Industrial Lead Paint Treatment and Removal

Learn how ECOBOND® - Lead Defender® is different than Encapsulants and is a Lead-Based Paint Treatment Download free Industry Report: Why Just Cover it When You Can Treat it! Use our Patented Paint-it-on Leave-it-on® Formula!

HVAC Contractors Not Offer Financing Are Likely Losing Business

According to the preliminary results of a DOE Building America study, only 23% of newly installed residential HVAC systems are perfectly charged.

Waiver of Subrogation Clause Enforced

Where agreement between a contractor and its client contained an agreement to insured but also a waiver of subrogation, the client and its insurance carrier had no right to file suit against the cont

Pollution Exclusion was Ambiguous and Unenforceable as Applied to Homeowner’s Claim Regarding Heating Oil Damage to its Basement.

Where an insurance carrier denied coverage for damages caused by a heating and air-conditioning company whose removal of a system from a residential home resulted in 170 gallons of heating oil leakin

Think Ahead When Repairing Refrigeration Systems

While repairing a system, technicians should try to look ahead and avoid common issues that can make repairs more difficult.

Pressure Testing A System With Dry Nitrogen

Pressure testing a system with dry nitrogen can be a very effective method of verifying a system is leak-free.

How to Add Combustion Testing Services to Your Company

I have seen numerous companies make significant investments in test equipment and training, only to quit once they hit their first obstacle.

Mold Remediation in HVAC Units: Dealing with Hurricane Flooding

Taking the time to do the job thoroughly always beats rushing through it and finding that the mold has continued to grow beneath the surface, creating an even more significant problem in the long run.

Survey: Most Indiana Homeowners Unprepared for HVAC Emergencies

The survey was designed to find out how proactive Hoosier homeowners are at keeping their HVAC and plumbing systems running properly, and whether they are prepared for the often unexpected and costly

Expert Tech Tips: Episode 2 – Measuring Superheat

Don Fort, senior technical trainer, Heatcraft, walks HVAC technicians through the process of measuring superheat in a system.

Economic Loss Doctrine Enforced to Bar Claim against Design Professional by a Third Party Plaintiff

When Contractor filed suit against residential property owner/client for failure to pay amounts due, the homeowner counterclaimed for construction defects.  The Contractor then filed third-party cla


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How to Safely and Accurately Replace a Condenser Fan Motor

How to safely wire the motors, what to know about the wire colors, and more.

Summary Judgment Incorrectly Granted against Project Owner for Independent Contractor Employee’s Death from Fall through skylight

Trial court granted summary judgement against building owner for worker who fell through a skylight while doing work on a roof for an independent contractor.  During trial, the plaintiff’s attorne

General Contractor Can be Liable for Subcontractor’s Failure to Maintain Safe Scaffolding

General Contractor on a housing project hired two subcontractors, one of whom installed scaffolding for use on the project.  An employee of one of the Subs fell from the scaffolding and sued the GC

Defining and Calculating Voltage Imbalance

Saving one compressor will cover the cost of a voltage monitor and then some.

Locating and Repairing Leaks on R-290 Equipment

Servicing new reach-in coolers and freezers containing R-290 is not tremendously difficult but does require some different servicing procedures.

What Does Code Require for Top Railing on Decks?

Q: With a cable railing system, do you have to install a wood railing at the top going post to post? Or would cable only be OK? I cannot find any guidance online. I have seen it done both ways in the

Engineer Satisfied State Licensing Requirement by Using Licensed Independent Contractor as its Licensed Full-Time Registered Professional Engineer Manager

Where a state law requires engineers to designate a full-time person or “manager” as being in “responsible charge” of engineering activities, the state agency responsible for administering th

Pay-If-Paid Clause Enforced in New Jersey

Where subcontractor executed a contract containing a pay-if-paid provision, the contractor subsequently used that clause as a basis to refuse paying for work performed by that sub because the project

How To Diagnose Leakage In Finished Basement?

Q: I had some moisture in my basement this winter–got onto the carpet foam and made a mess. I removed some drywall to see if there was a leak, but the only obvious issue is wetness on the vapor bar

Why Is Water Leaking Above Windows?

Q: During wind driven heavy rain, I get water coming in at the top of several windows. The single-story ho me is sheathed in plywood that is cover in poly sheeting. I removed the top outer trim on to

How to Tile Over a Wood Deck

Q: I am redoing my wood floor balcony by sloping it, using a little dry pack  mortar and then waterproofing the surface using  Henry BlueSkin (peel-and-stick butyl membrane roof flashing). Can I ap

Should I Acclimate Hardwood Flooring & Leave Expansion Gap?

