DUI Attorney Las Vegas, NV

With their committed group of legal professionals, Clark McCourt Criminal Lawyers has made a name for itself as one of the best DUI lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada. They offer steadfast support to anyone facing DUI accusations because of their years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the city's complex DUI statutes. A number of cities close to Las Vegas, Nevada are served by the legal services provided by Clark McCourt Criminal Lawyers. These cities include Winchester, Nevada; Spring Valley, Nevada; Downtown South, Nevada; Summerlin, Nevada; Henderson, Nevada; Reno, Nevada; North Las Vegas, Nevada; Paradise, Nevada; Sunrise Manor, Nevada; Enterprise, Nevada; Sparks, Nevada; Carson City, Nevada; Whitney, Nevada; Pahrump, Nevada; Sun Valley, Nevada; Charleston, Nevada; and Green Valley North, Nevada.

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DUI Attorney Las Vegas, NV - Wakelet

Known for being the best DUI lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada, Clark McCourt Criminal Lawyers has a committed group of legal professionals working for them. They offer resolute support to those facing DUI

DUI Attorney Las Vegas, NV

With parole board practices so much in the news, we thought it was important to look around the country and evaluate the direction in which state parole boards are moving. We filed dozens of records r

No Release: Parole grant rates have plummeted in most states since the pandemic started

Among the 26 states we surveyed, only 6 saw an increase in parole approval rate, and almost every state held substantially fewer hearings than in years past.

DUI Attorney Las Vegas, NV - Clark McCourt Criminal Lawyers

DUI Attorney Las Vegas, NVWith their committed group of legal professionals, Clark McCourt Criminal Lawyers has made a name for itself as one of the best DUI lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada. They offer

DUI Attorney Las Vegas, NV - Clark McCourt Criminal Lawyers

DUI Attorney Las Vegas, NVWith their committed group of legal professionals, Clark McCourt Criminal Lawyers has made a name for itself as one of the best DUI lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada. They offer

DUI Attorney Las Vegas, NV

DUI Attorney Las Vegas, NV Known for being the best DUI lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada, Clark McCourt Criminal Lawyers has a committed group of legal professionals working for them. They offer resolute

DUI Attorney Las Vegas, NV

DUI Attorney Las Vegas, NVWith their committed group of legal professionals, Clark McCourt Criminal Lawyers has made a name for itself as one of the best DUI lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada. They offer s

Non-Alcoholic Beer Is Not A Panacea

Too many drivers believe that drinking “non-alcoholic” beer or wine while driving eliminates any chance of having a difficult experience with a law-enforcement officer.  Unfortunately, this belie

Stanley Cup Mass Shooting Avoided

Unfortunately, attending a major event or large gathering in 2023 also means considering the threat of mass violence. The post Stanley Cup Mass Shooting Avoided appeared first on Las Vegas Criminal

U.S. Border Patrol Agents to Face No Charges for Killing Native American Man

Federal authorities have decided to not bring charges against the U.S. Border Patrol agents who shot and killed a Native American man outside his home in southern Arizona earlier this year, Ryan Dever

Authorities Warn of Potential Hate Crimes Spike in Response to Hamas Attack

While hate crimes against Jews and Muslims in the United States have spiked in recent years, authorities are now warning that yet another surge could take place in response to the renewed fighting in

Seven Arrested in Georgia for Murdering Woman during “Religious Training”

A seventh person was arrested Wednesday in connection to the death of a South Korean woman whose body was found in the trunk of a car parked outside a spa in suburban Atlanta, Thao Nguyen reports for

Mormon-Funded Therapist Accused of Inappropriately Touching Six Men in Utah

A total of six men have come forward to say a therapist recommended and paid for by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints touched them inappropriately during counseling sessions related to s

Judge Suspends Right-to-Carry in Albuquerque, NM Parks and Playgrounds

In response to recent shootings around the state that left children dead, a federal judge cleared the way for enforcement of a public health order that suspends the right to carry guns at public parks

