Massage Techniques and Modalities

A comprehensive collection of massage videos and websites to help you get the most of your massage session.

Ottawa Reflexology

Reflexology massage is a system of tissue manipulation employed to relieve tension and treat illness. Reflexology is based on the theory that reflex points on the feet, hands, and head are linked to

Massage Modalities - Thai Massage

Thai massage is a modality that incorporate a lot of yoga like movements and stretches. The advantage with a Thai massage over yoga is that the patient gets some help to do the stretches. This is ver

Massage Techniques - Anma

Massage Techniques - AnmaAnma massage is a traditional Japanese massage technique, and modern shiatsu is actually derived from anma.Check Wikipedia's article about Anma for more info:https://en.wikip

Massage Career

Information on massage career.As a massage therapist you choose a career that you are passionate about and it inspires you. It is, however, important for you as a student to remember that the choice

Percussion Massage Techniques - Tapotement (Cupping)

Visit: to learn more about massage tapotement. Other massage percussion techniques are presente

Feet Massage Techniques

How to give a foot massage.The complete description with more techniques at: video shows a few massage techniques for feet mas

Massage Kneading - Limb Petrissage

The video shows how to perform a limb petrissage. More about Petrissage, (or kneading), at: Leave a comment about our video, we always look for feedback.

Swedish Massage Techniques - Petrissage for more about Petrissage or kneading. The video shows how to perform a massage kneading technique. This specific technique is

Swedish Massage Techniques - How to Do Effleurage to learn more about effleurage (gliding). This is a very relaxing massage technique. It is done very superficial almost like a nerve-stroke.

Effleurage Shingles - Backwards Gliding

Go to: to learn more about effleurage (gliding). Leave a comment about our video, we always look for feedback.


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