Q: I hired a 20+ year veteran flooring pro to install red oak hardwood floors. After the install, I was told by a friend about expansion gaps needed around the perimeter to prevent buckling, etc. as

Combining Foam & Fiber Insulation in Cathedral Ceiling (Flash & Batt)

Q: I am renovating and old home with an uninsulated, non-vented walk up attic built in 1848. The shingle roof is less than 10 years old. The simple gable roof has 2×6 rafters. I’d like to apply 2

Should I Repair or Replace an Older Tile Roof?

Q:   Several roofing contractors have provided quotes to repair or replace our 30-year-old concrete tile roof.  Some are saying we should replace the roof and others are recommending repair. With

How Long Will Treated Wood Deck Last?

Q: I have an 8-year-old pressured-treated deck that has had a significant amount of wood decay mostly in the framing lumber, but also in some of the decking. The deck is about 5 feet off the ground.

How To Prevent Woodpeckers From Damaging House

Q: We have a number of woodpecker holes in our wood fascia and corner boards and are looking for suggestions for how keep them away. The activity seems to be mostly in the spring when we often hear a

Septic Systems on Wet Sites

Q: How can you tell if land is too wet for a septic system? Can an area be covered with a tarp during the wet season to help it pass the perc test?  — K.G.   A: Wet sites are challenging for sept

Protecting Children From Lead Paint Poisoning in the Spotlight -Two Businesses Closed Down Due to Lead Contamination

In a news report from CBS News in San Francisco, inspectors from Santa Clara County Health Department closed down two firms deemed to have dangerous lead levels at their premises. A gymnastic and an

EPA Issues Stricter Lead Regulations to Protect Children from the Dangers of Lead Paint.

For the 1st time in almost 20 years, the EPA issued more substantial lead clearance levels to protect American children from the dangers of lead. This final rule will lower the clearance levels for

Discussion with Nationally Recognized Expert on the Dangers of Lead, Dr. Nicholas Basta, Presenting the Findings of His Research Study on Lead-Based Paint. The Mitigation of Lead Hazards and Bio-Accessibility from Lead-Based Paint

  ECOBOND® Paint:      Welcome to this conversation about bioaccessibility and extractability of ECOBOND® LeadDefender® treated lead-based paint. We are joined by Dr. Nicholas Basta, profes

Ecobond Lead Paint Treatment Product Comparison

WHY JUST COVER UP THE LEAD ISSUE WHEN YOU CAN TREAT IT! THESE ARE THE FACTS: Covering up the problem still leaves the problem. ECOBOND® LeadDefender® is the ONLY paint product designed to seal &amp

ECOBOND® Paint Announces Their Newest International Distributor of Lead Based Paint Treatment Solutions: Construventas Group in Panama Central America

ECOBOND® Paint is proud to announce their newest distributor, Construventas Group, based in Panama City, Panama. Construventas Group is a company recognized by the most important builders in the c

{WEBINAR} For the World Health Organization (WHO) 2020 International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week ECOBOND® Paint interviewed Nationally Recognized Expert, Dr. Nicholas Basta Presenting the Findings of His Research Study on Lead-Based Paint.

Webinar: The Mitigation of Lead Hazards and Bio-Accessibility from Lead-Based Paint   In support of the World Health Organization 2020 International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, ECOBOND® Paint i

Civil War era "Jubilee Hall" - a.k.a. “Wolf Den Grange Hall”- protected from the dangers of lead by ECOBOND® LeadDefender®& Bitrex®

Executive Summary:  In March 2017 ECOBOND® Paint LLC joined into a strategic alliance with Market Actives, LLC to add Bitrex® to our ECOBOND® formula to reduce accidental ingestion of potentially

ECOBOND® LeadDefender® Announces New & Improved Formula for Lead Paint Treatment Focused on Contact Coverage & Hide-Ability.

news source: Cision ECOBOND® LeadDefender® and ECOBOND® LeadDefender® PRO have a new and improved formula with improved hiding and coverage during application and beyond. The same patented, lead

{BREAKING NEWS} - ECOBOND® LeadDefender® the Premier Provider of Environmental Products Focused on Protecting Human Health From the Dangers of Lead Has Been Selected by Menards® to be Carried in their Online Store

ECOBOND® Paint LLC is proud to announce the approval for their family of environmental paint products to be sold on Contractors and homeowners now have the opportunity to buy a revoluti


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