How to keep up motivation

How to keep up motivation

Why Every Marketer Should See The Martian Immediately

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The Power of a Positive Environment on Your Everyday Life

In this episode of The Lifehack Show, I talk about the importance of creating a positive environment so that you can stay motivated and always achieve what you want in life. I will show you the 4 cha

11 Reasons Why We Fail to Achieve Our Goals

Thinking up a goal is the easy part. Pinpointing the specifics of a goal, developing a plan of action, and then following through with that plan of action and pushing past the inevitable obstacles tha

What Is a Complete Life? 5 Rules to Live By

“You complete me!” It sounds like a sappy phrase from a romantic movie. Sometimes, however, we do have experiences that make us feel that way. Imagine the feeling you have after eating a delicious

How To Take Action Towards Your Goals Right Now

“I’m living in a real-life groundhogs day?” is my first thought as I begin another bleary-eyed morning, puttering around trying to muster up the energy to do something. The ideas fly around in m

3 Hidden Reasons Why You Fail at What You Do

Why do I fail at everything? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, join the club! Failure is a normal part of life. It comes with the territory of being a human being on planet Earth. Think a

9 Best Blood Pressure Monitors You Can Use at Home

Currently, 26% of the world population is suffering from blood pressure-related health problems[1], and this staggering figure is estimated to rise in the coming years given the obscurity of the condi

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Give Up on Love

Looking for love is an exciting adventure. You get to meet new people, go out and have fun dates, and maybe, just maybe, meet the love of your life. But dating can also be a huge bummer, and there are

10 Best Wireless Headphones For Running

Running is like a meditation for some people. With each step, they get away from their daily problems and feel relaxed once they have completed that one-mile run.  But as the years go by and technolo

6 Ways to Finish Strong (When Your Momentum Is Low)

There are times in your life when you will have to define a path to achieve your goals. These are moments to decide how you will push through a finish strong. Will you give up or give it all that it t

10 Easy At-Home Leg Toning Workouts for Women

As you grow older, it becomes hard to balance and have stability in your joints if you’re not engaging in leg toning workouts. You start losing muscle mass, strength, and function over time. Further

9 Powerful Tips to Help You Turn a Bad Day Around

“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.” Henry David Thoreau “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson Some d

Don’t Compare Your Life to Someone’s Highlight Reel

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.” Lao Tzu Today I’d like to focus on a negative habit that creates insecurity within, erod

How to Get More Done with (a Lot) Less Stress: 12 Daily Habits

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein “Think simple” as my old master used to say –

How to Stop Being Pessimistic: 10 Positive Thinking Tips

One of the most powerful habits that I’ve picked up in the past 10+ years is to stop being pessimistic and to think in a more optimistic and constructive way instead. It makes life feel lighter and

How to Stop Catastrophizing: 7 Helpful Steps

One of the most destructive daily habits I carried with me for a long time and I think is a very common one for many people was the thought habit of catastrophizing. What is catastrophizing? This is w

15 Simple Ways to Spread Happiness and Kindness Around You

“Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.” Albert Schweitzer “A single act of kindness throws out

61 New Beginnings Quotes to Help You Get a Fresh Start

Today I'd like to share a collection of quotes about new beginnings. This one's for you that wants to make a change in your life. Get a fresh start. Let go of something and move on to something better

Ten Best YouTube Alternatives for 2019

​YouTube has had a brilliant run as the top video sharing site for quite a few years. Many of us have used YouTube for tutorials, to publish our views, and get news that isn't being reported elsewhe

4 Simple Steps To More Traffic With InStream Ads

When you search online for some information, which site do you usually go first? Google? Well, you’re not alone! Google is still undoubtedly the world’s top search engine, used by the majority whe

Why Every Marketer Should See The Martian Immediately

I hear it pretty often in the support desk, where people write to me and tell me all the reasons they CAN’T .They can’t afford it.They are poor because they do charity work.They can’t do it beca

WP Tweet Machine Review + Bonus

Automate Tweeting of Content from multiple sources including Feeds, Video, and Images. Build your twitter account following very fast by retweeting/following other users based on keywords, hashtags, o

Shopitect Affiliate Store Builder Review + Bonus

Shopitect is an Amazon, Ebay, and Commission Junction affiliate store builder with extra conversion features and marketing features built in.

EasyVSL 2.0 Review + Bonus

Start Creating Amazing Video Sales Letters Now. Video Creator Products are Everywhere… But are they actually any Good? Check out my in depth review of EasyVSL 2.0 to find out.

How to Get Daily Viral Image Content on Autopilot with RSS Feeds

In this video you’ll learn how to automate the collecting of highly shareable “viral images” that you can use? as content in your social media accounts, on your blog etc to drive traffic.The gre

Autopilot Daily Video Content with YouTube RSS Feeds and IFTTT

YouTube Videos provide a great way to add useful content to your blog on a regular basis without having to spend a lot of time creating videos yourself. Plus, we all know that Google loves video embe

Create Your Own Smart, Custom Feed Reader– Using Gmail

RSS Feeds provide a great way to help businesses, bloggers, and online marketers keep up with the content demands of social media accounts, content marketing, seo and traffic generation, and even PBN


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