HVAC Repair Bensalem, PA

HVAC Repair Bensalem, PA PJ MAC HVAC Service & Repair in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, offers heating and air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance to both residential and commercial clients. Furnaces, air handlers, air purifiers, humidifiers, thermostats, and ductless air conditioners are among the items we service. As a local, family-owned and operated HVAC contractor, we provide free installation estimates on all brands of heating and cooling systems, including Lennox, Carrier, Trane, Goodman, and others.

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HVAC Repair Bensalem, PA

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HVAC Repair Bensalem, PA

HVAC Repair Bensalem, PA - PJ MAC HVAC Service & Repair - (610) 672-3051

HVAC for Hot Desking, Hoteling & the Open Plan Office

With more employees working at home, many companies are making open plan office spaces more efficient by converting them for hot desking and hoteling use. In these environments, workspaces are shared

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Why is a whole home air purifier such a necessity here in NYC? Because the air inside your home is probably 5 times more polluted than the air outside.  That’s because you have outdoor pollution g

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YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE A PLUNGER! If you've got a plunger, chances are you have the wrong one or you just don't know how to use it the right way. In today...

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If you live in a NYC high rise, you’re smart to consider indoor air quality solutions for your home. We know outdoor air in NYC isn’t the greatest. But last summer we experienced extreme conditio

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Like most restaurants, you’re probably throwing out between 4 and 10 percent of the food you buy. If you can find ways to reduce food waste, that savings can go right to your bottom line. Adopting

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If you’re in the market for a new HVAC system, you may be running into new types of equipment you haven’t heard of before. For example, what is a mini split heat pump? Keep reading to learn what

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Learn how to find drafts in your home using a heat detector and find places to stop heat loss.

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Your furnace is one of the most valuable utilities in your home. It helps keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and the chances are that furnac...

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Refrigeration Maintenance & Repairs: Your Questions Answered

Do you really need refrigeration maintenance? How often? Can you do it yourself? Get answers to these questions and more. Can my staff do refrigeration maintenance tasks? Having your cleaning crew pe

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AC Repair in NYC: What Luxury Property Managers Look For

How do you choose the best service provider for AC repair in NYC? Look for the qualities luxury property managers value most. Luxury homeowners have exacting standards, and the stakes are high for ge

The Rooftop Air Conditioner: How Does It Work for NYC Spaces?

The rooftop air conditioner is a staple for commercial spaces in smaller cities. But what about New York City? Could it work for your business? Here’s what you need to know. The best NYC locations

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Learn about modern air conditioning advancements that improve comfort, convenience, and efficiency for luxury homeowners in NYC.  7 features & technologies to look for in modern air conditioning

HVAC Maintenance & Repairs: Your Questions Answered

How often do I need HVAC maintenance? Depending on your system and your cooling requirements, it should be serviced a minimum of once a year, with periodic inspections up to 4 times a year (or more i

Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air in Pooler, GA?

Winter is one of the seasons when you need your heat pump operating at peak efficiency. When it’s not, your home can feel uncomfortably cold. The following are reasons why your heat pump isn’t co

HVAC Efficiency Terms Explained in Hilton Head, SC

Out shopping in Hilton Head, SC, for a new air conditioner? Interested in checking the performance of your existing HVAC system? It never hurts to educate yourself ahead of time. Heating and cooling

Indoor Air Quality Improvement Tips for Pet Owners

Pets are part of the family, and their health is just as important. Stop for a moment and think about this question. Did you ever consider how the air quality inside your Bluffton, SC home can greatl

How to Prevent Your Pooler, GA AC from Blowing Hot Air

If you’ve ever had your Pooler, GA AC blow hot air, then you know how frustrating it can be. You’re trying to stay cool and comfortable, but all you get is a blast of warmth. So, what causes this

3 Signs Your AC Compressor Is on Its Last Leg

Your air compressor is the lifeblood of your Hilton Head, SC home’s cooling system; if it fails and causes your AC to fail, it can be a disaster. The compressor is important because it pressurizes

Savannah, GA Heating Tips: What to Look for in a Heat Pump

Many people automatically assume that heat pumps are only useful for keeping you warm when they’re beneficial for cooling your Savannah, GA home as well. But what should you look for when choosing

5 Common Reasons Your AC Smells

When your air conditioner works properly, it shouldn’t produce any smells. If you smell something odd when it comes on, that indicates something’s wrong. Here are five common reasons your Hilton

What to Expect During a Spring AC Maintenance Visit in Bluffton, SC

Spring is the best time to schedule a tune-up for your Blufton, SC’s AC system because the technicians aren’t extra busy. AC maintenance services help prolong your system’s life, increase its e

3 Habits That Damage Indoor Air Quality in Your Pooler, GA Home

Keeping your indoor air quality fresh in your Pooler, GA home can be a challenge. For health reasons, it’s important to avoid unhealthy routines that harm your home’s indoor air quality. Here are

Is Your HVAC System Causing You to Lose Sleep in Eden, GA?

Eden, GA experiences heat and humidity during a significant part of the year, which can reduce sleep quality. In addition to these issues, an HVAC system that’s not running optimally can cause issu

HVAC Repair Bensalem, PA

Can you utilize the same ducts for heating and cooling in Bensalem, Pennsylvania? PJ MAC HVAC Service & Repair in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, offers heating and air conditioning repair, installation,

HVAC Repair Bensalem, PA - PJ MAC HVAC Service & Repair

HVAC Repair Bensalem, PAIn Bensalem, PA, can you use the same ducts for heating and cooling?PJ MAC HVAC Service & Repair in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, provides residential and commercial customers w

HVAC Repair Bensalem, PA - PJ MAC HVAC Service & Repair

HVAC Repair Bensalem, PAIn Bensalem, PA, can you use the same ducts for heating and cooling?PJ MAC HVAC Service & Repair in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, provides residential and commercial customers w


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