Masking Household Odors Vs. Eliminating Odors

A foul smell has the power to ruin the reputation of your space. If you're a real estate professional looking to sell a property, a developer preparing their property for rent or lease, or a homeowner planning to conduct thorough renovations, odor-blocking is something you need to consider seriously. The good news is that it is possible to get rid of bad odor and lingering fumes from cigarette or pipe smoke once and for all. But the puzzle many people face is whether to mask odors or eliminate odors for a lasting solution. You need an Odor Blocking Paint!

Correction: Did Philip Morris International use the e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury (EVALI) outbreak to market IQOS heated tobacco?

Ayers JW, Leas EC, Dredze M, et al. Did Philip Morris International use the e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury (EVALI) outbreak to market IQOS heated tobacco? Tobacco Control

Smoking increases chances of mid-life memory loss, confusion

Middle-aged smokers are far more likely to report having memory loss and confusion than nonsmokers, and the likelihood of cognitive decline is lower for those who have quit, even recently, a new study

Primary care-based smoking cessation treatment and subsequent healthcare service utilisation: a matched cohort study of smokers using linked administrative healthcare data

Background No research has assessed the individual-level impact of smoking cessation treatment delivered within a general primary care patient population on multiple forms of subsequent healthcare se

Own-price and cross-price elasticities of demand for cigarettes and waterpipe tobacco in three Eastern Mediterranean countries: a volumetric choice experiment

Background Waterpipe tobacco smoking rates in the Eastern Mediterranean region are among the highest worldwide, yet little evidence exists on its economics. Estimates of demand elasticities for tobac

'Ice flavoured e-cigarette use among young adults

Background ‘Ice’ e-cigarette flavours—marketed as a combination of fruity/sweet and cooling flavours (eg, ‘blueberry ice’ or ‘melon ice’)—recently entered the US market. The prevalenc

Effects of advertising features on smokers and non-smokers perceptions of a reduced nicotine cigarette modified risk tobacco product

Introduction Research is needed to determine the impact of marketing on perceptions and use of reduced nicotine content (RNC) cigarettes, particularly as US regulators have permitted the sale of an R



'If I hadnt seen this picture, I'd be smoking--perceptions about innovations in health warnings for cigarette packages in Brazil: a focus group study

Objective To investigate the perceptions of young people and adults, smokers and non-smokers about the current set of innovations introduced in 2018 into the Brazilian tobacco products’ health warn

Industry tactics in anticipation of strengthened regulation: BIDI Vapor unveils non-characterising BIDI Stick flavours on digital media platforms

Research reported in this publication was supported by Truth Initiative and by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number R01CA234082. In January 2020, the

Intensified advertising of heated tobacco products in Japan: an apparent shift in marketing strategy

Heated tobacco products (HTPs) were first introduced to the Japanese market in 2014, as a less harmful alternative to cigarettes.1 Since then, HTPs quickly gained popularity. In 2019, 27% and 8% of m

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) | US EPA

This web site will educate the public about indoor environmental issues, including health risks and the means by which human exposures can be reduced.

Machine learning applications in tobacco research: a scoping review

Objective Identify and review the body of tobacco research literature that self-identified as using machine learning (ML) in the analysis. Data sources MEDLINE, EMABSE, PubMed, CINAHL Plus, APA Psyc

Worldwide news and comment

All articles written by Karen Evans-Reeves and John Baker unless otherwise attributed. Ideas and items for News Analysis should be sent to GLOBAL New Year, new framewor

Pregnancy could curb desire to smoke before it is suspected or recognized

Pregnant smokers reduced their smoking by an average of one cigarette per day before becoming aware they were pregnant, reports a new study of more than 400 pregnant people. Then, in the month after l

Which teens are more likely to vape? Research shows surprising patterns across race and sexuality groups

A new study aims to examine differences in current e-cigarette use prevalence among U.S. youth at the intersections of sexual orientation with race and ethnicity.

More Danes quit smoking during COVID, study finds

Danish smokers bought less tobacco and more of them quit smoking than usual during the COVID pandemic, according to new research. The result comes as a surprise given that mental health and exercise h

People who use therapeutic cannabis are more likely to use nicotine, too

People who use therapeutic cannabis are more likely to also use nicotine products than the general population, according to a new study.

Coffee and cigarettes: Research sheds new light on nicotine and morning brew

Coffee affects the brain's nicotine receptors, which might explain the coffee-cigarette morning combo familiar to smokers.

E-cigarette use to reduce cigarette smoking may not increase nicotine dependence, study suggests

Electronic cigarettes have attracted media and consumer attention for claims of their addictive nature, variety of flavors, and increased use among teens, sparking regulatory oversight and policies. A

Secret behind 'nic-sickness' could help break tobacco addiction

Nicotine activates the dopamine reward network in the brain, but at high doses it also activates a parallel aversive dopamine network. This discovery and identification of the nicotine receptor respon

Study that investigated whether three smoking cessation drugs could reduce alcohol intake yields unexpected finding

A clinical trial to test whether three proven smoking cessation treatments could also reduce alcohol intake found no differences between the medications, but the rates of behavior change for alcohol c

Fewer people tried to quit smoking during COVID-19 pandemic, study shows

A new study shows serious smoking cessation activity declined among adults in the United States immediately after the onset of COVID-19 and persisted for over a year. Declines in attempts to quit smok

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The "Pre-Generated Data Files" page has been updated. All files have been updated to incorporate any new data that was submitted to EPA since the last update (May, 2018). If a file was changed, it wil

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