program subconscious mind

programing the subconscious mind takes a focused effort. Here are some tips to help program your subconscious mind

How to Use Your Unconscious Mind to Achieve Your Goals

The most effective way to change your behavior for the better is to work in tandem with your unconscious mind.

The Unconscious Mind - PMC

The unconscious mind is still viewed by many psychological scientists as the shadow of a “real” conscious mind, though there now exists substantial evidence that the unconscious is not identifiabl

What is a Milestone? A SMART-er Approach to Achieving Your Life Goals

We all have big dreams and ambitious goals we’d love to accomplish, like getting that major promotion while still having quality family time, getting fit and healthy despite a crazy busy schedule,

Discovering Your North Star: Crafting an Inspiring and Authentic Mission

Have you ever felt totally uninspired by those vague corporate mission statements? The ones that say things like “To be the world’s most trusted provider of integrated solutions”? Or by those v

Reimagining Goal Setting: The Power of Northstar Goals

A few years back, I found myself in a rut with goal-setting. I had all these grand ambitions, but making actual progress always felt like an uphill battle. I’d set huge goals like “become a famou

Reclaim Your Time: Conquer the 4 Major Time Wasters

In our fast-paced, modern world, time is our most precious commodity. We’re constantly juggling responsibilities, chasing dreams, and trying to make the most of every moment. But have you ever felt

Boost Your Life: Ultimate Guide on How to Be More Present

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to find ourselves caught in a perpetual loop of jumping from one task to another, without ever pausing to savor the moment we’re living in. I’ve

50 Essential New Year’s Resolutions for 2024 (A Holistic Approach)

Ever wondered why most New Year’s resolutions don’t survive past February? It’s because they often target isolated aspects of our lives, neglecting the broader picture of our well-being. This y

Believing in Yourself Again: 10 Ways To Reverse Course on Self-Sabotage

Believing in yourself is the key to achieving your goals. When you think you can succeed, you’re more likely to take action and push forward. But when you doubt yourself, you tend to hold back or s

Goal Setting Theory: A Guide for Busy Leaders, Individuals and Teams

Life moves quickly. In chasing success, we can unintentionally sacrifice happiness. Lost in misguided priorities, we lose sight of the true meaning of our time. Progress seems to demand filling every

Why Motivation Follows Action, Not the Other Way Round

Think about the last time you wanted to make a change. How many of us, when seeking that spark of motivation, sit and wait for some external force to suddenly light a fire within us? It’s a familia

The Places Where Angels Play

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James. Difficult times can take a toll on our spirit and our soul. They test our strength and faith and cause us to question why. T

Qualities of the Divine with Omkar Kirtan

Omkar Kirtan offers this 38-minute mantra practice of 3 chants that will help you to express qualities of the divine.

The Revolution of Our Times

Merging inner and outer transformation may be the revolution of our times.

Zen and the Art of Living Deeply

Discover the Japanese art of living with an empty, spacious and open awareness.

Creating Miracles

How one women's journey to India led to her creating miracles and changing children's lives.

We Came To Dance

Everything we need is already inside us, just waiting to be moved - We Came To Dance by Tasha Blank.

Journey to Inner Strength and Presence with Tommy Rosen

Tommy Rosen guides a 60-minute yoga practice to help you develop inner strength and find presence.

Sol-Aum Heart Opening with Kristin Hoffmann

Renowned musician Kristin Hoffmann shares a 12-minute Sol-Aum heart opening sound meditation. Meaning Soul Light, Sol-Aum is light vibration music to deepen into your heart and help you feel at peace.

An Angel’s Message of Love

A Message of Love for Mambo.

I am (free) – A Poem

I am (free) a poem by Elizabeth Grace Accordino


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