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Live Updates: The Latest News for Taxpayers and Small Business Owners

With the news coming faster and faster every day, we wanted to help our tax and small business clients stay up to date on the latest stories affecting them and their finances. Keep checking back to st

Como evitar estafas de mensajes de textos del IRS

Evite las estafas de smishing. Ese mensaje de texto no es del IRS. Visite para más información. #IRS #phishing #smishingSíganos en:Twitter

New Hire Paperwork: What's Required and What's Recommended?

Employers must comply with numerous requirements, including paperwork and notices, when hiring new employees. In addition to required new hire paperwork, documentation is recommended to help administe

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Visit "Where can I get vaccinated" or call 1-877-COVAXCO (1-877-268-2926) for vaccine information.

What Information and Services Does the U.S. Government Offer in Spanish?

To commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month, USAGov en Español, the official website of the U.S. government in Spanish, in collaboration with government agencies is launching a public engagement campaign

Employers Hiring New Employees May Be Able to Claim a Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Article Highlights: Potential Credit  Eligible Employees  Credit Determination  Certification Process  Other Issues  The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the labor market - ma

Proposed Federal Legislation Enhances Green Credits

Articles Highlights: Build Back Better Act Legislation Home Solar Energy Credit Storage Batteries Home Energy-Efficient Modifications Plug-in 4-Wheel Electric Drive Vehicles Previously Owned El

How Understanding the 'Rule of 72' Helps You Make Personal Finance Decisions

Though everybody wants their money to grow, few people understand the best way to make that happen. It's all about where you choose to put your money and the rate of growth you're able to achieve over

Entrepreneur Success Stories: How R. J. Scaringe and Rivian Built an Electric Truck Company From the Ground Up

Based in California, Rivian is an American automotive manufacturer that specializes in electric vehicles. Originally founded back in 2009, the company now has manufacturing plants in Illinois, Michiga

Si no recibió pagos de estímulo, presente una declaración de impuestos de 2020

Si no recibió un primer y segundo Pago de impacto económico o recibió un monto menor al total, aún puede recibir el dinero que le falta, pero debe actuar.Para obtener más información, visite: h

Prórroga para presentar su declaración de impuestos

Puede obtener más tiempo para presentar su declaración de impuestos – pero pague sus impuestos antes de la fecha límite en abril. Visite #IRS #taxseason #tax #tax

The Ins and Outs of Bookkeeping: All the Best Practices to Get the Best Financial Outcome From Your Organization

If you had to make a list of some of the most critical elements of running a business that most new entrepreneurs don't think enough about until it's far too late, bookkeeping would undoubtedly be rig

Fall Tax Planning May Be Wise

Article Highlights: Maximize Education Tax Credits  Employer Health Flexible Spending Accounts  Maximize Health Savings Account Contributions  Convert Traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs  Don't Forget

No caiga en la trampa de estafas acerca del Crédito tributario por hijos

Los ladrones usan los pagos por adelantado del Crédito tributario por hijos como anzuelo para convencer a las personas a que les provean su información personal. No se deje engañar:

What Does a Tax Deduction Save You? | R and D Accounting

Taxpayers frequently ask what benefit is derived from a tax deduction. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer. The reason the benefit cannot be determined simply is because some deductions

Mega-Rich Backdoor IRA Strategies May Backfire If New Tax Bill Passes

While it's usually true that the “rich get richer,” a proposed tax code will prove a remarkable exception if the House has its way. The legislation would mandate an annual required minimum distrib

Beneficios por desempleo en 2020 y sus impuestos

Si recibió compensación por desempleo en 2020, puede excluir hasta $10,200 de su compensación de desempleo de los ingresos de su Formulario 1040 de 2020. Para obtener más información, visite: ht

ASL: IRS Tax Help for People With Disabilities (CC and Audio)

Find out what tax help is available for people with disabilities on the IRS website. Get more information at #irsFollow us:Twitter – Fac

Tips to Get Your Startup Off the Ground

One of the most important things to understand about being a startup entrepreneur is that there is no “one size fits all” approach to what you're doing. Everyone's path is different, and you need

Five Tips to Recover After a Hurricane

Hurricane Ida created storm surge, flooding and tornadoes that impacted thousands of people across the country. If you or a loved one are in an affected area from major storms this year, follow these

Important Tips to Prepare Before and During a Hurricane

Having an annual hurricane checklist is key to ensuring your family’s safety during this time of year to prepare yourself, your family, and your assets. Here are a few things to remember.

Kids and Depression

Learn the signs and risk factors for depression in teens and younger children and find out how you can help them heal.

What to Expect From Passports and International Travel in 2021

Many people are planning destination getaways, visits with families, and business trips in the next year. If you need to renew or get a new passport, you may need more time than you think.

