Lead Paint News Stories: Serious Problem For Kids

Milwaukee children have more than three times the national average level in their blood tests, and that is a serious problem. The city contends that peeling and flaking lead paint (which is often lurking in older homes, and which has been in place for decades) is largely to blame for this.

A Public Health Approach to Addressing Lead | US EPA

Describes EPA’s achievements in reducing childhood lead exposures and emphasizes the need to continue actions to further reduce lead exposures, especially in those communities where exposures remain

Lead Paint News Stories: Lead A Serious Problem For Children Today - Lead Defender® by ECOBOND®

When we hear about increased risk of lead poisoning in industrial cities, most of us think of old black and white photographs of the days before regulations and protections that were designed to keep

With Federal Aid on the Table, Utilities Shift to Embrace Climate Goals

As billions in government subsidies were at stake, the electric utility industry shed its opposition to clean-air regulation and put its lobbying muscle behind passing President Biden’s climate bill

Train Your Brain

We know what we need to do for the climate, so why don’t we just do it? A neurosurgeon explains.

French Police Guard Water as Seasonal Drought Intensifies

New reservoirs designed to supply French farms with water in increasingly arid growing seasons have attracted opposition from environmentalists.

Giving Thanks for a Beloved Sugar Maple

A majestic tree is fading fast. For the people who loved it, it’s like losing a family member.

U.N. Mission Joins Growing Calls to Label Great Barrier Reef ‘In Danger’

The report’s authors said current conservation efforts were not enough to address the “ongoing and increasingly serious challenge” presented by climate change.

How Green is Your Cruise?

As cruise companies head into their busiest season, they say they have ambitious plans to find cleaner sources of fuel. But critics say the progress is too slow.

Meet the Man on a Mission to Expose Sneaky Price Increases

Edgar Dworsky has become the go-to expert on “shrinkflation,” when products or packaging are manipulated so people get less for their money.

A Holiday Gift Guide

It’s Black Friday, the unofficial start of the year-end shopping season. We’ve got ideas for stuff that isn’t stuff.

Meet the Mice Who Make the Forest

Scientists are unearthing a quiet truth about the woods: Where trees grow, or don’t, depends in part on the quirky decisions of small mammals.

How Do You Tell a Vandal From a Visitor? Art Museums Are Struggling.

It’s not easy to stop a determined climate protester, museum directors say, even as they fear for their masterpieces.

Protecting Children From Lead Paint Poisoning in the Spotlight -Two Businesses Closed Down Due to Lead Contamination

In a news report from CBS News in San Francisco, inspectors from Santa Clara County Health Department closed down two firms deemed to have dangerous lead levels at their premises. A gymnastic and an

EPA Issues Stricter Lead Regulations to Protect Children from the Dangers of Lead Paint.

For the 1st time in almost 20 years, the EPA issued more substantial lead clearance levels to protect American children from the dangers of lead. This final rule will lower the clearance levels for

Discussion with Nationally Recognized Expert on the Dangers of Lead, Dr. Nicholas Basta, Presenting the Findings of His Research Study on Lead-Based Paint. The Mitigation of Lead Hazards and Bio-Accessibility from Lead-Based Paint

  ECOBOND® Paint:      Welcome to this conversation about bioaccessibility and extractability of ECOBOND® LeadDefender® treated lead-based paint. We are joined by Dr. Nicholas Basta, profes

Ecobond Lead Paint Treatment Product Comparison

WHY JUST COVER UP THE LEAD ISSUE WHEN YOU CAN TREAT IT! THESE ARE THE FACTS: Covering up the problem still leaves the problem. ECOBOND® LeadDefender® is the ONLY paint product designed to seal &amp


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