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Are you looking for an Enumclaw plumber you can count on? South West Plumbing is your answer. We provide skilled, dependable plumbing services to the city of Enumclaw. Call us today at 206-932-1777. We have served Enumclaw for over 35 years, offering comprehensive plumbing services at prices our customers love. We are proud to provide a full range of plumbing services for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. From installing water heaters to clearing out sewer lines and drainpipes, our expert plumbers take care of you.

Do's and Don'ts of Pest Control | US EPA

How can you safely solve your pest problems? The key is to be willing to ask questions. Learning about the pests you have and options that are available to control specific pests is the first step.

Business Matters – News, articles, and interesting stuff from the College of Business

News, articles, and interesting stuff from the College of Business

French Drains: What Are the Benefits? What Does Maintenance Look Like?

Are you dealing with persistent dampness in your lawn or finding water accumulating around your foundation after a heavy rainfall? Fear not, there’s a simple and effective solution – the French d

Broken or Malfunctioning Drains?  We Can Fix That!

For all your fixes with plumbing in Melbourne FL, Sun Plumbing provides top-notch solutions. Trust our expertise for great plumbing performance.

A Garbage Disposal Guide: Repair Vs. Replacement

When your disposal starts to act out, does it just need a tune-up, or is it time to say goodbye and invest in a new one? This indecision can lead to more significant issues, requiring either more sub

Safeguard Your Home: A Guide To Slab Leaks

When talking about potential plumbing problems, perhaps none strike fear into a homeowner’s heart quite like a slab leak. These below-ground pipe leaks, which occur in the foundation of your home,

Is Your Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Living in Houston, there’s no escaping the whispers about the “not-so-sparkling” reputation of our tap water. Jokes about “Houston Hard” flow as freely as the water itself, leaving many won

How to Flush a Water Heater

Perform Crucial Home Maintenance When it comes to maintaining your home’s essential systems, the water heater often takes a back seat. However, neglecting this crucial appliance can lead to reduced

The Benefits Of Hydro-Jetting To Clear Your Sewer Drain

Dealing with clogged drains is a common problem for homeowners. Blocked sewer drains can cause a host of problems, including unpleasant smells, slow-draining water, and even sewage backups. The good

Sewage Backup: Why You Should Hire An Emergency Plumber

Sewage backup in your home is never a pleasant experience, and it can cause significant damage and health hazards if left untreated. It is vital to call an emergency plumber as soon as possible to pr

How a Whole House Repipe Can Benefit You

Did you know that pipes, like many things, don’t last forever? In fact, most potable water lines experience normal wear and tear and eventually start to deteriorate. When this happens, it may be ti

Why Upgrading Your Home’s Plumbing System Should Be Part of Your Home Remodeling Project

When you are planning a home renovation or remodel, you need to give equal importance to the plumbing system as well. Often, people underestimate the importance of upgrading their homes’ plumbing s

7 Steps to Check Your Plumbing in the New Year

Kick off 2024 with Sun Plumbing's essential tips for home plumbing maintenance. Prevent leaks and save hassle with our easy-to-follow guide.

6 Steps to Take During a Plumbing Emergency

Whether you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday or a Christmas get-together, your plumbing system works hard for you throughout the year. But if you’re a homeowner, you know it’s only a matter of time be

How Much Does Emergency Plumbing Cost?

Fixing Problems That Pop Up When a plumbing emergency strikes, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of fixing the issue. However, understanding the factors that contribute to emergency p

Top Fixes for a Malfunctioning Water Heater: Steps to Restore Your Hot Water

Top Fixes for a Malfunctioning Water Heater: Steps to Restore Your Hot Water

A Guide to Fixing Everyday Toilet Leaks and Troubles

Few fixtures in our homes boast the same level of dependability and daily use as the humble toilet. Toilets typically operate seamlessly, requiring minimal maintenance throughout the year. However, w

How to Change a Smoke Detector Battery

Keep Your Family Safe Changing a smoke detector battery is a simple yet crucial step that can make a significant difference in your family’s safety. Let’s dive in and learn how to change a smoke d

Shielding Plumbing Against the Chill

As the leaves change and a cool breeze replaces the summer heat, many of us eagerly welcome the cozy vibes of winter. Whether you’re snuggling up under a blanket or excitedly pulling out that sweat

Start the Year Right With This New Year’s Plumbing Checklist

The New Year is about reflecting on the past year and what you need to do for a successful future. While this usually consists of working out, eating healthier, or achieving a goal, don’t forget ab

Sun Plumbing Says “Thank You” to Our Customers

When one of our plumbers shows up and saves the day, our customers are quick to say, “Thank you!”.  This holiday season, we want to turn the tables and say a big “thank you” to our customers.

