program subconscious mind

programing the subconscious mind takes a focused effort. Here are some tips to help program your subconscious mind

How to Use Your Unconscious Mind to Achieve Your Goals

The most effective way to change your behavior for the better is to work in tandem with your unconscious mind.

The Unconscious Mind - PMC

The unconscious mind is still viewed by many psychological scientists as the shadow of a “real” conscious mind, though there now exists substantial evidence that the unconscious is not identifiabl

How to Boost Your Energy

Ever feel like you’re running on empty? Maybe you’re a manager juggling a never-ending to-do list, or a parent slogging through another day of work, chores, and childcare. Your energy gauge is fl

Why Motivation Follows Action, Not the Other Way Round

Think about the last time you wanted to make a change. How many of us, when seeking that spark of motivation, sit and wait for some external force to suddenly light a fire within us? It’s a familia

How to Use a Planner Effectively

For many of us, the chaos of modern life feels like a treadmill set at an impossible pace…. You’re racing through your day, juggling a dozen tasks at once. Deadlines are breathing down your neck,

How to Be a Better Planner: Avoid the Planning Fallacy

Ever caught yourself thinking, “I thought I had enough time for this!” or, “Why am I always running late on my plans?” It’s like a never-ending loop of setting goals, missing the mark, then

15 Work-Life Balance Books to Help You Take Control of Life

In today’s digital era, the lines between work and life have become increasingly blurred. A recent survey[1] paints a concerning picture: 65% of individuals state that their remote work schedules h

5 Best Apps to Help You Delegate Tasks Easily

In a world where convenience is king, digital tools have revolutionized the art of delegation. Gone are the days when assigning a task meant a physical handoff – imagine walking stacks of papers fr

Delegating Leadership Style: What Is It & When To Use It?

In the bustling command center of the 1969 Apollo 11 mission, Flight Director Gene Kranz was a portrait of calm in a storm of complex tasks and critical decisions. As the person ultimately responsibl

The Fear of Delegating Work To Others

Do you ever catch yourself holding back from handing over a task, even when you’re swamped with work? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. It’s a human tendency to grip the reins of control

Why Is Delegation Important in Leadership?

Are you a manager with a to-do list that seems to stretch for miles? You finalize a client proposal, answer a barrage of emails, troubleshoot a team conflict, and try to make headway on a strategic p


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