Boomer Women Mindset Tip #2

Beware of the unbidden thoughts that distract you and take you off course! It can be as simple as a song or jingle that is constantly playing in your head. This is the perfect time to tell yourself what to think.

U.S. drug makers see big profits — but many pay taxes far below the corporate rate

Drugmakers make big profits in the U.S. But many pay taxes far below the 21% corporate tax rate. Pfizer's effective tax rate is so low it's getting a big refund despite booking $59 billion in revenue.

Remembering Joel Breman, Ebola pioneer and beloved global health mentor

Pioneering disease investigator and beloved global health mentor Joel Breman died on April 6 at the age of 87. Breman was part of the team that investigated the first known Ebola outbreak in 1976.

CDC warns that measles spike poses a 'renewed threat' to the disease's elimination

So far this year, the U.S. has seen more than 120 cases of the highly contagious disease — more than double the cases for all of 2023. Still, chances of widespread transmission remains low.

Florida blocks heat protections for workers right before summer

Miami-Dade County had proposed rules that would give workers breaks, water, and shade when it's too hot. But a new state law prevents cities and counties from doing that.

An artificial womb could build a bridge to health for premature babies

Artificial wombs could someday save babies born very prematurely. Even though the experimental technology is still in animal tests, there are mounting questions about its eventual use with humans.

Arizona attorney general says she won't enforce a 164-year-old abortion law

NPR's Leila Fadel speaks with Attorney General Kris Mayes, a Democrat who has vowed to not enforce a sweeping abortion ban upheld by the state's supreme court.

After 40 years of smoking, she survived lung cancer thanks to new treatments

Scientific advances in immunotherapy and new targeted therapies have increased survival rates. But screening among former and current smokers still needs to improve to save more lives.

What to know about the new EPA rule limiting 'forever chemicals' in tap water

Wednesday the Environmental Protection Agency announced new drinking water standards to limit people's exposure to some PFAS chemicals. For decades, PFAS have been used to waterproof and stain-proof a

An elementary school in Kansas is combating bad behavior — by putting kids to work

A pilot program in elementary schools gives kids meaningful work as a way to handle post-pandemic behavior problems.

Here are 3 solutions to get blood to folks in 'blood deserts.' One is often illegal

Doctors have coined a term to describe places where blood for transfusions is not readily available: "blood deserts." When blood banks aren't around, they try different strategies to help patients.

Emotional Eating & The Mother-Daughter Connection – In Session with Marc David

Managing emotions with food, otherwise known as emotional eating, is something that humans have been doing for millennia. And the reason is simple: when we eat, we reliably feel better – no matter

When Weight Loss Doesn’t Alleviate “Weight Worry” – In Session with Marc David

When it comes to body weight, most of us are focused on one thing: losing it! But many people aren’t prepared for what happens after weight loss.  Any thoughts we may have about post-weight loss l

Why Becoming a “Natural” Eater is Key to Weight Loss – In Session with Marc David

Like so many of us, Cherie, age 56, wants to lose 20 pounds – but without the constant fight and struggle. Cherie has been battling these 20 pounds just about all her adult life – and she’s fee

Why Self-Discipline Can’t Fix All Our Weight Loss Woes – In Session with Marc David

Raelene, 46, would love to lose about 40 kilos. And she’s had great success in the past: all she has to do is eliminate sugar, cut down on the carbs, watch her calories and portion sizing, and the

When Body Insecurities Cause Us to Date the Wrong People  – In Session with Marc David

Barbara, 60, is finally ready to explore the world, go on adventures, and find the man of her dreams. She’s done lots of therapy, read all the books, and it seems like nothing should be in the way.

