Exercise And Tennis Elbow

How to exercise when injured, avoid and treat Tennis Elbow and other tendon injuries that are related to exercising, working or playing sports.

Survivorship Clinics a Crucial Part of Cancer Treatment

Getting the word out about cancer survivorship resources is among the challenges the oncology field faces today, as well as innovating to meet the evolving needs of a more diverse population of cancer

Tennis elbow: Strengthening and stretching exercises - InformedHealth.org - NCBI Bookshelf

Special stretching and strengthening exercises can relieve the symptoms of tennis elbow – but patience and perseverance are needed too. As shown in the following examples, the exercises are easy to

Creative Ways to Keep Your Retirement Budget in Check

It can be hard to transition from a regular paycheck to a fixed retirement income. But with a little planning, you can keep enjoying your favorite things.

Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine | Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

Since our founding in 1952, the Department of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine at CUIMC has driven numerous innovations in rehabilitation medicine.

Women Pay Billions More in Out-of-Pocket Health Costs a Year

The report focused on working women, who analysts found pay as much as $15.4 billion more a year than men in out-of-pocket health care expenses. This spans age brackets, holding true for women 19 to 6

Dealing With Menopause and Anxiety

Read one woman's story about how perimenopause affected her emotional well-being. And get expert tips on how to manage menopause anxiety.

Exercises To Avoid When You Have Tennis Elbow

Which upper-body strength-training exercises should you avoid, stop or modify when you have a Tennis Elbow injury? - Should you use dumbbells or barbells? What about muscle isolation? Is it better to

Advocate for Yourself as a Person of Color on Medicare

Medicare improves access to health insurance, but disparities in medical care remain. Here’s how to advocate for yourself as an older person of color.

What It's Like to Live Well With Schizophrenia

20 million people around the world have schizophrenia. But this conditions still carries a lot of stigma. Find out how two individuals with schizophrenia find hope, succeed in life, and defeat stereot

Personal Menopause Experience

A retired schoolteacher shares lessons she learned about "the change," from dealing with early signs and managing symptoms to embracing life "on the other side."

The Emotional Shock of Retirement

The end of your working life can bring conflicting emotions. Learn why retirement causes anxiety and depression, and how to prepare for the changes ahead.

Making the Best Medicare Decision for You

It can be tricky to make a Medicare decision that best fits your needs. Here are some expert tips for finding a plan that works for you.

Beyond Finances: Other Types of Retirement Planning

Building a retirement fund isn’t enough to prepare for life after work. Consider the social and emotional aspects of retirement, too.

Could Antibiotics Be The Cause Of Your Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow Or Other Tendon Injury Pain?

‘Fluoroquinolone’ antibiotics, like Cipro, are known to cause tendon damage – including Tennis and Golfer's Elbow and even tendon ruptures

Can You Heal A Tendon Tear Without Surgery – With Tennis Elbow Or Golfer’s Elbow?

How some tendon tears + damage can be healed with less invasive alternatives like PRP, Tenex, etc. Focusing on Tennis Elbow & Golfer's Elbow

Muscle / Tendon Growth Disparities, Tendinopathies And The Effects Of Sport-Specific Strength Training

Video: Doctors discuss muscle / tendon growth rate disparities, tendon injuries & long-term effects of sport-specific strength train programs

Strength Coach Says: ‘Exercise Tennis Elbow – But Don’t Overstretch?’

Strength Coach, Eric Wong, demonstrates three exercise techniques for treating Tennis Elbow, prioritizing strengthening over stretching

When Should You Get An MRI For Tennis Elbow Or Golfer’s Elbow?

When is an MRI truly necessary for Tennis Elbow or Golfer's Elbow? Do you need it for diagnosis? What will it tell you about your injury?

Treating & Beating Angler’s Or Fisherman’s Elbow – Inner Or Outer Elbow Pain & Injury From Fishing

How to understand + treat frustrating, painful fishing-related elbow overuse injuries - And avoid common mistakes that impede anglers recovery

3 Tips For Sleeping With Golfer’s & Tennis Elbow Pain: Best / Worst Arm Positions, Remedies, Etc.

Why Tennis & Golfer's Elbow hurt so much at night & early AM, and what to do to help yourself sleep: Positions, braces, heat vs. ice, meds, etc.

Pianist Shares Golfer’s Elbow Story + Offers Tips To Piano Players – Andrew Furmanczyk Interview

Pianist Andrew Furmanczyk shares Tendonitis recovery story + offers prevention / treatment tips for injured, hurting piano players


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