Creative Thinking for Leaders

Creative thinking is about being innovative in a way that is original and effective for generating the result you desire. Here are so key things to keep in mind about being creative as a leader.

Creative and Critical Thinking

The Synergy of Creative and Critical Thinking Critical thinking is the active, persistent and careful consideration of a belief or form of knowledge. It includes analysis and

Why Is Delegation Important in Leadership?

Are you a manager with a to-do list that seems to stretch for miles? You finalize a client proposal, answer a barrage of emails, troubleshoot a team conflict, and try to make headway on a strategic p

How to Be a Better Planner: Avoid the Planning Fallacy

Ever caught yourself thinking, “I thought I had enough time for this!” or, “Why am I always running late on my plans?” It’s like a never-ending loop of setting goals, missing the mark, then

Why Motivation Follows Action, Not the Other Way Round

Think about the last time you wanted to make a change. How many of us, when seeking that spark of motivation, sit and wait for some external force to suddenly light a fire within us? It’s a familia

15 Work-Life Balance Books to Help You Take Control of Life

In today’s digital era, the lines between work and life have become increasingly blurred. A recent survey[1] paints a concerning picture: 65% of individuals state that their remote work schedules h

How to Use a Planner Effectively

For many of us, the chaos of modern life feels like a treadmill set at an impossible pace…. You’re racing through your day, juggling a dozen tasks at once. Deadlines are breathing down your neck,

How to Boost Your Energy

Ever feel like you’re running on empty? Maybe you’re a manager juggling a never-ending to-do list, or a parent slogging through another day of work, chores, and childcare. Your energy gauge is fl

Delegating Leadership Style: What Is It & When To Use It?

In the bustling command center of the 1969 Apollo 11 mission, Flight Director Gene Kranz was a portrait of calm in a storm of complex tasks and critical decisions. As the person ultimately responsibl

The Fear of Delegating Work To Others

Do you ever catch yourself holding back from handing over a task, even when you’re swamped with work? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. It’s a human tendency to grip the reins of control

5 Best Apps to Help You Delegate Tasks Easily

In a world where convenience is king, digital tools have revolutionized the art of delegation. Gone are the days when assigning a task meant a physical handoff – imagine walking stacks of papers fr

Creative Thinking: 6 Ways to Discover New Ideas (That Don’t Rely on Eureka Moments)

Creative thinking is the act of expressing an idea or solving a problem in a novel and useful way. Though it might seem abstract, thinking creatively really comes down to knowing what you want to acc

How Many YouTube Channels Have Over 1 Million Subscribers? Data Reveals the Answer.

There are approximately 41,900 YouTube channels with over 1 million subscribers. This estimate is based on publicly available data. Thanks to Jacob Bates who first shared this approach on his blog. T

Amateur Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting from Scratch

Amateur blogging is when a blog is independently run by a single author or a small team, not a large corporation. An amateur blog may be focused on one topic, multiple, or even cover parts of the aut

The 7 Most Important Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs (Learned from Experience)

I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly twelve years. When I was last employed, I worked at Shopify profiling dozens of entrepreneurs in our magazine and podcast. After so much time spent practicing a

Let the Data Talk: 8 Data Visualization Tools for Created Custom Charts and Graphics

Most writers, bloggers, and content marketers aren’t great designers. That’s where data visualization tools come in: if you’re in need of a clean, simple chart or graphic, these tools can help

The 25 Best Content Creation Tools for Running High-Impact Content Marketing Programs

Content creation is a craft, and all crafts are influenced by their tools. So, what does the toolkit of the modern content writer or content marketer look like? Well, that depends on who you ask. I p

The 12 Best Content Marketing Tools for High-Impact Teams (No Fluff)

After 15 years of experience running content marketing programs for startups, global public companies like Shopify, and my own content-driven businesses, I’ve ended up trying a lot of tools. The tr

The 5 Content Marketing Metrics I Recommend to Track Performance

Marketing is a game best played with a scorecard, and the metrics you use will determine the type of game you end up playing. Picking relevant metrics matters when you’re playing to win. At the tim

How to Grow a Podcast: Lessons from Over 8 Million Downloads

For five years, I led the team responsible for producing and growing the Shopify Masters podcast, which is (obviously) owned by Shopify. When I left, the podcast had earned over 8 million downloads,

6 Non-Obvious Blogging Tools I Use to Run Multi-Million Dollar Blogs

Over the years, I’ve run blogs and content marketing programs for small startups to massive public companies like Shopify, where I lead the content and media teams. In these competitive spaces, the

Re-Entering The Workplace

How To Achieve Good Workplace Performance When Re-Entering The Workplace If you’ve been out of work for some time, the prospect of starting a new [...]

Why Surveys Are Beneficial for Businesses

Why Surveys Are Beneficial for Businesses There are a variety of actions a business can take to improve the overall performance standards of their employees, such as engaging [...]

Enhance Your Working Memory and Become More Efficient

Enhance Your Working Memory and Become More Efficient   It happens to all of us. We forget the phone number we just looked up, the [...]

A Better Manager is a Better Listener

A Better Manager is a Better Listener HR professionals are in the unique position of being able to cover both the organization or company they [...]

The Best Advice I Ever Got

    The Best Advice I Ever Got     In the March 21, 2005 issue of Fortune Paul Vivek shared the “The Best Advice [...]

Stuck in a Hole

    Coaching and Mentoring Stuck in a Hole     In an episode of The West Wing, the White House Chief of Staff Leo [...]

The Mexican Fisherman

    The Mexican Fisherman Author Unknown     The American investment banker was at the pier of a small coastal Mexican village when a [...]

Stone soup

  Stone Soup There was once a village struck by famine and the people there were starving. Children ran around on spindly legs, and as [...]

New Year’s Resolution Strategies

    New Year’s Resolution Strategies   According to the University of Scranton: Journal of Clinical Psychology (Research Date: 1/1/2014), only eight (8%) percent of [...]

Performance Management System

  Performance Management System – Best Practices for Successfully Measuring Results   In every organization, a performance management system is critical to the success and [...]


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