Tempted to Take a Break from Weight Loss But Afraid of What Will Happen? – In Session with Marc David

If you’ve been dieting for many years, you know it can get to be a little “much.” Chronic dieting can leave us frustrated, exhausted, and exasperated. Why does something so simple – weight lo

Emotional Eating in Uncertain Times: It’s Time to Forgive & Let Go – In Session with Marc David

Emotional eating: it’s something so many people beat themselves up for. But too often, we don’t acknowledge the real and legitimate reasons why we do it in the first place. Like other eating chal

Stop Waiting to Lose Weight So You Can Find Love – In Session with Marc David

It’s no surprise that many people around the world would like to lose weight. In fact, between 2017 and 2021, 55% of all Americans have expressed the desire for weight loss. And unfortunately, many

Why We Need to Get Rid of the Term ‘Body Dysmorphia’ – In Session with Marc David

Body dysmorphia affects up to 2.4% of the worldwide population, and occurs when we have intense shame, anxiety, and constant focus on perceived physical defects.  Body dysmorphia is considered a men

MIndset Tip 2 - YouTube

Beware of the unbidden thoughts that distract you and take you off course! It can be as simple as a song or jingle that is constantly playing in your head. ...

Thanksgiving Contest!

Well world-changers…goodbye are the days of lounging poolside, getting your tan on, and indulging in cool treats (although, I suppose ice cream is good to have all year round!). The crisp air, leav

7 Days to Blissful Living 6

Take control of your thoughts and live the blissful life you desire and deserve.

7 Days To Blissful Living 5

Waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and not really knowing why? Perhaps it is because you've allowed your bliss to disappear. When was the last time you felt really blissful?

7 Days To Blissful Living 3

You live every day; you only die once! Live each moment in bliss because you choose it.

7 Days to Blissful Living2

Recapture the bliss of your youth! Now is the time to remember the joy you felt the first time you rode your bike, climbed a tree, learned a dance, sang a song, and everyone clapped. You were so exci

7 Days To Blissful Living

Have you ever noticed how blissful babies are? They are born blissful and use their time smiling, gurgling and laughing. Isn't it time you reclaim your birthright? Join the 7 Days To Blissful Livin

Make This Year Count — A Letter From Our Founder

To all those beginning a new school year, September has arrived.There is something quite exciting about waking up the day that you start a new grade or move to a new school. It’s a little nerve-wra

follow your own path

It doesn't matter your age or what you've done previously. Now is the time to release the path that does not support you. Today is the time to follow your own path. In this article, I talk about li

Inez Bracy Concentrate On Those Things You Enjoy

Increase your success rate by concentrating on the things you enjoy. You will notice that you get more completed. As you increase your success you will learn to delegate the things you don't enjoy.

Inez Bracy - Be Willing To See Your Truth

What is true for you? Know who you are, know you're living your purpose and set boundaries. Seeing and being your truth supports you in living authentically and purposefully. Come on over to http:

Empower Yourself Through “Self-Talk”

You know that little voice in your head that just loves to remind you of how embarrassing it was when you slipped up in class yesterday, or how much you can’t stand the colour of your bedroom walls

Be a Fearless Female

It’s a big world out there, and there are seemingly so many things to be afraid of. Being a girl can make facing your fears difficult, because we are told that our gender makes it okay to be scared

Lessons Learned from Female Inventors

Have you ever stopped for a moment to appreciate your surroundings and thought “hmm, I wonder who invented that?” Who created all of the things we use on a daily basis, but do not think twice abo

Supportive Surroundings Build Self-determination

“Just because you’ve never done something before, it doesn’t mean you can’t. It means you have the opportunity to learn something new, and prove just what you are capable of. ” I spent the


GIRL TALK Empowerment Day 2015 was our BIGGEST celebration yet!! Approximately 1,200 girls aged 11-18, along with group supervisors, filled the space to hear inspiring messages from a knockout lineup

So Close to Game Time!

Our team has been working so hard to bring together GIRL TALK Empowerment Day 2015, and we can’t believe how close we are to game time. It’s easy for us to get wrapped up in the execution of the

3 Ways to Get Involved at GIRL TALK 2015

With just over two weeks until GIRL TALK Empowerment Day 2015, we want to make sure you know exactly how you can participate on Wednesday, June 3. Attending With Your School Chapter As an attendee, g

Show Some Love for the Mamas!

This past Sunday gave us an excuse to send some extra love to our number one role models - our moms. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to thank all the women who have cared for us, raised us,


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