Report: The Number Of Black Americans in Prison Has Dropped, But Problems Persist

A new report from the Sentencing Project found that the imprisonment rate for Black men has been nearly cut in half since 2000, reports Jessica Washington for The Root. The number of incarcerated Blac

Maine Approves Proposal for Statewide Network of Public Defenders Offices

Officials at the Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services (MCILS) have offered initial approval for an $8.8 million proposal that would create a statewide network of public defender offices, report

California County Tries Longer Jail Time to Stop Repeat Offenders

A new pilot program in Santa Clara County, California hopes to tackle the problem of repeat offenders by simply keeping them in jail longer, reports Ian Cull for NBC Bay Area. The program, designed by

Majority of Florida Prisons Lack Air Conditioning

75 percent of Florida prisons lack air conditioning, a situation made even worse by this summer’s record-breaking temperatures, Mitch Perry reports for the Florida Phoenix. In response, prisons have

Webinar: Combating “carveouts” in criminal justice reforms

Learn strategies to convince policymakers to adopt reforms that help all people tangled in the criminal legal system.

DUI Lawyer Las Vegas, NV - Clark McCourt Criminal Lawyers

DUI Lawyer Las Vegas, NVWhen it comes to negotiating the complex terrain of DUI legislation, Clark McCourt Criminal Lawyers, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, is your reliable advisor. Our group of skill

DUI Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

DUI Lawyer Las Vegas, NVWith its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, Clark McCourt Criminal Lawyers is your go-to advisor for negotiating the complex legal terrain of DUI cases. Our group of skilled DU

Dr. Stephen Matthews: A Sexual Predator

Strength in Numbers—Holding Denver Cardiologist, Dating Apps Accountable for Sexual Assault Dr. Stephen Matthews is currently facing 51 felony counts for drugging and sexually assaulting 13 women i

The First Step Act: A Five-Year Review and the Path Forward

With the fifth anniversary of the bipartisan First Step Act approaching in December, TCR columnist Billy Sinclair dives into some of its success and outlines a path forward for prison reform.

New data reveals where people in Rhode Island prisons come from

Report shows every community is harmed by mass incarceration

Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

if you've been cited for DUI or DWAI or another criminal offense, the drunk driving & criminal defense attorneys at Burg Simpson can help.

Drunk Driving Victims Lawyers Personal Injury Attorneys

If you've been injured by an impaired driver, don't wait to call our drunk driving injury victim attorneys today. Call now to get started.

Can A DWI Affect My Eligibility For Global Entry?

In general, all United States citizens and lawful permanent residents possess eligibility to apply for Global Entry. This is a program through Customs and Border Protection that allows for expedited c

Highlights from a busy year at Prison Policy Initiative

In our new annual report, we share examples of how we armed the reform movement with the data it needs to push for real change

Updated data and charts: Incarceration stats by race, ethnicity, and gender for all 50 states and D.C.

New data visualizations and updated tables show the national landscape of persistent racial disparity in state prisons and local jails.

DUI/OVI Cases in Ohio Mayor’s Courts

In Ohio, most misdemeanor DUI cases (called ‘OVI’ in Ohio) are heard in Municipal Courts.  However, some misdemeanor OVI cases are heard in mayor’s courts.  Mayor’s courts are operated in ci

Girlfriend Fatally Stabs Boyfriend During Fight

A death of a Las Vegas resident which resulted from a deadl stabbing incident provoked Nick Wooldridge, Esq to comment. The post Girlfriend Fatally Stabs Boyfriend During Fight appeared first on Las

Memo to Kansas City, Mo.: Time to rethink your plan to build a new jail

At the request of Decarcerate KC, we reviewed the city’s plans to build a new jail and found the community doesn’t actually need more jail beds and most people currently in its custody are there f

Best Personal Injury Lawyers Bakersfield, CA Of 2023

The best personal injury lawyers in Bakersfield have a strong handle on the ins and outs of California law and statutes and have a solid record of success in the courtroom. Though Bakersfield isn’t

Both sides rest in Texas AG Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial, moving historic case closer to a verdict

Both sides are scheduled to present final arguments Friday before a jury of state senators begins deliberating whether Paxton should be removed from office.

