced SACS technicians walk us through replacing a residential garage door. The old garage door on this home was broken down the middle, and replacing it properly meant replacing

Patch A Hole In Your Steel Garage Door

A garage door serves many purposes, from adding an edge to the curb appeal as well protecting your valuables inside; therefore, its regular repair and maintenance are crucial. Even if you have a hole

Ready for a Garage Door Makeover? Here’s Some Stunning Garage Door Imagery for Inspiration

attractive, it turns out that there are a whole slew of amazing artistic options for garage door decoration. You can refinish your door, replace it with a new garage door that’s more modern, or ins

Garage Door Maintenance & Repair Tips to Prepare for the Winter

If you’re in higher elevations, cold weather is hard on garage doors. There are many problems cold, wet weather can cause with various parts of your garage door. The good news is, you don’t have

Garage Door Materials: What are My Options?

The first garage doors were solid slabs of wood, just like their carriage-house predecessors. Then came aluminum and steel. Then fiberglass, and now there are even more options for home garage door d

Get Your Garage Winter Ready

Winter is the hardest season on your garage door with its cold temperatures, heavy snow, and road salt which can lead to rusting. However, when the temperature drops you’re unlikely to want to be in

7 Easy Steps on How to Align Garage Door Sensors

Is your garage door malfunctioning? When your garage door stops performing as efficiently as before, it could be having issues. The sensors, located on either side of the door, play a significant rol

Sustainable Garage Door Construction & Design

Installing a new garage door? Make it green! No – not the color; that’s a choice, and probably not the right one. But you can make your new garage door eco-friendly by taking a few things into co

Getting A Moseley, VA Garage Door Back On Track

In some cases a garage door needs repair simply because its old or improperly maintained and it has faile

7 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Keypad is Not Working

A keypad makes it easy for you and your family to get inside the garage without needing keys or a remote. Just type the code in, and that’s it! You can enter the garage and take your car out. Moreo

Garage Door Repair DIY: Adjusting Your Garage Door’s Cables

The cables on your garage door are one of the most important safety features of your garage door opener’s infrastructure. They help keep your overhead door balanced, but they also act as a safeguar

What to Do if You Can’t Open Your Garage Door

You count on your garage door each and every day. It’s the one thing that stands between your valuable vehicles and the elements, and the one thing that can be moved to allow your car access to the

What to Look For in Your Commercial Garage Door

On our garage door installation blog, we talk a lot about the importance of residential garage doors to day-to-day life—and for good reason! Few homeowners truly appreciate how hard-working these ap

4 Reasons to Buy an Insulated Garage Door

Insulation is a big buzzword here in Minnesota—as it should be! Our winters are frigid, our summers boiling, and our springs and falls too neatly in the middle to be comfortable either way. We buy i

How to Know if You’ve Got a Blocked Garage Door Sensor

Though a garage door may look like a simple mechanism—how much complexity does it take to mechanically raise and lower something, really?—it’s made of a variety of moving parts, each integral to

How Much Does a New Garage Door Cost in Toronto?

Summary: What’s Included in the Garage Door Price? What Influences the Price? Garage Door Sizes Garage Door Insulation Garage Door Styles Garage Door Materials Garage Door Windows   Garage door pri

5 Reasons To Reset Your Garage Door Code

Using a manual garage door is quite a cumbersome task; getting out and opening it yourself or asking someone else to do it for you is a big no-no. Remotes make your life pretty easy; you only have to

5 Cool Garage Door Tips to Automate and Update Your Home’s Appearance

Your garage door, as unglamorous as it may seem, is often the first thing a visitor sees when approaching your home. The garage door plays a vital role in your home’s curb appeal and functionality,

Why is one side of my garage door higher than the other?

Image by Dan Musick Your garage door is the largest mechanical part of your home and so it’s important to pay close attention to it and make sure it’s running smoothly. Unfortunately garage door m

13 Methods To Safely Bypass Garage Door Sensors

A properly functioning sensor of the garage door is crucial for safety. If it stops working, the whole household is potentially at risk of an unfortunate incident. In some circumstances, it gets stuc

Noisy Garage Doors? 5 Things That Could Be The Culprit

When your garage door makes noise, it often indicates something is wrong. If your opener makes strange sounds, there’s a good chance this is due to one of the following issues. If you have a noisy

About Dodds Doors

Dodds Doors has been proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1958. We understand what Canadian homeowners need in a garage door installation and repair company, that’s why we are committed to

Dodds Wins Consumer Choice Award for 21st Year

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26XrAWHvFRg For the past 21 years Dodds Garage Doors has received the Consumer Choice Award as the best garage door company in the Greater Toronto Ontario. The entire D

Why People Prefer Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

A garage door is a common staple in any house. Today you won’t typically find a house that doesn’t have a garage and a garage door. Some people prefer to keep their garage doors manual, and other

Learn How to Change a Garage Door Code in 4 Easy Steps

Garages not only offer a parking space for your car but also protect it from theft or worse. Nowadays, many homeowners opt for an automatic garage door as it comes with a remote, making it easier to

Why Does a Garage Door Rust and How to Prevent it

You just got a new garage door or a new coat of paint over your old door. While passing through the garage, you notice rust patches on the door or rusty edges. Now you are thinking, what was the poin

5 Tips to Choose the Right Garage Door for Your Home

A garage door is more than a gateway to your home. It is also the first and last thing visitors see when visiting, as well as an aesthetic focal point of the front entryway. With all these factors pl

Wondering How to Lubricate Garage Door?

Our mind does not always go to garage door maintenance until we notice a problem. As a result, the garage door might start making noises and eventually stop working. To avoid this, you should lubrica

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Opener Battery

Today you will not find any garage doors that operate manually. Nowadays, this is a very rare case and is very situational. Most garage doors today work via electricity and are automatic. You can fin

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Colour

The garage door colour significantly impacts the overall look of the home’s curb appeal. So, make sure you pick the right colour for your home. Many garage door colours are possible to customize the

5 Tips to Keep Your Commercial Garage Cool in the Summer

The summer heat can be brutal on commercial properties. The danger of heat stress, exhaustion, and dehydration among employees is serious as temperatures soar. If you manage a commercial garage and a

Evaluating the ADA Compliance of Your Commercial Garage Doors

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal civil rights law prohibiting discrimination against individuals with disabilities. The ADA requires public and commercial buildings to be access

Commercial Garage Doors for School Buildings

At first glance, choosing the right commercial garage doors for your school might not seem challenging. However, when you consider that these doors must withstand harsh weather conditions and lots of

How To Increase Your Garage Door’s Curb Appeal On A Budget

Your garage door has the potential to add to the overall attractiveness of your home’s exterior–its curb appeal–whether you are planning to keep your home or list it for sale. When someone firs

5 Tips for Commercial Garage Door Maintenance to Keep Your Facility Safe and Secure

Keeping your commercial garage door in good working order is one of the easiest ways to keep your business secure and running smoothly. Maintaining your commercial facility can also help reduce the r

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Company to Install Your Door

It may be tempting to go to your local home improvement retailer and attempt to DIY your garage door installation however, you get what you pay for when it comes to garage door installation. Unlike a

5 Tips for Matching Garage and Entry Doors

Whether you are constructing a new home, renovating, or renewing your home’s exterior look, matching garage and entry doors is a simple yet effective way to enhance your facade’s appeal and the va

4 Trending garage door designs to boost your curb appeal this 2022

A garage door can be an important part of your home’s exterior and installing a new one can definitely boost your home’s value. If you are looking to upgrade your garage door in 2022, consider one


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