When to Call in a Plumber: Key Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

Plumbing problems can strike at any time, causing significant inconvenience and potential damage to your home. While some minor issues can be handled with a bit of DIY, there are circumstances when c

6 Signs of a Leak in Your Main Water Line

Your water supply plumbing transports fresh water into your home, and any issues can disrupt this vital flow. However, leaks aren’t only happening visibly around faucets or underneath the sinks. Th

Frozen Pipes? Things You Should Never Do

Frozen pipes are nothing strange to people who live in colder regions, but they can be a real headache if you don’t know how to prevent or fix them. Some people don’t even understand how big of a

Help! The Toilet is Overflowing!

The water begins rising as a look of horror spreads across your face.  It edges closer to the top, along with toilet paper and things nobody wants to talk about.  An overflowing toilet in your own b

Taking the Stress Out of Holidays with Plumbing Tips You Can’t Ignore

The holiday season is in full swing, and amidst the festivities and family gatherings, the last thing you need is a plumbing disaster throwing a wrench into your plans. At Show Plumbing, we understan

Finding the Perfect Tankless Water Heater

  Everyone loves a long, warm shower, especially during cold mornings. But, if you have several people in the home, waiting for the water to heat up can be a pain. Enter the tankless water heater: a

Why is My Sewer Bill So High?

Have you ever opened your monthly utility bill, only to be greeted by a jaw-dropping figure for your sewer charges? If you’ve found yourself wondering why your sewer bill seems to be climbing higher

Why Do Toilets Clog?

Most of us have been there at one time or another – you flush the toilet and instead of everything going down, it starts to come up. Whether you’re rushing to get ready in the morning or hosting g

Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter’s Challenges

Winter’s chill is fast approaching, and while cozy fires and warm blankets are on our minds, it’s also the season to pay extra attention to our home’s plumbing. The plummeting temperatures can

How to Prepare Your Plumbing System for the Cold Weather

What are the top plumbing services you need during the late fall/early winter time of the year? Homeowners must prepare for the unique plumbing challenges that come with the changing weather. The com

Understanding Water Hammer: The Phantom Plumber in Your Home

Every homeowner treasures the peaceful moments in their abode. Yet, some have experienced a sudden, unexplained loud banging from their walls after turning off a faucet or an appliance. This mysterio

DIY Plumbing Fixes for the Christmas Season

The Christmas season is here once again. You’re probably thinking about guest lists, meals, presents, and planning — it’s enough to overwhelm everyone. However, many people often overlook one o

Emergency Drain Cleaning: What to Do in a Plumbing Crisis

Emergency Drain Cleaning: What to Do in a Plumbing Crisis

Useful Plumbing Tips for This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. With this being one of the busiest holidays of the year, we suggest to get ahead of the curve this year by having your plumbing system inspected, maintenance

How to Reset a Garbage Disposal

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often take our kitchen appliances for granted until they suddenly decide to go on strike. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of a non-functioning g

How to Unclog a Grease Clogged Drain

Dealing with a stubbornly clogged drain is a common headache for homeowners, and when that clog is caused by a buildup of grease, it can be particularly frustrating. Grease, over time, solidifies with

Trying to Avoid a Holiday Emergency? Here’s What to Consider

With the holidays around the corner, sending invitations, decorating, and cooking probably are priorities on your to-do list. But, there is one thing which you should pay attention to before getting

Tankless Water Heater Rebates and Benefits for Southern CA Homeowners

Why are we repiping our house even though we haven’t had a pinhole leak or slab leak? We’ll run through our story on why we’re turning our walls and ceilings...

Top 4 Signs It’s Time for Repiping Your Sewer Lines

Sun Plumbing's key signs for sewer line repiping: yard odors, lush lawn patches, sewage backup, and pest issues.

How To Get Your Kitchen Thanksgiving-Ready

Although Thanksgiving affords you time to reconnect with friends and family and give thanks for the past year, it’s also a hectic time that can lead to stress — especially if you’re hosting a l

Why It’s Important to Hire a Licensed Plumber for Home Remodels

Your home’s plumbing system is a crucial component, and when it comes to plumbing needs, hiring a licensed plumber offers numerous advantages. Here are the top 8 reasons why you should consider enl

When to Call an Electrician

Electricity is an incredible force that powers our modern world, making our lives more convenient and comfortable in countless ways. From lighting up our homes to running our appliances, we rely on el

How to Fix a Clogged Shower Drain

There are few things more frustrating than standing ankle-deep in soapy water during what should be a refreshing shower. A clogged shower drain can turn a daily routine into a plumbing nightmare. But

Everything You Need to Know About Repiping a House

Why are we repiping our house even though we haven’t had a pinhole leak or slab leak? We’ll run through our story on why we’re turning our walls and ceilings...

