Louisiana fishing charters

Southeastern Louisiana has some of the best fishing in the United States. Booking Inshore Louisiana Fishing Charters is an excellent and exciting way to experience great fishing action without breaking the bank. Plus, experiencing the beauty of the marshes, bayous, and bays is worth the price of admission alone. If you are planning a trip, Barataria Bait and Tackle in Louisiana offers some of the best Louisiana Fishing Charters available.

Fishing Charters – Barataria Bait and Tackle

Best Louisiana Fishing Charters and guided fishing trips. We offer both Saltwater Fishing Charters and Freshwater Fishing Charters and are centrally located on the Westbank near New Orleans, Metarie,

Louisiana Outdoors News

Get Baton Rouge, Louisiana latest Outdoors news. Find photos and videos, comment on the news, and join the forum discussions at NOLA.com

WEBINAR: How to Attack Redfish Ponds in Louisiana

See how I approach, enter and fish redfish ponds here in Louisiana. These tips help me catch more redfish! You are unauthorized to view this page. Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password

SEMINAR: How to Find Great Fishing Spots for Speckled Trout and Redfish (6/21/18 – Metairie)

This is my seminar from June 21st in Metairie, detailing how I find great fishing spots specific to speckled trout and redfish. You are unauthorized to view this page.

SEMINAR: Elements of Effective Fishing (6/14/18 – Baton Rouge)

Everything you need to know to always catch fish at any spot. (plus Q&A) You are unauthorized to view this page.

How to Find the Knowledge You’re Looking For

I have tons of kickass fishing knowledge at your disposal. Here’s the best way to sift through it all. How to Search Louisiana Fishing Blog The Internet is an awesome thing, making information easy

The #1 Reason I Bass Fish

Fishing in “freshwater” is beneath some inshore anglers, but they wouldn’t think so if they knew what’s in this blog post. Why I Go Bass Fishing The reason is really simple: because it makes m

Wanna fish Louisiana? You may need this flying boat!

Do you plan on staying in Louisiana? Then you may want to trade in your bay boat for a “bay plane”. I tell you why. Louisiana’s Insane Water Access Laws It’s pretty easy to get PO’d over Lou

How long did this redfish grow in 206 days?

He was at large for 206 days before being recaptured (and re-released). So how long did he grow in that span of time? How Fast This Redfish Grew I love tagging redfish and speckled trout, because it's

Walkthrough of Gnartooth (for sight fishing)

Sometimes it helps to see how someone else has their boat laid out. See how mine is rigged for sight fishing reds! You are unauthorized to view this page.

Gerald Swindle nails it with this joke!

The G-man, never lacking his sense of humor, offers this unique solution when fishing near Louisiana’s waters. The Sabine River Practice Hat Professional bass anglers on the Bassmaster Elite Series

Why You Should *Always* Wear Eye Protection

You’ll laugh when you see this, but it still drives home how important it is to fish safely. Don’t Hook Your Eye Awhile back in April myself and Captain Kevin Wartberg (of Elite Fishing Adventures


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