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Louisiana Fishing Charters provide top-shelf guided fishing trips and are centrally located on the Westbank near New Orleans, Metarie, Slidell, Chalmette and outlying areas to including Marrero, Barataria, Gretna, Belle Chasse, Jean Lafitte, and Lafitte waterways. Our South Louisiana fishing charters are the best. We know the Louisiana waterways, marshes, bays, bayous, barataria basin and Jean Lafitte areas like the back of our hand.

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1/6/2018 Dead-End Canals in Hopedale

Ended the day with a limit of redfish and left 'em biting. This is how. You are unauthorized to view this page. Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password

Why the heck did I buy a bass boat?

Let me clear the air on something that seems sort of oddball for saltwater fishing! The End of GnarTooth During 2017 it was becoming pretty clear that I needed a new boat, because the Blog was growing

1/4/2018 – Geoghagen Canal

How we put together a decent box of fish despite freezing temperatures on the thermometer. You are unauthorized to view this page.

1/3/2018 Redfish Jubilee DSI

I had two non-fishing goals for this fishing trip, one of which had surprising results. You are unauthorized to view this page.

Webinar 1: Elements of Effective Fishing w/ Devin Denman

Learn the knowledge and skills I use to make sure I never leave biting fish on the table. You are unauthorized to view this page.

Why I am a Card-Carrying CCA Member

Some have given me a hard time for it, others don’t see why it’s a big deal. So let me explain. Being a CCA Member Why would I ever be a member of the Coastal Conservation Association? Isn’t CCA

What I Learned at the Redfish Jubilee

If redfish are there, they will definitely bite. Or is that wrong? In this previous article I shared my experience at the Redfish Jubilee. No, I did not go to catch! Instead, I went to learn, so that

Get my weekly analysis of the latest fishing conditions :)

I hate spammy email. That’s why I created this email list to give you the best possible fishing advice for south Louisiana. I cannot even begin to tell you guys how much I hate being sold to. Surely

What’s up with Cottonmouth Boats?

Here is the final update on what’s going on with Cottonmouth Boats and LAFB. Earlier in 2017 Cottonmouth Boats and Louisiana Fishing Blog had teamed up to build an awesome inshore fishing boat. It w

Good times with one of my favorite clients

They were a little slow to get started, but we finally talked a few speckled trout into cooperating. Overall, it was a great day with Loren Leblanc and Beacon Roofing Supply. Jakamo South is a Louisia

Its not how you start…

Justin Frey, Ben, and Darren joined me for what ended up being a great day. I say that because this morning was slow. After my first four stops, I only had nine speckled trout in the Kysek and things

It’s still on in Breton Sound

Deep, Jacob, and Tommy jumped on board for an excellent speckled trout trip out of Shell Beach Louisiana. Campo’s live shrimp 4 inches under a popping cork was all it took to fill up the Kysek. Spec

I wish every day was this easy!

Stacy and George brought Ron out for a fishing charter on his birthday. The action was unreal and my crew showed no mercy for the speckled trout on this trip. From the moment we dropped the anchor, it

Whacking ’em and stacking ’em!

Justin Frey and the Grimaldi brothers, Gene and Augie, joined me for a one stop shop in Shell Beach. A lively Campo’s live shrimp on a Carolina rig was all it took to top off the Kysek early so we c

Off the Charts Speckled Trout Fishing

Byrum Carpenter and his crew from Shreveport, La showed up in Shell Beach for 2 days of off the charts fishing action. Captain Jonathan Sanchez and I ran this crew together and we both did well. The a

The Speckled Trout holds strong out of Shell Beach

Brad, Pat, and Brian took a boat ride with me out of Shell Beach, La with speckled trout on the brain. This crew was ready and so were the specks. The fishing was hot and steady from the second the Ca

Speckled Trout fishing never gets old

Robin, a great client of mine, brought Zac and Alec down fishing for another speckled trout smack down. I pulled up on the same reef I fished the previous day and the shrimp and glass minnows were eve

An ice chest full of speckled trout

Justin Frey and his 2 friends Lee and Jon B climbed on board the boat for another one stop shop in Shell Beach. The speckled trout bite has been off the wall and today was no different. We absolutely

Not a bad birthday!

Janet Fabre-Smith bought her husband, Larry, a fishing charter for his birthday. So Larry and his friend David showed up in Shell Beach to get in on the phenomenal speckled trout bite that we have had

Louisiana Fishing Charters- Want to Experience Fishing in Louisiana?

Louisiana Fishing Charters ... Call 1(504) 509 - HOOK ...To Go Fishing in Louisiana NOW!! http://www.baratariabaitandtackle.com/fishing-charters/ Let's go Hookem Rockstars!!We offer premiere Salw


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