Wife defends husband allegedly seen in video pointing gun at fellow driver

A driver allegedly pointed a gun at another driver after an incident that occurred when they both merged onto the interstate.

Las Vegas police officer’s report details ‘Pawn Stars’ personality’s DUI arrest

Source: LAS VEGAS (KLAS) One of the stars of the reality show “Pawn Stars” was arrested in Las Vegas last week on a charge of DUI, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department documents said. Accordin

Alleged Kidnapper Attempts Jail Escape

Negasi Zuberi, a 29-year-old Klamath Falls resident, was arrested back in July on federal charges in Nevada. He was then transported to Oregon to face his charges, which include two counts of interst

Church Founder Houston Not Guilty in Concealing Sex Crimes

Brian Houston, the semi-famous founder of Hillsong Church, has been caught up in a legal battle regarding his father’s criminal actions over the years. In mid-August, he was finally freed up from t

Las Vegas police officer’s report details ‘Pawn Stars’ personality’s DUI arrest

One of the stars of the reality show “Pawn Stars” was arrested in Las Vegas last week on a charge of DUI, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department documents said.

‘Pawn Stars’ cast member had ‘blank stare’ in Vegas DUI arrest, police say

Metro Police has issued the arrest report on “Pawn Stars” co-star Corey Harrison

‘Pawn Stars’ reality TV personality arrested in Las Vegas for DUI

Corey Harrison, 40, a reality TV personality and cast member of Pawn Stars, was arrested in Las Vegas for DUI on September 8.

Seeking shelter from mass incarceration: Fighting criminalization with Housing First

Providing unconditional housing with embedded services can reduce chronic homelessness, reduce incarceration, and improve quality of life – especially for people experiencing substance use disorder

Best Car Accident Lawyers Aurora, CO Of 2023

Aurora, the third-largest city in Colorado, boasts a population of nearly 400,000. With its booming business scene, multiple golf courses, over 97 parks, numerous sports teams and 450 neighborhoods,

Ohio DUI/OVI Checkpoint Results

The results are in from two recent DUI checkpoints (called ‘OVI’ in Ohio).  Last weekend, DUI/OVI checkpoints were held in two Ohio Counties.  In Franklin County, 994 vehicles passed through the

Dating App Stabbing Suspect Gets Probation

Dating is supposed to be exciting and risk-free. Unfortunately, sometimes the dating apps are abused. Read about the dating crime and punishment as described by a Las Vegas sex crimes attorney Nick W

Trump Indictment # 4 - Georgia-Part One

Fulton County Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis spoke about the Georgia Grand Jury Indictment issued yesterday. A review of the Indictment and my thoughts are below: The Indictment has 19 defendan

High stakes mistakes: How courts respond to “failure to appear”

Research shows that while most people who miss court are not dangerous or evading justice, the way courts treat “failure to appear” may make our communities less safe.

Seventh DUI arrest sends driver back to jail after speeding in Nebraska, police say

Source: Matt Chibe | News 8 Nebraska LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A man is accused of driving under the influence, and Nebraska police say this is the seventh time he’s committed the crime. Daemon Stubb

Trump Defense Counsel & Case Timing

Former President Trump's counsel of the past have faced a lot of questions, and may face more if they are called as witnesses in one of his upcoming trials. Questions such as attorney-client privilege

Good News For Tennessee Implied Consent Defendants

After many years of frustrating arguments with judges across Tennessee trying to obtain an expungement order for implied consent cases that were dismissed, the Tennessee Legislature passed a law in 20