ASL: Don’t Fall for Tax Scams about the Child Tax Credit (CC and Audio)

Thieves are using the Advance Payments of the Child Tax Credit as bait to get people to give up their personal information. Don’t fall for it: and

ASL: Here’s Who Will Get Advance Payments of the Child Tax Credit (CC and Audio)

There have been changes to the Child Tax Credit that will benefit many families as they receive advance payments starting in summer 2021. For details, visit: #

ASL: File a 2020 Tax Return if You’re Missing Stimulus Payments (CC and Audio)

If you didn't get a first and second Economic Impact Payment or got less than the full amounts, you can still get that missing money, but you need to act. For more information, visit: https://www.irs

子女税优惠的预付款: 了解如何保护自己免受诈骗


Qué hacer si debe cerrar su negocio

Si su empresa debe cerrar, siga algunos pasos relacionados con los impuestos. Encuentre más información en: Follow us:Twitter –


子女稅優惠政策的最新變化意味著,今年7月開始將有超過3,000萬個家庭每月領取優惠額,而無需採取任何進一步措施 Link:


關閉企業是一項艱鉅而具有挑戰性的任務,如果您遇到這種情況,則需要採取一些與聯邦稅務相關的步驟 Link:

Vea quién recibirá pagos anticipados del Crédito tributario por hijos

Ha habido cambios en el Crédito Tributario por Hijos que beneficiarán a muchas familias, ya que reciben pagos por adelantado a partir del verano de 2021: Fo

USAGov’s Guide To Government Benefits During Any Life Event

People navigate life, not government. Yet there are many life events that are associated with government benefits.

Get Help for Homelessness, Hunger, and More

Every day, hundreds of thousands of Americans face homelessness and go without proper food and shelter. It can affect people at any age and from all walks of life.

ASL: Changed Your Name After Marriage or Divorce? (Captions & Audio)

If you changed your name, you need to notify the Social Security Administration of the change before you file your tax return.Follow us:Twitter – Facebook – https://w

First Time Filing a Tax Return? (Captions and Audio)

If this is your first time filing a tax return, learn about important reminders and a free tool to make it easy. Just go to #adulting #irs

ASL: Pay with Cash at a Retail Partner(CC & Audio)

Find out how you can pay your federal taxes with cash at a retail partner. For more information, go to #IRS #tax #taxes #casheconomy

USAGov’s Five Lessons Learned to Combat Scams in 2021

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Americans have reported over 260K scams and lost over $412M in frauds linked to COVID-19. Due to the rise in fraud, federal experts across the government sha

ASL: Help for Taxpayers (CC and Audio)

Learn about all the IRS resources available to help taxpayers. Visit #IRS #TaxHelp #Taxes #TaxSeason #FilingSeason #TaxQuestions #FreeFile

USAGov’s Five Tips for the 2021 Tax Season

As the tax season approaches, you may have questions about filing your federal, state and business taxes in 2021. Economic Impact Payments, tax credits and other relief provided in 2020 have many peop

ASL: Get an Identity Protection PIN (CC & Audio)

The IP PIN is a six-digit number assigned to eligible taxpayers to help prevent the misuse of their Social Security number on fraudulent federal income tax returns. Learn more:

ASL: Five Things to Know about the Employer Identification Number (CC & Audio)

Here are a few tips for small businesses, trusts, estates, charities and others about the Employer Identification Number or EIN. For details visit #IRS #EIN #Business #SmallB

Get Help From USAGov This 2020 Holiday Season

The 2020 holiday season is one like never before. Due to the pandemic, people across the U.S. have adjusted the way they work, shop, and connect with others.

AICPA Foundation Scholarship for Future CPAs

The AICPA Foundation Scholarship for Future CPAs is part of the AICPA Legacy Scholars program. This award provides financial aid to outstanding students planning to become CPAs after graduation.

Accountants Pay Tribute to Their Favorite Professors

Start the semester with a little inspiration by reading these accountants’ memories of the faculty members who had the biggest impact on their careers.

Teaching Tips and Tricks From the 2017 AAA Annual Meeting

Some of the best tips and strategies we discovered at the 2017 AAA Annual Meeting and the Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting.

AWSCPA Scholarship Award

The AWSCPA Scholarship Award is part of the AICPA Legacy Scholars program. This award provides financial assistance to outstanding female students majoring in accounting or an accounting-related field

Distinguished Achievement Award Nomination Form

Submit nominations for the AICPA Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education Award.

AICPA Foundation Two-year Transfer Scholarship Award

AICPA Foundation Two-Year Transfer award provides financial assistance to students looking to transfer from a two-year college to a four-year institution to complete their degree in accounting or an a

Creating an Accounting Advisory Council - AICPA Accounting Advisory Council Toolkit

The AICPA Accounting Advisory Council Toolkit provides some guidelines, best practices and examples to use in building your own council of advisors.

AICPA Trends Report

Trends in the Supply of Accounting Graduates and the Demand for Public Accounting Recruits report identifies trends in U.S. accounting enrollments and graduates as well as hiring of new graduates in t

2020 Winners of the AICPA Outstanding CPA in Government Awards

Through their accomplishments, award recipients and nominees demonstrate the importance and contribution of CPA skills and competencies to the effective performance of the organizations that they serv

Using Flexible Budgeting to Improve Sustainability Measures, Part III

The focus of this article is to consider the impact of factory utilization on efficiency measurement.

2018 Outstanding CPA in Government Awards

The 2018 winners of the AICPA Outstanding CPA in Government Career Contribution and Impact Awards. The awards recognize achievements of government CPAs at the local, state and federal levels.


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