The Vital Role of a Plumber in Renovating a Bathroom

A bathroom renovation can be a transformative experience, turning an outdated space into a modern oasis of comfort and style. While it is tempting to focus solely on the aesthetics of your new bathro

4 Reasons to Get Your Whole House Repiped

Signs it's time for a whole house water repipe: low water pressure, discolored water, multiple leaks, outdated pipes. Call a service plumber for help!

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore That Drip: The Real Cost of a Leaky Faucet in SoCal

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore That Drip: The Real Cost of a Leaky Faucet in SoCal

How To Find the Right Plumber for the Job

From running toilets to leaky faucets to kitchen remodels, having a great plumber is a godsend. They know what work is crucial, the parts you’ll need, and any obstacles you may face. The only probl

5 Ways To Prevent Clogs in Your Drains and Pipes

Clogs are a significant problem in many households and one of the main reasons homeowners contact plumbers. However, clogs are also one of the most straightforward hassles to prevent. By taking a few

Why Is My Water That Color?

If you're facing issues with discolored water, read on to find potential solutions and ensure the safety of your water supply.

Water Heater Stopped Turning On? 3 Problems A Plumber Can Repair For You

There may be nothing worse than finding out there's no hot water in the house. That means that your water heater could be malfunctioning. The older your water heater gets, the more at risk it is for

5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

Make your bathroom safer and more accessible with plumbing construction: install safety bars, shower seat, shower enclosure, and lower sinks.

Don’t Underestimate a Plumbing Leak: The Critical Role of Professional Detection and Repair Services

Don’t Underestimate a Plumbing Leak: The Critical Role of Professional Detection and Repair Ser

How To Choose a New Water Heater

You turn on the shower and wait. It’s all cold water, and hot water never follows. Unless someone used all the hot water right before you, you might need a new water heater. However, figuring out w

Your Plumbing Questions Answered

Though you may not think about it regularly, your plumbing system is a vital component of your home. Without a fully functioning plumbing system, your comfort of living can wane and you may experienc

Trenchless Pipe Repair: How PIP Lining is Changing the Game

Trenchless Pipe Repair: How PIP Lining is Changing the Game

5 Plumbing Myths Debunked

Plumbing myths about Drano, hot water and grease, flushing objects, showering during thunderstorms, and using ice cubes on garbage disposals.

How do I fix a clogged drain?

Here are some steps you can take to fix a clogged drain: Use a Plunger Start by using a plunger to create suction and dislodge the clog. Ensure there is enough water in the sink, tub, or toilet to co

What To Do if Your Sewer Backs Up

Sewer backups can be a messy and unpleasant problem for homeowners. A sewer backup occurs when wastewater from your home’s plumbing system cannot flow out to the main sewer line and instead backs u

Beat the Heat: Preparing Your Plumbing System for Summer with an Experienced Plumber

Beat the Heat: Preparing Your Plumbing System for Summer with an Experienced Plumber

Septic Tank Maintenance: Why It’s Essential

Septic Tank Maintenance: Why It’s Essential It’s easy

Preventing Water Damage: Tips For Homeowners On Early Water Leak Detection

Water leaks are a common problem in homes and can cause significant damage if left undetected. From burst pipes to leaking appliances, the causes of water leaks are varied and can be challenging to p

Solve Common Plumbing Issues in Your Home with Expert Tips

Solve Common Plumbing Issues in Your Home with Expert Tips

How Do You Know a Pipe Has Burst?

You don't always need a qualified plumber to tell you that one of the pipes in your home or place of work has burst. This is because you will quite often know that this is the case, especially if wat

What Things Should Be Considered When Choosing a Hot Water Unit?

If you're having a new structure built and want to have access to hot water, then you're going to need to have a hot water system installed. If you're replacing a hot water system in an existing buil

4 Red Signs that Show Your Water Pump Needs Immediate Plumbing Repair

Water pump systems operate on a daily basis hence are susceptible to wear and tear. For smooth operation, they need regular maintenance. One of the worst mistakes you can make is avoiding simple repa

Four Signs of an Underground Plumbing Leak in Your Home

Underground plumbing leaks can go undetected for a long time, especially if the damaged pipe is outdoors. Unfortunately, no matter how minor, a lack of leak detection skills can cause damage to your

Three Reasons You Should Contact An Expert In Bore Pumps Before You Make Any Final Decisions

Australia has a lot of natural water that is hidden deep under the soil you walk on. These aquifers help provide life-giving liquid for farms in an otherwise desolate area, while also being useful fo

Plumbing Emergency? Here's What You Need to Do

Whether your problem is a burst pipe or an overflowing toilet, knowing what to do in a plumbing emergency is essential to getting the problem fixed with a minimum of fuss and damage to your home. Fol


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