4 Adults Charged With Conspiracy to Murder Minor

Four individuals in Henderson, NV were acused of shooting. Let's see what these allegations mean and what legal consequences can aris. Las Vegas criminal lawyer Nick Wooldridge explains. The post 4 A

Trump Indictment # 3 - "You're too honest"

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith's recent Indictment of former President Donald Trump carries serious charges, and this is the most important case for our country and our constitutional processes. My tho

The aging prison population: Causes, costs, and consequences

New Census Bureau data show the U.S. population is getting older — and at the same time, our prison populations are aging even faster. In this briefing, we examine the inhumane, costly, and counterp

Maserati gets stuck on Florida beach

COCOA BEACH, Fla. Fox 35 Orlando- A Florida man was arrested after police say he was driving drunk behind the wheel of a Maserati that ended up getting stuck on the beach after the driver attempted to

Welcome, Emmett Sanders!

Please welcome our new Policy and Advocacy Associate, Emmett Sanders!

Former Officer Accused of Armed Robbery

The process of becoming a police officer is time-consuming, lengthy, and tough. These individuals have to undergo background checks, physical tests, and more. Along the way, they also take an oath to

Court Appearances for DUI/OVI Cases in Ohio

For a person charged with DUI (called ‘OVI’ in Ohio), going to court can be the source of anxiety.  Most people have never appeared in court and do not know what to expect.  Television and movie

Metro Officer Shoots Suspect After Car Chase

The community of Las Vegas is disheartened after a Metro Police officer reportedly shot a suspect while attempting to stop an alleged kidnapping. This incident marks the third officer-involved shooti

How To Think About The Hunter Biden Whistleblowers’ Disclosures And The Hunter Biden Plea Agreement. Part I.

There are three key elements to the recent disclosures by IRS Criminal Investigation Division whistleblowers concerning the DOJ’s criminal investigation of Hunter Biden: 1) the false and/or conflict

DWI Blood Test Errors

Generally speaking, blood is considered the “gold” standard in forensic testing.  Many DWI blood test errors occur without anyone in the prosecutor’s office understanding or caring. Please see

Fatal Shooting in Las Vegas Parking Lot

Discharging a firearm in a parking lot leads to the same legal consequences as anywhere else. Leading Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Nick Wooldridge comments on the recent events. The post Fatal

Man Found Stabbed to Death in Street After Fight

Fights do happen but unfortunately they come end up with heavy indictments. Nicholas Wooldridge explains the legal consequences of the assault and murder based on the recent news event. The post Man

Trump Indictment # 2

First there was an indictment against Former President Donald Trump coming out of the Manhattan DA's office - here (Indictment # 1) Now there is a federal indictment against Former President Donald Tr

Stetson Law Symposium - Elon Musk and the Law

Elon Musk and the Law Stetson Law Review Symposium March 24th 8:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m. Virtual or In-Person at Stetson's Gulfport Campus Admission - $50 - Legal Practitioners & Others; $40 Stetson Alu

"Telemedicine Scams"

Check out Katrice Bridges Copeland's Article titled Telemedicine Scams, 108 Iowa L. Rev. 69 (2022). The abstract from SSRN (here), which links to the Article states: Telemedicine emerged as a lifeline

New Corporate Policy & De-confliction

The new DOJ Corporate Prosecution Policy Revisions of January 17, 2023 discussed here, makes the point of noting that the policy "is not in any way predicated upon waiver of the attorney-client p

Revisions to Corporate Crime Policy - Will the New Carrot Incentivize Companies to Cooperate?

On January 17, 2023, Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite, Jr. Delivered Remarks on Revisions to the Criminal Division’s Corporate Enforcement Policy, in which he stated, "The policy is

Another Post-Ruan Acquittal: Dr. Lesly Pompy Found Not Guilty On All Counts in E.D. Michigan

Congratulations to Dr. Lesly Pompy, acquitted on all counts (illegal distribution and health care fraud) on January 4, 2023, in the Eastern District of Michigan. Kudos as well to his outstanding team


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